Saturday, December 8, 2012

Bag Lady

I'm in Washington on my annual visit with my momma and my sis.  It's our girl's weekend that we indulge in every December.  I'm so happy that we have this tradition and I'm so happy that my sister is so proactive in making it happen.

I come up and stay at my sister's house.  We go out fabric shopping (good Brian story here) and buy obscene amounts of fabric to make pillowcases for Christmas gifts.  We've been doing this for like 10 or so years.  Our families haven't complained (except Cory) about the over abundance of pillow cases and they seem to enjoy them.  We spend time sewing, visiting, listening to Christmas music and Gregorian chants and eating amazing food that my sister prepares (because my sisters got the amazing chef genes in the family).

So yesterday we are out doing our shopping.  We got home and I was jibbering about how much I admired something (can't give away a secret here) of my sister's and she said, "I got it at the Goodwill store."  Really?  Well, we were off in a flash to the super Goodwill store here in Battle Ground (yes, that really is the name of the town I grew up in).  Holy wow!  This store was AWESOME!!

Before I knew it, my cart was getting fuller and fuller and fuller.  My sister then suggested that I go buy an $8 suitcase to put all the crap in to haul home.  Of course, we then went by another aisle that had cool stuff and I even managed to pile MORE on this already struggling cart. 

A young woman employee of Goodwill was evidently giving me a "look" (I was too busy gathering more treasures to notice) as I was passing with my "sleigh".  Gail stopped and whispered quietly to her "it's ok.  She doesn't get out much."  The woman then gave Gail that "oh I understand" look.  Lol. 

Needless to say, when I finally made my way to the checkout stand, Gail informed me that she was sure that nobody had EVER spent that much at one time at Goodwill ever before.  I'm sure she's lying.  People buy lots of things there all the time.  Right?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Long Way Home

I was having a convo with my mom the other day and I told her about this moment in time and she said, "Remember that feeling.  Go back to it often.  Sooner or later it will become your reality."

For 27 years I have been parenting kids.  No, not just being a parent, but out and out PARENTING.  I'm burned out and I'm having trouble finding the mojo to keep going.  1-1/2 weeks ago one of those moments arrived where I felt like I had finally reached my limit.

Skip got really sick and I left my life here and headed south to take care of him.  Robbie pissed off the law and they responded by giving him new digs, new duds and three squares a day.  Jacob had a meltdown in public and the PD invited him to kick it at a neutral place for a couple of days.  All this culminated on Sunday 1-1/2 weeks ago.  Danielle was in the thick of things trying to juggle all the 911.  Suffice it to say that things were a mess.

I was flying home and really dreading what I was coming home to.  I knew Skip was in good hands because Dave was flying south to take over his care until I could get back later in the week.  My normal response when I land in Oakland is to make a mad dash for my car and race home to relieve Danielle of my life feeling guilt the whole time for being gone and not hurrying fast enough.  She's usually texting me anxiously inquiring about when I expected to be home. 

Not so much on this Sunday.  When my plane landed and I turned on my phone there were no messages.  No inquiries.  I raced out to my car as usual and, when I got inside of Herkie it finally hit me.  Nobody needed me.  Nobody cared when or even IF I came home.  Frankly, nobody gave a damn about me or anything I was doing.  I knew Danielle and Jeff were in for the night enjoying each other's company (as a couple should be doing when they are on the threshold of expecting their first child) and had no concern about me or my whereabouts. It felt amazing. It felt liberating. It felt . . . like heaven. I was free! 

As a smile crept across my tense face I finally, for the first time in a long time, relaxed.  And, yes, I took the long way home.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Simple Down

I can't even begin to summarize the things that have gone amiss in my life in the last month.  I don't think I've ever had this much slam me in the chops at one time in my entire life.  And most of them have been really HUGE life changing things.  I don't want to go into too much detail but suffice it to say that I feel pretty beat up right now.

So when my washing machine broke down and breathed its last breath last week I was like, "well . . . why the hell not?  Everything else is checking out of late!"  Danielle was WAY pissed cuz she had to haul all her laundry to town and use a (GASP!) laundromat.  I guess that's a pretty pricey enterprise these days.  I did not know this.

Skip and I then started having the convo about my new purchase when I would get home.  The washer and dryer I had were fancy dancy computerized dilly whoppers that spoke to each other and shared secrets about what was in the washer about to go into the dryer.  Before I could transfer a load they would have this 411 and discuss it in great detail.  I would THEN and ONLY then get permission to take clothes from one unit to the other.  It was a pretty big deal.  I could only guess the things they were talking about.

I informed Mr. Weltz that I so didn't need anything fancy anymore.  Furthermore, I didn't need anything with an extra ginormous capacity either.  I really just wanted to have a normal Joe kinda set.  He informed me that I should check out the three stores in my town and make an informed decision.  I was given a budget (obviously based on how much we spent like seven years ago) and sent on my way.

When I ventured into the first (and only) store I perused the machines.  Of course, my budget would only purchase something that would only be appropriate in a one bedroom apartment.  You know. . . one of those over/under things?  Yeah, I was gonna have to venture out into the unknown world of high finance.  Damn!

I then found them.  They were sitting there trying to look all fancy and such but I could tell right away that they were pretty down to earth.  I called the authority on large purchases (Mr. Weltz) and told him that my new appliances were sitting in front of me but that they were just a wee bit over the "budget".  I grimaced as I said the price out loud.  My phone didn't explode and I got the reluctant "go ahead".

They now reside at the same address I do.  It's pretty cool.  No conversing appliances any more.  Just throw the soiled duds in the washer, a bit of soap and push a button.  When the washer stops, I can just chuck them into the dryer (well, I'm still line drying for another day or two while the weather is amazing) and push another button.  Badda bing, badda bam!

Definitely pretty sure the simple life is the best.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Name?

I'm just THAT close to finishing up yet another yoga teacher certification class.  In another week I'll be a certified Curvy Yoga Teacher.  That means that I can teach and help people that are in larger bodies.  I love my job and I love being the 'special needs' yoga teacher.

So, this last week in class my teacher lectured on marketing and getting your name out there.  She strongly suggested that we have a website or, at the very least, a blog (not this one) where we post where we teach, when we teach and any special workshops that we are holding.  We should also post information about any other business ventures we are into (zoning).  And, last but not least, we were encouraged to have a name for our business.

A name?  A name for my business?  I'm thinking Special Needs Yoga wouldn't attract the right people.  "In the Zone" only addresses that part of my life.  So . . . . any ideas?  I know that Brandilyn will have something cute and witty.

But wait . . . . there's more.  A website?  Another blog?  That almost sounds as overwhelming as my life on the compound (referring to my last post).  Computerism is NOT my strong suit.  When someone takes the time and patience to show me how to maneuver around in such places I can sort of grasp the concept.  Then there's the chore of keeping my peeps updated.  OMG!  There's something else!  How do I find these "peeps" and how do I let them know how to find me out here in webland?

Sounds like I need more school.  Sigh.

Living Small(er)

I've been kicking it here in LA with Skip for the better part of three weeks now since he got sick.  First off, here I was sleeping in his apartment at night and spending my days at the hospital with him. I was sort of enjoying the time out alone and tried, in my mind, to fantasize what it would be like to live alone (like Skip does) and have NOBODY to answer to and be as free as a bird.  I liked the picture.

So then Skip gets released from the hospital and now it's just the two of us kicking it here together.  He's layed up, for the most part, so we spend most of our time in his apartment.  It still wasn't a big deal.  Oh, I missed my alone time to do my meditation and practice my yoga, but the situation was do-able.

Now Skip is getting better and we are venturing out and about a bit.  It feels a little better to get out of the "box" called his apartment but still enjoyable to have a very "contained" lifestyle.  I'm cooking our meals in (we usually go out for almost every meal when I would come to visit) so we are eating healthier and the lifestyle is still pretty chill.

However. . . . I'm missing space.  Where we live up north we have lots of space for the horses and gardens and such.  Oh, the place is more than a chore to keep up with - both physically AND financially.  I feel like I'm more out of control than in control up there.  My heart is a wee bit sad as I sit here contemplating my flight home in a couple of hours.  The chores, the stress, the frantic struggle to stay afloat, the endless driving, the constant pull of people all around of me for my attention.  Yes, there's good things but the more challenging things so outweigh the things that make me happy.

The proposed solution?  Something in between.  The hunt is on for the perfect place to live.  The place where the weather suits me (because I'm the most particular about that), the chores are minimal, the yoga is plentiful, the stress is dramatically reduced.  Is there really such a heaven on earth?  Is there really a possibility that someone - anyone - would want to take over Rancho De Stresso and make my life?  If so . . . I'm ready.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Jillian Thing

Please don't take this personal, Jaybee . . .

About 11 years ago when Jillian and Princess were about 12 years old, Jillian's family lived in Nebraska and we would call and talk to her about 3-4 times a week on the phone.  Jillian was, at that time, really obsessed with "IM" (it was a texting online thing that aol had before texting was such a big thing on phones) and TV. 

We would call and Jillian would be silent for long periods of time.  We would say, "did you hear what I just said?" and she would then say, "wait, what?"  I would ask her, "Are you on the computer or watching TV?"  She would ALWAYS answer with the affirmative.  That became a joke with us since that time.

Well, today I caught myself doing the "Jillian thing" while I was talking to Princess on the phone.  I'm here in LA tending to my sick husband and she called.  She was driving home from somewhere (I didn't catch what she said because I was so involved with the movie I was watching) and decided to call me in the middle of the day.  Now, in her mind, I'm sure she thought that that was a safe thing to do.  Mom sitting in a small apartment tending to Dad, probably bored out of her mind (bingo!) and totally hates on watching TV (bingo!), should be excited to get a phone call from her daughter (usually bingo!). 

I was in the middle of watching an ancient movie (Taxi) and it was at the best part (you know, where Queen Latifa is about to totally out wit those HOT Brazilian girls) and she calls.  I answered with, "You ALWAYS seem to have rotten timing!"  She quickly laughs and says, "that's ok, Mom, you can call me back."  I then feel horrible for putting a stupid movie that I've seen numerous times ahead of my baby girl and attempt to have a convo with her.  NOT!  Bad idea.  Finally, I said, "Princess, I'm just doing the Jillian thing so I think I need to hang up.  I'm really distracted."  She laughs again and agrees (DAMN!  I love that girl!).

Next time, I think I need to just shut the damn TV off.

The Gentle Teacher

Have I mentioned that I'm now a yoga teacher?  Oh, yeah, I'm sure that that's been mentioned like about a million and six times.  Sorry, but it's just a wee bit of an obsession of mine of late.

I now teach my YogaPlus class on Monday nights and my Gentle Yoga class on Thursdays at noon.  I'm putting myself out there to sub just about every class I can (of course, you can keep those super psycho flow and power classes - not into that scene). 

I had on tap about five classes to teach this last week but had to cancel on all of them because of Skip's ordeal.  I was going to sub a postnatal, prenatal and a restorative class in addition to my two.  I was pretty stoked and nervous (kind of).  Of course, I didn't get to do that because I'm where I'm supposed to be right now (taking care of my man).

At any rate . . . who would have thought that that hyper girl that was in her teacher training about eight months ago would be the one that LOVES to teach "special needs yoga?"  Hey . . . maybe that should be the name of my studio.  Lol.

Now, writing sequences, researching yoga for gentle, restorative and pre/postnatal have become a big part of my life along with putting together music that will blend nicely with said classes.  Adding zoning into the pot is making me a very happy girl - doing the things that I love.

Friday, October 5, 2012

The Gut

Since I haven't had time in like freaking FOREVER to blog, I kind of saved up some stuff that I wanted to blog about and today (now that I'm kicking it at Skip's crib for a week or so) is the day I'm going to start catching up.

Several weeks ago, we were up at Boonville doing a rodeo with my drill team.  Fun fun fun.  Skip and I stayed in Ukiah since that was the closest place with motel availability. 

Skip had to pop into an auto parts store and I (wisely) opted to chill in the truck while he did his man business.  While I was sitting there, I noticed that several classic cars were cruising by with people my age driving them.  The windows were down and the couples were looking around to make sure that people like me were noticing them  It brought me back . . .

When I was in my teen driving years and living up in Washington, we had a Friday and Saturday night tradition.  We would all take our cars to Vancouver and "cruise the gut".  Crazy verbage but it was the highlight of my week.  We would slowly (and there were hundreds of us, it seemed) cruise down Main Street and up Broadway.  We drove and drove and drove and drove for hours, it seemed, like that.  Just making sure that everyone was noticing us.

Sometimes we would see someone that peaked our interest (i.e. opposite gender) and we would pull over and discuss "things".  Lol.  Othertimes, some smart ass (like me) thought they had a car that was amazing and fast (because I did) and we would challenge each other to "drag" down at the river.  That always made for extra fun.  I have so many fond memories of my gut cruising days.

So, it kind of seemed a bit nostalgic to see these people driving up and down Main and Broadway that Sunday morning.  It would have been a wee bit better if it had been in the evening/night but then people my age now have a MUCH earlier bedtime.  Ah, youth is definitely wasted on the young.

Upside Down. Inside Out

That's what happened last week.  Here I was just hummin along enjoying a completely crazy out of control life and BAM! I got slapped up side the head unexpectedly.  I guess we all need that once in awhile.  It just sucks butt when it happens.

Skip's leg swelled up quickly in two days and he went to the doc.  Doc says "off to the emergency with you!" and they promptly checked him into the hospital. Fast, fast, fast!  He told me to not bother coming down because he would be fine (he still lives in LA). 

I called his parents to aprise them of the situation and his dad wisely advised me that I needed to head south regardless of what was coming out of my husband's mouth.  So, off I went.  Good counsel, Dad! 

When I arrived on Saturday things were heading south and QUICK!  He was in a community hospital that had minimal ability to test and determine what the flip was going on.  Meanwhile, the swelling and pain were getting more and more intense coupled with a doc that just had a bewildered look saying, "Hm, I just dunno!"  I was hysterical by Sunday night and called his parents.  They packed up and headed out here (from Phoenix) and Brian headed down (from school in Santa Barbara).  Monday came and I had support.

The infectious disease doctor was called in and, after some tests, it was determined that he had an aggressive staph infection happening.  Holy cow!  No indication of how that happened.  Surgery was scheduled and antibiotics were amped up.  FINALLY things were happening and I was beginning to feel like Skip was going to be ok.

My life is on hold back at home.  Danielle is running my life (thank you, girl) and I'm here with Skip.  He is finally home at his apartment and Rob and I are planning on tag teaming home care so that I can "kinda" take care of my life at home, teach my classes and get things under control. 

Thank you to all of our friends and family for your love, help and prayers.  This was a scary few days but, against most of what I trust and believe in, Western medicine has the situation under control.  I'm grateful that Skip is now returning back to his old self (good news/bad news, lol).

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pretty Food

Today I finally decided was THE day.  Yup, the day I was going to waddle my happy bum outside and actually do some work around the joint.  Since I hurt myself in January and got pretty involved with yoga teacher training and then some more teacher training and then starting to actually teach some classes, I just really ignored my gardens this year.  Thank heavens for Jeff!  He got himself motivated and put in quite a bit of yummy vegetation in our traditional spring/summer gardens.

Today, however, was MY turn!  I went to the nursery (okay, I'm not THAT motivated that I started everything from seed) and swooped on some kale, spinach, chard, joi choy, red choy, lettuces some herbs and who knows what the flip else.  I got home and went to town on the project.

I have these gardens that are HUGE in front of the house.  They are a royal pain in my ass.  They are so hard to tend and make appealing.  However, the sun tracks a bit different in the winter and there is full sun there throughout the winter season.  What does that mean?  Duh!  It means that it is the PERFECT place to plant yummy veggies.  Right?

I had so much fun making creative designs.  I landscaped with food!  I also put herbs in my decorative pots that greet me on my front steps.  And . . . drum roll . . . it's my birthday this week so Sunshine bought herself a little present.  It's a sweet, cute little Buddha to spread happiness to my little project!  I just LOVE him!

So there you have it.  Me following my dharma and creating something fun and useful.  Go figure.


Every morning during the week Jacob goes to Seminary.  Seminary starts at 6:40 in the morning.  His bus shows up at 7:30 to pick him up from the church and take him to school.

I go for my morning walk at this time so that I can stay close to the church in case there's a problem (none so far).  While I'm on this walk, I see this woman that is crazy skinny out doing her morning run.  She is wearing sunglasses (at 6:45 in the morning) and has the most painful expression on her face.  She is totally not friendly (I've said "hi" a lot of days but she ignores me) and just oozes misery.

What's ironic to me is that I USED to be THAT woman!  I absolutely hated running (I can finally admit that) but was completely addicted to the "high" that came from pushing myself every single day of my crazy life.  I ran and ran and ran for years.  I beat my body up, pushed myself beyond what I ever thought I could and got up and did it again the next day.  I went through massive quantities of running shoes and Advil and spent countless days in absolute crazy pain working through injury after injury.

January this year changed all that.  Yoga changed all that.  I got hurt in yoga (I know . . . . who does that?  Right?).  My ego got the best of me and I pushed myself in a pose that I should have backed off of.  Damn it!  My knee is now a fragile piece of equipment that I just have decided to respect and not mess with.  After lots of ice, herbs and TLC, I can now walk without pain.

I actually look forward to my morning walks.  It's one of the motivating elements that pushes my sorry bum out of bed each morning.  I love the way I feel.  I love how I get to spend time with my thoughts or even practicing my walking meditation.  I love the people I encounter and get to greet.  I love seeing my new friend, the miserable runner, and challenging myself to make her smile.

However, looking at my friend each morning is a firm testimony to me of what I don't miss about being a runner!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lost Child

Today after Seminary, Jacob and I decided to take a little "look see" at Target.  Actually, I needed to get some things and I had about an hour to kill before my next appointment.  Jacob starts school (applause for that!) tomorrow so today's the last day that he's stuck to my side.

I got well into the store when Jacob declared that he had to use the restroom (he's 14, so I'm good with letting him go off on his own) so off he went and off I went to do my thing knowing that he would be fine.  Right?  I so wish that were the case.

After my shopping chores were complete (only Brandilyn would get how long a trip in Target actually takes me) I proceeded to the checkout station.  Still my son had not materialized.  I was getting a wee bit concerned.  I parked my cart and made two laps (yes, TWO) around the store and my search still had not yielded said child. 

I took my stuff out to my car (hoping that maybe he had decided to meet me out there) and he was nowhere to be found.  I got more than a little concerned (Jacob looks like a 10 year old and has the mental maturity of a 4 year old - no joke).

I went back into the store and finally went over to the customer service and expressed my fears.  She made a storewide announcement and all employees were immediately on full alert.  The woman then asked me what he was wearing and I described that he was wearing:  a Red DC t-shirt with khaki shorts.

She said, "Are you sure that he wasn't wearing an orange shirt?  Does he had long hair and he's pretty thin and tall?"

I thought she was being a jerk and I tried to calmly but firmly tell her "no" and, once again, repeated what he was wearing and what he looked like.  Just then a young man of about 19 years old (right?) wearing an orange shirt with long straggly hair walked around the corner.  She pointed at him and said, "Maam, isn't that your son?"  I almost burst into full on laughter (if I hadn't been concerned for my child, I actually would have) as I thought "Hell no!  If THAT was my child, I would have walked out and been grateful for the break!"  Sorry, but I have older rogue boys that really test every ounce of patience I have EVER possessed.

Just then, someone came over the speaker system and announced that they had a boy named "Jacob" that was not accompanied with a parent.  I went rushing back to the back of the store and heard two employees arguing, "No, that's NOT him!  His mother was adamant that he was wearing a RED shirt!"

Yeah, that was my son, all right.  The one with a green shirt and brown shorts on.  Ahem.  Jacob then said to me, "Mom, I had the red shirt on YESTERDAY!"

Note to self:  Pay attention to what your children are wearing each day.

Oh, where was my child one may ask?  Yep, "distracted" in the video game area.  Nice.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hostile Takeover

It's Saturday and I have NOTHING on my schedule for the day.  Woot woot!  Robbie, Danielle, Jeff and Courtney are all gone and it's just Jacob and I.  The only gig is that I have some guy coming over to take a peek at my AC that doesn't work.  When he called to confirm the appointment yesterday, I couldn't help but notice that he had a fairly strong German accent.  Holy wow!  So, yeah, that is my only gig for the day.

Last weekend, when I got home from Idaho, I kicked all the riff raff (i.e. party evidence and trash from the teenagers who have been having too good of a time at MY expense.  No more, Suckers!  You're so outta here) out of my basement and I am ready to fully take over.

I have ordered a new rug for my upstairs front room and am moving that one downstairs.  I'm getting some cheapy ladders and making some cool ass bookshelves for my yoga reference books.  I'm putting up some of my art that makes me happy and I'll be keeping a chair by the door so that I can go and meditate on the porch outside.  I even ordered a table to put down there for me to sit and work on my yoga sequencing stuff (yeah, I still can't just walk into a class and be ready to teach on the fly).

Yes, a person will ONLY be allowed into my basement haven by invitation.  I already royally pissed Rob off by locking all access to said "cave".  Of course, he found a way to break in so we'll have to work on that a bit.

I'm just so happy to be finally zenning out my space and my life and myself again.  It feels wonderful to be taking charge of my life!

My Yoga Playlist Dilema

Holy cow!  Welcome back (that was directed at me since I seem to wander off into Where Ever Land from time to time).  

Lately, my obsession (because there always seems to be something that occupies Sunshine's life) is teaching yoga.  I have jumped in full speed ahead and really seem to love it.  I was a wee bit nervous the first couple of times that I walked into a class and saw students there ready for ME to teach them.  The more classes I teach the less nervous I seem to be when I show up.

However, here's my hiccup.  Playlists.  I talked to a fairly new teacher and she told me she has like about 10-15 different playlists on her iPod so that she always has something different to play.  Wtf?  Are you kidding me?  I am happy to now have 5.  Yeah, that's right.  FIVE!.

I've been out on the "net" looking for ideas for playlists and, when I come across one that seems to be attached to a cool yogi, I start listening to the music and YUCK!  It's so not my vibe.  Another teacher recommended that I listen to Pandora and get ideas from there.  My problem there was that I just didn't now what to put in as my springboard song.  

So . . . in the spirit of what I would like to see out there, I've decided from time to time to post my own playlists in order to maybe help some other new (or seasoned) yoga teacher come up with inspiring music.  I don't tend to be a Top 20 kind of girl but I like to pepper my class with a bit of that  from time to time.  

For this week I have:

Dreaming by DJ Free
Equinox by DJ Free
Soaring by DJ Free
*These were my centering and warm-up songs and I just LOVED this CD
Amazing - Seal (Love Seal and, yup, I just jumped right in!)
Trance Dance (just a random CD that was laying around)
Crazy - Seal
Beautiful Lovely - The Deadbeats
Island in the Sun - Weezer
Mission Impossible Theme - Limp Biskit
Thunder Cloud - Karunesh
Sunrise - Norah Jones
Sofa Rockers - Sofa Surfers
Yoga Moods (random CD again - no clue)
Your Body is A Wonderland - John Mayer
Trance Dance (Unknown again - it made a sweet 5 minute Savasana, though)

If anyone that happens to pop into my blog knows of a good place to tap into to get really awesome music would you please let me know?  I really don't see any harm in sharing.  My classes are 1-1/2 hour so my playlists are a wee bit longer than some.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Skinny Bitch

I have a confession to make.  For most of my life I have been blessed with a thin body.  Athletic and fit.  I was (I hate using the word "was" but it's now a fact) a runner, bicyclist and yoga fanatic (still am).  Staying thin really didn't come easy (my daughter says I have the worst body image of anyone she's ever known) but I did it.  Until recently. . .

When I hit my 40's I started doing the "middle age" gig with the expanding ass, thighs and (gasp) belly flab not to mention the "weenis" that hung from my upper arms.  Damn it!!!  I became the Weight Watchers queen and lost 70 pounds the first time then 40 pounds the second time.  The third time I kind of gave up and got frustrated (come on, lil amigo, really?).

Throughout all of my life I have kind of looked at people in larger bodies with a "holier than thou" (sorry friends, just being honest here) attitude.  I didn't mean it, it just happened.  Of course, until the larger body became my reality.  Since January I have had a pretty intense thyroid condition and have put on a massive amount of weight.  Depression followed and then the feeling of despair and just giving up accompanied this darkness.

Ah, but there was a silver lining!  I scored a job out of the mess.  Yes, I got offered the job of teaching yoga to people in larger bodies.  There are always the people that show up for class that haven't read the class description and, when they see me, their teacher, they give me the look of "wow, YOU'RE the teacher?"  I pay them no never mind and just proceed with teaching my class (now) just the way it's designed (there was a class or two that I tried to cater to these advanced yogis and left my curvy students gasping for breath.  No more.  My curvy students come for "their" class and that's what they are getting).

This week I started Weight Watchers (again) in hopes of releasing some of this extra chub.  When I walked into the meeting, I felt suddenly like I was in a safe place.  Everyone there was just like me.  They were all trying to adopt a better way of eating so that they could feel healthy again.  I was home.  I'm adjusting to eating in a more controlled manner (depression has spun my eating habits out of control) and I feel better about myself already.  Will I stick to it?  I can't say but for today I say "yes".

So, to all of the many people over the course of my life that I have looked down on from my seemingly high and mighty skinny place, I say "I'm truly sorry and humbled by the journey that I am on.  I love you and have dedicated myself to helping any of you I can through yoga.  Please forgive me for my haughtiness."

Thursday, August 2, 2012


I have a new love.  He's amazing.  He takes me where I want to go and he does it with STYLE!  He's as handsome as can be and he never gives me any grief.

Okay, really, I just got a new car.  I've named him Herkimer.  Don't ask me where the flip I came up with that one but it just seems to fit.  Actually, I wanted to get a personalized license plate with his name on it but then everyone would know the car was mine and . . . quite frankly, being a "Weltz" in this town is not necessarily a good thing.  My boys have done quite a number on our family name.  Ahem!!

Anyway, Herkie (his nickname.  Isn't it cute?) is a RED turbo VW Beetle.  He's got a sunroof and a navigation system (because his driver is geographically challenged), tinted windows, bad ass wheels and his black dash is trimmed in red (because I really thought that would be amazing).  I love driving him a LOT.  He maketh me to smile exceedingly.

Brian came home from Sweden for a month and, when I picked him up from the airport, he asked if he could drive my car.  "HELL no!!"  He then asked Danielle and Robbie what the heck was up with Mom not allowing anyone to drive her car OR her truck and they both just gave him "the look."

You see, part of that Weltz reputation around this town has a wee bit to do with the boys (Brian's) driving "skills".  That's all I have to say about thaaaaaat.  This time I'm being very particular about my truck and car. I feel very grateful to have nice vehicles to take me, the twins and my ponies from here to there.

Actually, I let Danielle drive Herkie when we go to my yoga class on Monday nights because she gets car sick if she's a passenger and she drives him very carefully.  Of course, I'm riding shotgun and eagle eyeing everything she does (sorry D).

Yeah, Herkie and I are now a new couple.  We go together well.  Last week, in fact, when I parked him outside the studio that I teach at, the owner peeked out and said, "Wow!  I wonder who's cool bug that is." 

I smiled and said, "That's my car."

He then replied, "Hmm.  That car looks really nice outside of our studio."

Big smile!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Homegirl's Homework

I have a very hard life.  That's all there is to it.  I just don't know how I do it.

I just finished my Restorative Yoga Teacher Training up in San Francisco last week.  The class was absolutely amazing.  It's funny, though, how so many of my peers seem to almost "worship" people that are "experts" in yoga or zoning or whatever.  That't just a side note.

Anyway, the week, as I said, was amazing.  I learned a lot and made some new friends.  While I was there I was happy.  Coming home wasn't such a joyous treat.  There were "issues" everywhere I turned but, once again, I don't need to visit areas that aren't as pleasant.

Judith, my teacher, gave us "homework" that, she said, was for the rest of our lives.  One of those tasks was to do at least 20 minutes of restorative yoga per day.  At first I was, "Um . . . Sweetie, you have NO idea how messed up my life is and how messed up that is for me to even BEGIN to wrap my head around."  (Actually, that's messed up of me to have that line of thinking.)  However, I was wise in not voicing that commentary out loud.  Well, being one of eighty people in the class would have made my voice virtually unheard anyway.

I took my homework seriously and have really strived to keep a spot in each day to settle in and do this.  I mean, it IS only 20 minutes, right?

Day 1:  I settle in and the house phone rings.  DAMN!!  I undo everything and go to answer as said caller hangs up.  I then get settled in again and the dogs go crazy and there's a knock at the door.  The PG&E dude wanted to put some smart meter on my house or something.  Whatever.  Go do your thing.  I'm busy here!  I get settled in for the third time and my cell phone (I forgot to put it on "airplane" mode) goes off.  I pull the eye bag off my eyes and notice it's Princess.  Well, no way in hell am I gonna ignore this call.  Okay, game over.

Day 2:  Done!  Pulled the house phone off the hook.  Told family I'm in "do not disturb" mode for 20 minutes and I put the cell phone on airplane mode.  I'm getting the hang of this quick!

Today would be Day 3.  I have a busy day lined up but I can do this!  Right?  You bet.  I mean, after all it IS homework . . .

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lost Yoginni

I did it!  I finished my week of restorative yoga teacher training (applause for that!).  It was a freaking hard week on the fam but I'm so glad I completed what I set out to do.  After a "project" I will have my certificate and badda bing badda bang!

Here's the rub . . . last night as I was teaching the candlelit flow class at the Dog, it dawned on me that I'm a pretty crappy teacher.  I felt completely out of sync (again) and got frustrated with myself.  To boot, there was a skinny, fit and extremely competent woman practicing that gave me dirty looks and rolled her eyes at my sequencing.  Way to make a new girl feel competent, Miss Yoginni!!  Okay, I'm not the thinnest thing around (I'm downright FAT) and I'm not the most accomplished yogi (only 8 years under my belt) and I'm not the best teacher (been certified for a whopping 2 months) but, hell, I was there giving it a go!

I couldn't stand the sound of my voice and I felt like a big fat marshmallow up in front attempting to demo the poses as I was going along (there were people in the class that have never practiced before and I was so proud of them).  There was a man that informed me, after class, that I had missed a side on one of my segments (he was right).  My playlist sucked.  Does this mean that the bad stuff is over and the experience part of all of this is about to settle in?  Who knows!!

I do know this. . .I don't EVER want to be the kick ass yoga teacher.  Leave that for the fit skinny hot yoga teachers.  I DO want to help people but seem to hit a wall everywhere I go.  I spent countless hours getting certified for zoning of all shapes and sizes (face, feet and back) and have absolutely ZERO clients.  Waste of time.  So . . . now my quest is to go out and figure out what it is I'm supposed to do.

I love my Monday night Yoga Plus class but I bombed big time there this last Monday (way to go, Sunshine).  I really would like to have more people in large bodies come join me but that doesn't seem to be the case. So now the quest seems to be this . . . find an expert that can market my happy self and see where the rainbow takes me!  TaaDaa!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Working Single Mom

To all you working single moms out there I tip my hat to you, I salute you, I praise you.  Wow, you do have a "hard life" (a Courtney phrase - she has exclaimed on multiple occasions).  My mom was a working single mom all through my childhood and I really don't know how she did it.  Wait . . . yes I do.  She was a GENIUS at getting her kids to pick up the slack.  Something that is seriously lacking in our modern day culture.

I have been taking a teacher training course up in San Francisco this week for my yoga.  I leave my home at 8:00 am and return around 6:30 pm.  When I get home the LAST thing I want to do is put dinner together (thank heavens Danielle has been making food that the twins will eat), feed my animals or do any other chores that are related to being the mom about the compound.  I'm straight up tired!

When I was younger Skip and I both had full time jobs (he still does but still lives in LA in his apartment).  We worked our tails off and came home and enjoyed the company of each other and just kicked it in our duplex.  We would go on walks around the neighborhood.  Life was guut.  I liked it like that. I loved my job and I loved my time away from my job.  I felt my life was a good balance.  Of course, children were never a consideration at that time of my life (what was I thinking??)

Now?  Different game.  I don't know how I could EVER make this life of mine happen while being gone all day.  This sucks!!  I see "chores" stacked all over the place for me to tend to this weekend.  When Danielle said to me last night, "remember, we have a date on Saturday", I almost cringed.  I quickly thought, "What the hell did I commit to now?"  I then remembered that we are taking a yoga class together Saturday morning.   I was relieved.  However, this weekend looks scary with all the "catch up" I have to do from not being around this week.

I have two more days of this crazy schedule.  I LOVE what I'm learning.  I'm pretty proud of myself for learning how to maneuver on public transportation and I'm grateful for all the support that Danielle and Brian are giving me from the home front.  I'll be happy to return to my "normal" (if there really is such a thing) life when this is over.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Just Dreamin'

I'm going on a perfect vacation.  Somewhere with warm weather, quiet, beaches, gentle breezes, no phones, no internet.

I just want to take the first few days to "arrive" and unwind.  Sleep in, lounge around and just listen to the ocean and the birds.  I want to take as many books as I want and just start delving into all of them and read to my heart's content.  I want to take long naps in the hammock without anyone nagging or pressuring or placing any guilt whatsoever on me.  I want to walk along the beach and just sit whenever the mood strikes me and meditate for as long as I desire.

After I have completely let go, I want to slowly start moving into my yoga practice.  No pressure.  No expectations.  I will practice as much or as little as I desire on the beach at whatever time of day I feel the inclination.  I will then, again, slip into deep meditation and contemplation.  Here's where my walks alone will increase in intensity.

I will eat any food I desire without guilt.  I will drink delicious juices and beverages that make me smile (non alcoholic because I want my mind clear).  Herbal teas will be consumed throughout the day as well.  Chocolate?  Absolutely!  Fresh fruit?  Wouldn't be a vacation without it.  Breads?  Screw the whole "gluten" ban - I'm going for it!

As for my return trip ticket?  Open ended, of course.  This vacation may or may not take a very long time.  It's much deserved and, damn it, I'm not depriving myself of one single indulgence.

The only ones of my family that will accompany me are the ones who solemnly swear that they will honor my space and my quest for personal and mental well being and have the same desire for themselves.  Sadly, I don't think anyone will be joining me.  Lol.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Outta the Comfort Zone

I've been in school for 5-1/2 months now for yoga teacher training.  It's been a safe little place to reside, I've decided.  There was our little group of eight and we just taught each other.  We would make up sequences when we were asked and just teach the group.  It was nice.  We had lectures and we would all just get to sit and listen and take notes.  It was easy.  We would be given assignments to read books and we just got to go home and read.  It was great.  We were given assignments to write essays and a few different topics so we would sit at our computers and research and write.  No big deal.

Yesterday, however, was our final.  We were divided into two groups of four and told that we were each to teach the public.  There was a beginners class (my group) and a Flow Level 2 class (not my group).  We were then each given a portion of the class to teach.  The assignment went out about two or so weeks ago and didn't seem like a big deal at the time.  My portion was the stretching and closing part.  No biggie.  I got this.

So the time came for the class.  I was blown away at how many people were crammed into the studio to support us graduates.  Our class ALONE had 25 or so people in it.  I was so proud of my peers.  They taught well and seemed to be in control of their universe.  Then . . . well, then came my part.  I honestly thought I was okay until it came time to actually start teaching.  I was nervous and felt like my brains froze up.  I know I taught but I honestly don't remember all that I said.

When the class was over lots of people came up to us and said that the class was amazing.  They were giving us a lot of positive feedback.  I'm pretty sure it was more for the sequencing before mine but I was glad that they appeared to have liked it nonetheless.

Tonight we get the critique from our teachers on how we did.  I have definitely wandered out of my comfort zone.  I like it here but I'm a little nervous about how I'm going to come off to people from here forward.  If my husband is like my friend's husband who graduated in the class before mine, I'm going to hear "well now you're a teacher.  Get out there and teach!"  Lol.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Yes, I AM Blonde. Your Point?

Yesterday I finally made it to the eye doctor. It's been about two or so years since I've made that dasterdly journey. Doc is just fine and happy, by the way. He's married now (anyone who knows me well knows about my "relationship" with Doc) and it's so amazing to see him so happy. He says, "I really look forward to going home now." Wow, that must be awesome. Good on him.

 So, the examination went. He checked my eyes and exclaimed, "You DO know that you are not legal to drive without your glasses, my dear."

 "Well, Genius, that's what I'm here to see you. I can't read the road signs and I'm a road warrior. Throw me a freaking bone, here!"

 He did the usual thing. You know . . . "Is it better this way or this way? One or two? Which numbers are darker, brighter and bolder?" Afterward he did that machiine that takes a picture of what's going on behind the eyeball. I asked him to please tell me that there was a big blob that was preventing me from seeing, creating all these damn headaches and could possibly allow me a one way ticket back to my maker. No such luck, I was informed. Very healthy. Dang!

 He then said, "I really don't understand why you are struggling so much with your vision. Your new prescription is really not much far off from your old one."

 I then gave him what I'm sure was the most ridiculous look EVER! "Um . . . I don't wear my glasses. I never wear my glasses. Am I supposed to be wearing my glasses? I thought they were just for reading and I can read just fine so I thought they were all but useless."

 Doc then shook his head and rubbed his eyes (I think I make men like him weary). "Jody, glasses are only useful when you wear them. Here come stand right here next to me and look out there on the street. Good. Now put your glasses on. Does that make it a little easier to see?"

 Wow! You're right! This is great! I wore them (the glasses) all the way home, set them on my dresser, and promptly forgot them when I left with my truck, trailer and horse for drill. When I got home, the headache was back. Hmmm, maybe there IS something to wearing these things! Lol.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Yep, she's coming around the final turn and sprinting for the finish line!  She's got it pegged to the floor, ladies and gentlemen.  It's full throttle and there's no slowing her down.  And . . .

That's me!  I'm so close to finishing my yoga teacher training program.  I'm really excited (and a wee bit nervous).  I have wanted to throw in the towel and give up many times throughout this program.  The hours of school and the mountains (my opinion) of homework married with my family life and being on a drill team have been more than overwhelming.  In addition, I've been really striving (not very successfully) to get going on my zoning.  This old dog is ready for a big long nap.

But slow down there, Trigger.  Not just yet!  First we have graduation on June 3rd (round of applause, please) and then I have a class in teaching restorative yoga in July and then  . . . wait for it . . . wait for it . . . prenatal yoga teacher training in October.  Yep, I'm on a roll.  I know my destiny and I'm keeping my focus.

One of my absolute BIGGEST supporters has been Danielle.  She's been right behind me giving me that kick in the bum to do my homework, go to class, stick it out and encouraging me to continue signing up for more certifications that work right in with where my niche is.  Thank you, girl.

Of course, I got a bit of a surprise this weekend when Skip said that he was proud of me (I think that's what he said) for doing this.  It's been a HUGE time commitment and has pushed me outside of my comfort zone BIG TIME!  I have a really big appreciation for yoga teachers - well, ALL fitness teachers, for that matter.

So my goal is in my sights and I'm heading in the right direction.  Good times are rolling my way!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Momma

Yesterday was Mother's Day.  I was in LA visiting Skip and he gave me a sweet card.  He informed me that he spends a lot of time looking over cards to find the one that says just the right words to express his feelings for me.  I noticed that he often crosses out the verbage that comes on the card and inserts his own.  This is the kind of thing that means the most to me.

When I got home last night I had a whopper of a headache.  I'm guessing it's all the food that I don't normally eat.  Maybe it's my eyes that don't want to work as well.  Whatever, it was a serious pounder. I kind of gave Danielle the head's up that I wasn't feeling 100%.  She was amazingly understanding.  Then, when I walked in the door I was greeted with the sweetest reception ever. 

On the table were three little vases of flowers and three home made cards.  It melted my heart.  Jacob and Court each gave me a GC to Starbucks and Peets (Jacob informed Danielle that I LOVE Peets and he's right) and Danielle, Jeff, Brandilyn and Dave gave me the new CD for Sigur Ros (my absolute FAVORITE group).  It was simple, sweet and straight from the heart. 

I love my family and I'm so grateful to know that the people I love more than anything else in the world know me the best. 

On a side note, here's a convo that I had with Brian:

B:  Hey Mom, I wanted to tell you something that happened last night.  I lost my wallet and went walking not once, but TWICE, to everywhere I went and couldn't find it.  I went into my room mate's room to vent about how upset I was and it was sitting right there on their floor.  Isn't that funny?
M:  Hmm.  Yeah, actually that's really funny.  Is that really why you just called me?
B:  Well, yeah, and to tell you that I love you
M:  I love you too.  Anything else?
B:  Um, nope.  That's about it.
M:  Are you sure?  Do you know what day it is today?
B:  Yeah, I'm sure.  It's Sunday, right?  Wait . . . Oh crap, it's Mother's Day.  Wow!  I'm sorry, Mom.  Happy Mother's Day.
M:  (laughing).  You're my ONLY kid I'd throw that bone to.  Anyone else I'd just let the convo go and let you feel like crap when you later realized that you forgot about your mom on Mother's Day.  I love you, Buddy.

Robbie, gave me a hug and kiss when I got home. 

Yeah, my family knows me well and they know just how to show me how much they love me.  Simple and sweet.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

That Boy!

Today Skip and I drove up from LA to go visit Brian in Santa Barbara, where he's been going to school. It was a nice drive but the weather was a wee bit too nippy for my liking (especially considering that it hit 90 degrees up where I live and I was insanely jealous as I could be!). However, seeing my boy made everything worthwhile.

Brian is as happy as he could be. He's living in an absolute all-out party town with two Swedish room mates that are a complete riot. The three of them get along famously and it's such a treat to see them interact.

When Bri lived up in Idaho he had the room mate from hell. That combined with the rules and restrictions of Rexburg just made that situation so darn toxic for my son. He's thriving in this environment!

Second, Brian is in school doing what his heart screams for him to be doing. Oh, I fought it tooth and nail for as long as I could. Underwater dive welding is an extremely dangerous profession, but it's what my son is absolutely set on. Once I gave up resistance, the boy has been happier than I've ever seen him. It makes me happy to not receive those panic phone calls, "MOM! I'm in trouble. HELP!" I only get my fun loving boy calling me to see how I'm doing and for him to easily chat about the goings on of his life.

Now, the semester is winding down and, instead of paying for Bri to stay idle while there's no school, he's got an opportunity to go to Sweden with one of his roomies for a month and explore another part of the world. He's so excited he can hardly stand himself. I'm so excited (and a bit jealous, I must admit) for him. He's promised me that he'll take LOTS of pictures and share his adventures with me through his photo journal.

Today I saw him for the last time before his big adventure. My heart is in a happy place. He's chatting again with a girl that I adore and there's absolutely no contention surrounding him when we interact. Everything seems so pleasant. Just the way life should be. Please, God, tell me that this is the beginning of an amazing life for him AND the rest of us that love him to bits!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

I love ME!

Today, as I was out hiking in the hills, my mind was on my assignment for my yoga teacher training class.  The grass is so green, the wind was gently blowing, the sun was making its way up the horizon and I was in a pretty blissful and happy mood.  I was alone out in the hills with just my thoughts and nature.  The way I like it.

My assignment is to put together the centering - beginning part - of a yoga practice that our class is doing.  I actually thought I had it pretty easy.  Well . . . I do have it pretty easy.  

Since our class is supposed to be focused on the shoulders, I decided to center the class on the heart chakra.  More specifically, compassion and love to ourselves.  The more I thought about it the more it felt right.  So, as I was walking it started flowing into me so easily.  I was smiling and happy and really enjoying the process.

As I was about to walk out of the park and onto the road, there on the side of trail someone had coincidentally (and I so don't believe in coincidences, by the way) carved in the dirt "I love me."  

How beautiful is that?  It was confirmation to me that I was on the right track, baby.  Oh yeah, and I DO love myself, by the way!  

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Way We Were!

25 years ago I married this cute guy.  We had been dating for a couple of years and decided to make the deal "official".  We had a pre-determined date that we had decided to do this deed.

After work on Friday, we headed for Tahoe to get married.  On our way out of town Skip called his parents and let them know that they were about to score another daughter-in-law.  Hopefully, (kidding) they were happy for their son.

When we arrived to our motel room, there was a gorgeous basket of fruit sent from them to us.  Our room had a fireplace in it and we felt like we were pretty much "big stuff."

Saturday morning we got up and headed over to some chapel there and Reverend Love married us.  His wife was our photographer.  Basically (no digital cameras "back then") she took a roll of film and opened the camera and handed it to us.  We still laugh about that.

We spent the day doing gambling (that's funny because neither of us are big into that form of entertainment) and headed back home the next day.  On our way back into town, I called my parents and informed them that I was now no longer living in "sin."  We both showed up for work Monday morning (we worked for the same company.)

Ron, one of the other managers at the company, was an early bird at work like we were.  He came into my office to get some files and casually said, "so, how was your weekend?"  I just as casually said, "oh, it was fine.  I got married."  He quickly slammed the file drawer shut and turned around.  "What?  To Skip?"  I laughed and said, "Well, of course to Skip.  Who else would I marry?"

Ron quickly left my office and high tailed it for Skip's office saying, "I need to go congratulate the big guy!"

So there is the story of how it all began (well, from our wedding date).  We've had a lot of things happen in the 25 years since we said "I do."  Like all couples, we both have ended up in a place that we never planned on being.  Skip always had a life plan and was hell bent for election on following that plan.  Jody. . . well . . .true to nature, has no plan and just goes where the wind takes her.  Sadly for Skip, the plan has deviated off course something fierce.

Hopefully the future years bring us back around to your charted course, babe.  Happy anniversary!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jacob Math

Today Jacob came home with math homework. Me, being me, just sent him off to the dining room to do his homework while I prepared dinner. I then asked Jacob to go take a shower while I finished up getting dinner on the table. Jeff went out and grabbed Jacob's math homework just to take a "look see." After he started chuckling rather animately, Danielle and I asked what was so funny. He read us the following (there was more but these were two of the funniest).

 1. You have 12 cookies. You need to give 25% to your sister. How many did you give her?
 Jacob's answer: 1

 2. You need to carpet your room. It is 17' x 9'. How many square feet do you need?
 Jacob's answer: A lot

 When Jacob came back out from the shower, Jeff CALMLY started going over the math problems with Jake. When he got to the carpet question, he asked Jacob why he answered with "a lot". Jacob said, "Well, I didn't know what the shape of the room was."

Okay, I've seen some pretty hilarious stuff come from my children, but I do have to say this is pretty comical. So . . . here's the deal. Since I don't usually check on the twins homework because I'm into "natural" consequences, I have to wonder how and why Jacob seems to be pulling a steady "A" in math and every other subject, for that matter.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Free Spirit

My job is to staff the childcare and the front desk for the yoga studio, Cosmic Dog Yoga. I love my job and I enjoy working in an environment with fellow yogis and yoginis. It maketh me to be exceedingly joyful. :)

I was out of town for two weeks and had one of my peeps take over the reins in my absence. She's amazing and I only got one call which I was able to easily deal with. However, when I waltzed in yesterday morning for my teacher training class, the Saturday morning front desk girl informed me that the childcare person for Saturdays isn't coming in anymore. What???

I was a bit annoyed by that and I asked her what the deal was. She said, "Well, she's one of these free spirited people..." I must have given her that look that says, "So, what's wrong with that?"

She then looked at me and got a knowing smile on her face and said, "Well, she's young."

That's right. There's NOTHING wrong with being free spirited or young, for that matter. However, when you commit to something I honestly feel that you should follow through or give plenty of notice that you are unable to fulfill your commitment. Not doing so is called "irresponsible" or "flaky", in my opinion.

I love being free spirited but I certainly hope that I'm not considered irresponsible or flaky. That would just give us free spirited people a bad rap, right?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Journey

I have ALWAYS said that I hate cooking. I have always said that I'm not a good cook and that I only just barely prepare what I absolutely have to to get by and to appease the immediate consumers (my family, usually). Cooking has always been a "chore" for me. It's funny because I actually LOVE doing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen but, PLEASE, someone else prepare the dang food!

So when Brandilyn told me that her doula said that maybe she should assign the chore of preparing meals for them, while they are busy having a baby and adjusting to the new lifestyle of parenthood, to me I was a little bit . . . how should I say this . . . anxious. What if David doesn't like the food I prepare because I suck at cooking? (Btw, David informed me that if he doesn't like what I cook then he just won't eat it - I like that kind of straight forwardness). What if I lapse into my "lazy" mode and just want to order pizza all week (well, we DID indulge in that decadence not once but TWICE!)?

As it turns out, Sunshine happened to launch into her "can do" mode and rose to the occasion. I have to say that I'm quite impressed with myself. Not only did I turn out good grub, I actually enjoyed the process. While the little family was still in the hospital I came home to their apartment and turned on my music (which only I enjoy) and busied myself in the kitchen. Chopping, sauteing, baking, and totally having the time of my life. Then I packed up said meal and delivered it to them in the hospital. I must say it even topped the amazing hospital food that Brandilyn was receiving (haha).

This morning, I'm sitting here in my hotel room putting together tonight's menu and planning on making another meal to put up in the freezer for them. I'm happy and just excited to get back into Brandilyn's kitchen.

So . . . what is this? Why the sudden change of heart? I think I figured it out. I think that it's a treat to prepare food that I like (healthy vegan fare) and eat for people that enjoy and eat it as well. PLUS, I have nothing but time on my hands to enjoy the journey because, after all, isn't that what the secret to life is? Enjoying the journey?

Now, I just need to figure out how to create that kind of magic when I get home. Hmmm.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Work in Progress

I rather surprised myself this morning by actually dragging my arse out of bed and doing my own yoga practice. I took the class that I wrote and, if I may say so myself, it wasn't half bad. Oh, I definitely would enjoy a class taught and created by another, more experience, teacher but I guess this is part of my learning process.

However, what I DID notice today was how UNflexible I have become since arriving here in Idaho. I'm sure it has a lot to do with the fact that I've spent a lot of idle time enjoying my daughter and her amazing family. I wouldn't trade the most flexible, thin, strong body in the world for the time I've been allowed to enjoy this experience.

I was almost completely finished with my practice this morning and really feeling my age when it dawned on me that the heater in this room hasn't been working. In fact, the air conditioner was running and I was flipping cold. Wow, so "it's not just me!". Haha. Love that quote.

Now my next homework is to write yet another yoga sequence and make myself get up and practice that one tomorrow. Like one of my fellow classmates in class said a couple of weeks ago. "It's like having to go out back and cut your own switch." Ouch!

I do look so forward to the day when I can walk into a class and say, "so . . . what would we like to work on today?" and then be able to put a sequence together on the fly. Yes, that is when I will know that I've arrived.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Homework :(

I have so much homework it's ridiculous. We have a two week break (well it's ended for them but I'm still basking in the joy of being on break because I have the excuse of being a new grandma) from yoga teacher training and they gave us a bucket load of assignments. I'm sure it's all good stuff (I KNOW it is) but it's hella time consuming.

Danielle was lording over me like a task master at home to go back to my desk and do my homework. It worked, for the most part. I got quite a bit accomplished but I still have a lot to do. I thought I would get a bunch completed while I was here with Brandilyn but there's just been way too many distractions (duh!). However, Skip is leaving today so I should have a bit of quiet time in my hotel room.

I have learned a bit about myself from this experience (well, I think I've always known this about me - I've always just been in denial). When there is something looming that's not my favorite thing to do, I busy myself with a lot of other things and just keep pushing said task into the corner until it finally just screams so darn loud that I have to give it my attention. I also know another thing about myself. I usually always complete everything that I'm supposed to do but often it's in the 11th hour that I'm sprinting to the finish line. Looks like this may be one of those things.

So today I have a few exciting things happening because I still get to spend time with my grandson and daughter. I get to see my dear friend, Megs and I hopefully get to visit with Shauna Leigh and her family. I might get to go to Idaho Falls with Brandilyn to do a wee bit of shopping as her body and her baby will allow. However, I will come back to my QUIET hotel room (I say that because Skip loves TV and I don't and it's been a distraction) tonight and crank out some homework.

Sounds like a good plan anyway.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Granny Jo

I acquired that name a lot of years ago when Shauna Leigh had Allison. I wanted a "grandma" name that was mine so that I wouldn't step on any toes of other grandmas. Since then Cory and Sarah had Ava and I was safe being called Granny Jo. I love it when I see her and she gives me a hug and says, "Hi Granny Jo."

Several people, over the years, have criticized me naming myself that. I say phooey on them! They say that Granny is an old woman's name. Actually, I envision a wild older woman riding a Harley (not that actually see myself riding a Harley) on the highway and yelling "Woooweee!!" I'm that kind of a woman. I take life any way I can. I enjoy as many moments as I'm allowed and I love love LOVE to have a rippin great time.

Well, my little grandson was born this last Wednesday (3 days ago). He's an absolute joy and precious as can be (because what grandma doesn't think her grandchild is the greatest, right?). My daughter is an amazing mom and my son-in-law is a wonderful dad and husband to my Princess. I usually am not too fond of little babies but this little guy has captured my heart. Whenever Brandilyn has to do anything I'm so happy to hold him and snuggle.

So, I'm thinking my name of Granny Jo is absolutely perfect. I love it and it's staying the way it is. I'm so excited for little David Clark to grow up looking forward to his visits with Granny Jo. I'm also excited to spoil that little champ anyway I can. I'm proud of my daughter for being such an amazing calm mother (I never really had that gift when I started having children). Life is good.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pandora's Pink Box

This is a quick little story but it makes me laugh nontheless . . .

The night before I left to head out here to Idaho I had a bunch of my things sitting on the kitchen counter. I had put my satchel there so that I wouldn't forget to bring it. It contains all of my homework that I'm supposed to be working on while I'm here with Brandilyn and Dave. Anyway, part of my homework is to practice yoga on a regular basis so to do that I needed to bring my mat and strap and blocks etc. One of my blocks is pink and I placed them on top of my satchel.

Danielle and I were chatting it up - probably finalizing the plans for the house, animals and children while I am away. As we were talking I saw the pink block out of the corner of my eye and my mind instantly flashed to "donut box." I then caught myself and started laughing as I courageously told Danielle what I had thought. She laughed and said, "I thought the same thing a bit ago too." Wow, the two of us are so fixated on food that our minds flash to donuts.

Funny thing is I haven't had a donut in over a year and before that it was about two years. Actually, I used to work in a donut shop and learned to hate the little devils like crazy. Later I rekindled my love of them but everytime I indulge I pay dearly so I just resist the urge. Besides, with a girth and bum like mine . . . well, there's no need to revisit that issue.

So then I'm flying down the highway on my way to Idaho and I have said yoga blocks sitting in the back window of my truck. Of course when I look out my rear view window what did I see? Yeah. Where did my crazy loco mind go? Yeah. Wow.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Sting then Humor!

It's here! It's here! The day we've waited for for nine months is almost here. I'm heading out to Idaho as soon as I drop Courtney off for school this morning and I couldn't be more excited. I'm excited to see Brandilyn. I'm excited to see my new grandson. And, yes, I'm excited to see Dave too, lol.

Yesterday it took me like freaking FOREVER to get motivated to pack. Not because I didn't want to go but I just hate packing. I had bills to pay and stuff to pack and things to organize so that the compound can run smoothly while I'm gone. I even spent like an entire evening into late night organizing my iTunes so that I would have jamming tunes to listen to. I was going to make cookies (the ones that Skip loves) for Brandilyn and Dave (because they are Dave friendly and taste AMAZING) but I just ran out of mojo. Skip suggested that I make them for them while I'm there. Good idea.

So . . . funny story (to me now that I'm over being pissed). I'm taking the rocking chair to the princess that I used for her when she was a baby. She asked for it and it's hers. Skip, being Skip, was dictating how I should transport said piece of furniture. He told me to make sure the seats in the back of my truck were folded up and then slide the chair in there. I, in my head, knew there was no freaking way it would fit but nodded and said, "ok" to him so that he knew I was validating his position on being large and in charge.

Sure enough, yesterday came and it was time for me to load up the truck. I couldn't even get the chair through my bedroom door without having to open the second door so I KNEW that I was right. Sure enough, not even close. So, I did what I do. I grabbed a container of bungee cords, a blanket and the twins and went to work securing the chair in the back of my truck. After a bit of frustration, I was pretty happy with my handiwork.

Skip calls last night and we were having a convo. He then asked if I was able to load the chair inside the truck. Um . . . no. I then went on to say that I secured it in the back of the truck with bungee cords and a blanket. He then said, "go out and take a picture so I can see what you did." I got pissed and said, "I'm NOT going to go take a picture. I just TOLD you what I did." He replied, "You just said you threw the chair in the back of the truck on its side. I want to make sure it's not going to get ruined. It's a nice piece of furniture."

In my frustration I yelled back, "You NEVER listen to me! I said I secured it and it's fine!!"

Anyway, it went downhill from there. The point is this: We often paint a picture in our head of what we "perceive" the person to be saying on any given subject and then shut out all other stimuli. Case and point. He, for whatever reason, envisioned me just tossing the chair in the back of the truck and calling it good. Maybe I have or maybe I haven't done something like that in the past (I'm not coming clean at this point).

So this morning, Danielle comes out with a big smile on her face like she's bursting to tell me something funny. She then says, "I was going to play a funny joke on you but then I thought you might get hella pissed. I was going to tell you that Dad called me last night and told me to go out to your truck and take a picture of how you tied the rocking chair in."

Hahaha!!! I love that I get over stuff so quickly. I also love that my family loves to have fun with stories that are funny after the sting has worn away.

Anyway, I'm gonna post this, take my (much needed) shower, load the last of my gear, drop off Courtney for school, hit the Bucks for one of my last buzz treats for a while and head east to meet my grandson. Pretty exciting day! :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

You Were a What?

Yesterday I posted the following on my Twitter:

"Not much beats going up into the attic in search of something and discovering something else that reminded me of an event I'd rather forget."

Danielle came home yesterday and asked, "What the flip did THAT mean?"

Well . . .sit back and I'll spin you another fabulous Sunshine tale, lol.

About 652 years ago (actually about 7 years ago) Courtney came home from school waving a piece of paper in my face. It was a call for girls to sign up for soccer for the upcoming season. "Can I do it? Please, Mom, can I play soccer? I so want to play soccer SO bad!"

Me, being the stern no-nonsense (yeah, right) mom, says, "Sure, sweetie. We'll get you signed up right away." And I did.

Then we waited. Got the email saying what team she was going to be on and everything. We went out and bought her all the gear she would need. She was SO dog gone excited. The next email was something to this effect:

"To all parents. We do not currently have a coach for your daughter's soccer team. We are requesting that a parent from the team volunteer for this position. We will provide training. If nobody volunteers we will not be able to provide soccer for your daughter this season."

Wow, Court, looks like you aren't going to be able to do soccer this year. That sucks! Big pouty face and tears followed. "I really really really wanted to do it. I was SO excited."

Guess who stepped up to the plate? Yep. So I spent two weekends in soccer coach training. I learned about exercises, drills, child abuse detection and reporting, rules of the game and everything you needed to know but were afraid to find out about coaching a kids soccer team. Then, on our last day of training, we went out to the field and had to play against each other. Holy crap! These parents (all but two of us were men) were freaking brutal! I was one whipped pup and I was a pretty athletic person, at that time!

Soccer season came and another mom stepped up to be my assistant coach (bless that angel). The girls bonded and had fun but our team sucked. Oh well. What really got to me was a couple of the dads from our team got in my business about why I would put this girl in this position or that girl over there or why I would cue the girls to do this or that. Really? Dude, if you wanted to have so dang much input in how our team played the game, then why the heck didn't you step up to the plate when they were screaming for a coach? Wow.

I was happy when the season ended and vowed to ALWAYS keep my head low in the future when a volunteer was requested for this or that. I've stayed pretty true to myself, thank you very much. So, what did I find in the attic yesterday? My binder with all the information for that season. Yep, it went right in the round file. Good bye to that memory.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rock Star!

I've never been to a karaoke place before. I've never done karaoke before. So when our drill team's activity for this month was karaoke, I truly didn't know what to expect.

Every month one member of our team hosts a social. We bring our husbands or significant other and have a blast. I was up in Montana during January's event which was boche ball. Have no clue what that's all about but it sounded like everyone had a LOT of fun. Last month we raced those little mini cars. I sucked beyond the worst suckage EVER. It was way fun. We then went out to dinner afterward and I was the odd duck out. Everyone had a date but me. No biggie. My HUGE personality made up for it just fine. Lol. So . . . Debbie hosted this month's event which was karaoke.

We got there and I was pretty sure that I would be an observer because I just don't drink and drinking seemed to be the pre requisite for getting up and making a complete fool of oneself. That is . . . unless your name is Princess Sunshine, I guess. First off, Danielle accompanied me so I had a date. Turns out several of the women didn't bring dates (I guess they didn't want to be off the hook in front of their men). Danielle was a GREAT sport. We were supposed to all bring food and it also turns out that Danielle and I were the only ones that brought food. When one specific person went to "comment" about my food (vegan, duh) they were shut down pretty quick because Danielle and I were the ONLY ones that brought food so . . . shut up and be grateful (lol).

The music started and everyone was just kind of sitting there (well, they were playing flipping ABBA and it was nauseating, in my opinion). Finally I said, "Let me see what else there is" and I quickly discovered that there was some pretty bitchin songs on tap. After the beat got in my head I grabbed that microphone and didn't let go! I was singing. I was dancing. I was conversing throught the mike with everyone there. After a bit a person or two would get up and kind of try to join in but they would quickly sit down. After quite a few drinks two of the other women became regulars up in front with me.

At one point I overheard someone say to someone else, "No dude. Jody doesn't drink. She's totally sober!" OMG! That's way funny!! Then later one of the women said to me, "Jode, you probably should keep a microphone with you all the time. You seem pretty comfortable with that in your hand." Yeah, I think they may be right.

So it just goes to show you . . . You don't have to be drunk to have a good time or to make a complete ass of yourself - especially if you're ME! We ended the evening by a few of us hitting the bar next door. I sat up there and ordered myself a NON alcoholic beer and Danielle had an ice water. How cool are we, right?

Friday, March 30, 2012

Cycling UP

This morning, like most mornings, I'm driving Courtney to school. She's pretty quiet - not entirely unusual. Half way down the hill, she says, "Mom, I had a really embarassing thing happen at school yesterday."

Me: Do tell
C: Well, we were sitting at lunch and one of the girls said that Susie (name changed) has the biggest "boobs" out of all of us then Mary (name changed) has the next biggest. Someone then said to me, "what is your boob size?" I said that I didn't have one.

Insert note: True story. Courtney's body still hasn't done the woman thing and she's pretty tiny. She's 85 pounds and 4'9"

Me: Well, hon, you have to admit that your body still is stuck in little girl mode. I'm not going to say that's a bad thing but . . .
C: (Sniff sniff and grabbing tissue and smearing mascara everywhere)
Me: Why are you crying? What's up? Are you sad because you don't have breasts?
C: Yeah. I just want to be like everyone else. I'm the smallest kid in the 8th grade. I hate it.
Me: Court, embrace where you are! I promise, one day you will wish you didn't have to deal with all the stuff that comes with being a woman. We always want what we don't have - it's human nature, I guess. Be okay with where you are! (Eternally the cheerleader, right?)
C: I guess you're right, Mom. Can we sit here for a minute while I get myself together? I'm embarassed to get out right now.
Mom: Sure, take your time. The fact that you're crying tells me that you're about to experience being a woman pretty dang soon, though.
C: (Laughing) Really? Because I really don't know why I'm crying. I feel stupid.
Me: Don't feel stupid. All of us women go through this. I just wish I could stop at the breast store and grab you some breasts but I don't think that's gonna happen.
C: (Laughing harder) Love you, Mom. Have a good day (exit car)

Yep, let the games begin!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Not Just for Breakfast Anymore . . .

This morning I got up (like every day) and went about my usual routine of feeding cats and letting dogs out (like every day). I couldn't find Simba - the pit bull - but I didn't fuss too much about it. He was probably in Robbie's room with him. I went out and fed my horses and came back in (like every day).

I then went into Robbie's room to let Simba out. He wasn't there. Only Dani's little dog was with them. I asked him if he knew where Simba was and he said to check with Brian. I reminded him that Brian doesn't live here and Dani said, "He came home last night. He's probably down in the basement with him." Okay. Robbie grumbled something about bugging him while he's trying to sleep. Whatever.

Off to the basement went I. Yep, there was Brian sleeping but NO Simba. Now I was pretty upset. We've lost dogs to the coyotes out here in the hills and other things. I couldn't imagine Simba falling victim to a coyote but, nonetheless, I was upset that I couldn't find him. I went to my meditation space and settled in for my morning ritual of meditation and prayer. I said a prayer asking for comfort about my dog. I had the feeling all was well but when it comes to God . . . well, that could mean a multitude of things and my experience is that the odds are not usually in my favor.

After waking up Jacob for school and heading out to the kitchen to begin preparing breakfast and kids' lunches I opened up the pantry to retrieve something important. My heart almost stopped as I was greeted with a big brown MONSTER! Holy crap! Simba had been locked in the pantry all night and he was pretty happy that I happened along. After recovering from my near heart attack, I was pretty happy I happened along too.

However . . . .my pantry smells like DOG!! Not just any dog. It smells like a dog that has been rolling in horse poo and dead things. Gross!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Little Chub

Omg! This is way too funny. Maybe the problem is that I'm so dang tired that everything just seems hilarious.

Tonight, while we were all kicking it in my office Danielle and I were farting around on the internet looking for help for a project that I was working on. She then asked me what Katri (my zoning teacher that lives in Montana) looks like. For fun, I Googled her on Google Images and came up with a picture that is pretty close to what she looks like right now.

So . . . then we began laughing and I started Googling random people that I knew that she didn't know what they looked like. Of course, I didn't come up with any pictures of THOSE people. No! Then, silly me, I Googled myself (you know . . . . Jody Weltz) and up popped several pictures of me. Must have come from my Facebook or other blog or something.

Anyway, when we scrolled down a couple of lines there was a picture of a box of smoked sausages called "Little Chub". We both started laughing out of control. I mean, I spend WAY too much energy talking about my ample bum and thighs so this just sealed the deal. Furthermore, sausages? Really? Miss "I don't eat meat" has sausages under her Google name? Danielle said, "That's what I'm going to call you from now on." Wow.

So tonight, we were gabbing away and I said, "Dude, I need to go to bed. I mean, really!" I walked out of her room and started down the hall. From the distance (somewhere in the direction of her room) I heard, "Good night, Little Chub!"

I don't know if I'm going to be able to sleep. I just keep giggling to myself. That would be just too perfect if I didn't already love my nickname "Sunshine", right?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I admit it. My name is Jody Weltz and I'm a bookaholic. That's pretty much all I have or should say about that. However, in true Sunshine form, I will expound on my issue which has become a full blown problem of late.

I always marveled, as a child, at how many books my momma had/has. We had a whole wall in our living room that was stuffed full of books. There was everything from children's books to interesting books to really really boring books (in my opinion, anyway). My mom is an avid reader and, dog gone it, I'm just like her in this respect.

When I was fussing to my sister about how frustrated I was because I just couldn't find 411 about this or that she said, "Jody, you need to buy a book on that subject. You are a book person - not a computer (kindle) person. You always seem to like the feel of pages and handling a book." Dude, you spend WAY too much time observing me, lol. However, she's right.

So here I am in yoga teacher training. The reading list is pretty extensive and we need to buy these books and have them for our reference. I did. So now, as I go along, I'm realizing that I need a book to help me with sequencing. A book to help me understand sutras and upanishads. A book to help guide me with . . . fill in the blank. Furthermore, I've also decided that I need a book to give me direction in making raw foods that my twins will like. OMG! She's freaking out of control.

If Skip were home, he'd have a meltdown. My little book closet is FULL. Of course, there's all the books that I had to put in storage when we were "moving" two years ago. And this IS one of those times where I seriously MISS something I haven't had access to for two years. I WANT MY BOOKS BACK!!

So there it is. Me, full out confession. My nightstand, my desk, my car, my satchel, my closet (I have a BIG closet) and even my kitchen are chocked FULL of books that Miss Sunshine is using, reading, researching from or just kind of perusing. And now, that IS all I have to say about that (for now).

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Welcome Spring 2012!

Every once in awhile a night happens along that just is oh-so-amazing. Last night was just one of those nights. First off, it was Taco Tuesday. Kelly, Cooper and Nan all joined us in our weekly ritual. Danielle slipped off to my room to receive a much needed massage from Nan.

Kelly and I went out to the fire pit and started up a fire (well . . . actually Jeff started the fire). We brought out some really cool stuff and burned our smudge stick and cleansed some stuff (obviously I'm not going to get to specific here). We had candles and stones and all kinds of really cool things to help us welcome in spring.

When Danielle's massage was finished, Nan came out and said good-bye and Danielle joined Kelly and I. We were dancing on the grass. The night was so awesome. No wind. No rain. No cold. Just stars and wonderfulness. We laughed and enjoyed all of it. Then, 10 minutes before the equinox (10:10) we all went into meditation and quiet.

Then . . . it was spring! We put rosemary on the fire (because rosemary is an herb of power), then all put our intentions in the fire and stood around and held hands while we said words of encouragement and gratitude. It was a pretty awesome experience.

I know it doesn't sound that awesome from my words but some things just have to be experienced to be truly appreciated. This was one of those times.

Monday, March 19, 2012

A Deal's a Deal!

Jacob. 14 years old going on 5 and I just adore that kid. He keeps me on my toes. My mom calls him my "Peter Pan" and that just couldn't be a more accurate description. He's so innocent and active and . . . well . . . Jacob.

He just loves his PSP thingy he got for his birthday this year. I'm such a non-video game mom. I resist it and, then when I finally give in, the privilege comes with "conditions." Jacob's is no exception.

1. Only allowed to play with the toy on the bus to school and when the chores and homework are complete.
2. Only allowed to play with it on weekends and non-school nights
3. Taking food into the bedroom results in a 10-day loss of the privilege.

For now, those are pretty much the conditions. It's always a pretty good lever to get my way since the boy thinks this thing is the hot-diggity-dig.

I was away this weekend in LA visiting Skip. Danielle and company were in charge of the compound. When I got home Danielle said, "OMG! Jacob had a whole bunch of cuties stashed in his room. The whole place smelled of citrus. Jeff just stole them all back, lol."

What? Did that sound like a violation of our agreement? Yep, I think it did. So this morning when Jacob was getting ready for school he said, "Mom, can I get my PSP before my bus gets here?"

I then told him of my discovery and how I felt like he was in breach of our contract. I braced myself for a meltdown or a serious argument in the least. He just looked at me and said, "Yeah, you're right. So . . . next Thursday I can get it and my ipod back?"

"Yeah, Buddy, that's our deal."

Jacob replied, "And a deal's a deal!"

I have to say I'm pretty impressed with my son. This is a big step for him. Typically, in the past, he would have launched into a screaming and crying tantrum and made a huge scene. Looks like my little guy is growing up (at least for today, right?)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Joy for Taxes . . . NOT!

It's that time of year again. Yes, it's that time of year and yes, I've managed to procrastinate that dasterdly deed right up to the eleventh hour. I hate taxes and there's no way you'll be able to convince me otherwise.

Skip did his part. He made his appointment with our accountant and dutifully told me when said appointment is. I only made a mental (sort of) note of when the appointment was (I still can't remember it actually). I do remember thinking, "Whatever. That's so far out there I have so much time it's ridiculous." Right? NOT!

I leave for LA on Friday to visit and I'm supposed to have my package of organized paperwork ready for Mr. Weltz to review and tell me what the flip I did wrong. Ahem. Well, I DID look at the weather report and notice that it was supposed to rain today so I sort of penciled "taxes" in on my calendar. I thought, "Well, if it's raining then the pain of sitting at my desk and doing taxes won't be so great." Wrong again.

When a client asked if I could do a back zone today I was all over it. "You bet your bippy I'll be there!" Bad, bad Sunshine. I finally managed to kill the whole morning today and then picked up Courtney from school. When I got home I was pretty good at finding random chores that needed to be done. FINALLY I sulked my way to my office and started to work. I've been here for the most part of 8 hours. When I took a break to go feed horses I noticed that one of my gardens was over run with weeds. "No, this is NOT ok.", said I to myself "I must weed this at once!" So I did. About 1-1/2 hours later I finally made my way back into the house and decided that maybe dinner would be a nice project. When that was over, there was nothing left for me so off I went back to the office. :(

Finally, 10:30 is here and I've decided that it's bed time. 5:00 comes early and Sunshine needs to be Sunshine tomorrow. Are the taxes complete? Kind of. Am I going to get the "what for"? Probably. Do I care? Um . . . no. Well . . . sort of.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Gimme a Break!

Lol. I guess my Twiter feed is usually a pretty great place to get ideas for blogging. Danielle gives me heck when I go on a blogging hiatus so this is my attempt to write a quick ditty as often as I can. Some days I even pump two or more out!

Yesterday, I got a 4:00 PM message that my 5:00 PM child care person wasn't going to be able to make it to work. She claimed that she had tried everybody and that nobody was available to fill in for her. She pretty much followed the rules which are: Make every attempt you can to find a replacement then call me as a last ditch effort. Good on her. So my job is to then find a sub or go fill the shift myself.

I texted all of my subs and only one had the courtesy to contact me back to indicate that she was still at work over in Fremont. Fair enough. But . . . hello??? I know that in this day and age just about everyone has their cell phones rammed up their bum!! I find it difficult to believe that not a single one of those people didn't get my message. And then to not even text me back to say, "Sorry, Beezey, I'm so not gonna help your sorry butt tonight." ?? Honestly?

Danielle, Brandilyn and my mom have all made comments about how my phone is permanently attached to my being. That may be true to some extent. I do leave it in the car more than they realize. When I ride my horse, practice yoga or go into some stores I really don't want that pesky accessory in my business. However, I'm all over it when I receive a text. I reply. I also check my email on that silly thing and other things that I don't need to elaborate on. So, these WOMEN who can't even text me back a reply just ate at me last night.

It ended up that Danielle made the grave mistake of calling me on her way home and got an ear full of how pissy I was and my frustration of not being able to get to the studio to cover the shift because I was still feeding horses, waiting for Jacob to come home, getting ready for my teacher training class, etc., etc., etc. She then said (and I'll forever love her for this), "I'll just head over there and cover until you get there. If it's too busy for you to go to class, I'll just cover it." Ok, really? Danielle doesn't even DO yoga and here she is covering my tail. Talk about good karma coming her way.

Thank you, Danielle. You saved my bacon last night so, "YES! I'll do Taco Tuesday tonight complete with some wonderful surprises!"

As for you lilly livered wussies that didn't respond . . . .

Monday, March 12, 2012


It just so happens that the day for a princess in a far away land is fast approaching for her to welcome her new son into the world. The princess and her handsome prince have been very excited for this day to arrive. They have made many preparations in the palace for the arrival of this precious little prince. They have a cradle set up for him, clothes galore gathered from all about the kingdom and the surrounding areas and all the necessities have been put into place. They even have the carriage and the seat in which to carry the young lad when the princess goes out and about.

Alas, the mother of the princess, Princess Sunshine, who lives in another land very far away is not quite so prepared. She has been a slothful servant, indeed. She has squandered away her days doing whatever pleases her most at the moment. Oh, she does go about doing good, make no mistake about that, but she has not made the preparations required for the journey to the land of the beautiful princess. And it is a long journey, indeed.

Today is a big day for Princess Sunshine. She must go to the village and do some important work and then she must make herself busy preparing her carriage for this very important journey. Sunshine needs to send forth messengers to the far away land to inquire as to when the pretty pretty princess requests her arrival. Sunshine needs to start making very important arrangements for the care of her kingdom while she is away on this most important errand. Furthermore, Sunshine must meet with her private secretary and make sure that all appointments on her calendar have been cleared.

Ah, but she does have one trick up her sleeve. It's Princess D! Yes, Princess D is a most willing and able princess. She will care for the palace and all the residents therein. Princess D will request of her prince to tend the grounds and all the animals of the kingdom. It is a most laborious task but Princess Sunshine depends on these two amazing assistants. Princess D has never let her down in the past and she is pretty confident that this will be no exception. After all, there is a new prince about to make his arrival!!!

So, yeah, there's my job for today! Get the car ready (not going to wash it because . . . . wait for it . . . . THE RAINS ARE COMING!) and start clearing the calendar. My grandson is on his way and I'm a most excited Granny Jo!

The most desired outcome of all is that Princess Sunshine will arrive well before the arrival of the little prince. She will be able to journey with the pretty princess while the little new prince makes his arrival. She will be able to love and support the princess in her difficult task. Princess D will be able to care for the castle of Sunshine far away without incident and all in the land will live happily ever after!