Monday, March 30, 2009

Hair Do or Not

"Courtney! Hurry up! We're late! Dog gone it, hurry up! I'll be in the car and you had better be there like NOW!!! Do you hear me?"

The sound of little running feet. "I'm coming, Mom!!"

In the car I begin backing out of the garage as I catch a glimpse of my disheveled daughter. Long, knotted hair sticking every which way, clothes half assembled and the absence of shoes and socks. "Are you kidding me? You have had one hour to pull yourself together and this is what you come up with? Your hair is a stinking mess!!!!"

"I know, Mom. I'm still getting ready. I'll be ready by the time we get to school. Promise."

Arriving at school. I turn around to kiss her good-bye. The knotted hair is pulled sloppily into a scrunchy with sticky uppies all over the place. "You are a mess! Are you really going to school looking like that?"

"Bye Mom. Love you!!" Off she goes. Sigh.

After school pick-up. Messy child boards the vehicle. "I've so had it with that hair. We are going to get it cut off today. I'd be happy with a flat top at this point!" Pouty face. No words.

At the hair salon. "She needs a short hair cut that she can manage. Please donate the long hair to Locks of Love."

The beautician smiles and indicates that the knotted mess might be a task to save but she will try. More irritation on my part. Boy, I'm gonna get her good this time!!!

Leaving the salon. Smiling, happy child. "Mommy, I just love my hair. This is the greatest haircut. Thank you soooooo much for letting me get my hair cut. I'm so happy. I can't wait to show my friends."

Arriving home to see Dad (Oh, he's gonna give it to her because I already told him what went down). "Courtney, your hair cut looks good!" Bigger smiles. Happier child. "Can't wait to shower and style my hair" child.

Sigh. Guess who got the last laugh.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

On Hold

I stepped off the treadmill from my morning workout and grabbed my bottle of water. As I was chugging away, I happened to look up on the top shelf in my husband's shop and saw his enormous stack of boxes of golf balls (he has OCD, duh). It made me sad.

Skip retired from work three years ago. Since then, he has learned to manage his life around his golf schedule. He would leave for three or four days and do his golfing tour in the midwest somewhere or even in Phoenix. I knew that on golfing days that the kids were MY responsibility and that he was unavailable. Smart man.

Unfortunately, the economy and our lifestyle has demanded a change in our cash flow. An opportunity came for Skip to return back to work. I know that that is the LAST thing he wanted to do. After all, who wouldn't be enjoying retirement? But, he has ponied up and taking charge of our life like a man. He now is back to work and I don't see him until sometimes AFTER dinner. Sigh.

I just want you to know, Skip, we appreciate all the sacrifice that you are making for our family. I know the children don't understand how precious your time and money are but I do and I love you all the more for it. Right now you are doing what needs to be done.

As I look up once again at those golf balls on the shelf, I smile and know that they will be waiting for your return to the golf course so that they can get the living crap knocked out of them! Fore!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Visit

My friend came to visit again. She always shows up around this time of year, it seems. I used to see her all the time at first and then it was just periodically, when she felt I needed her there, I guess. I was so happy to see her. She's the closest friend I have ever had and I have missed her so. She was wearing white, like she always seems to wear so well, and she looked absolutely radiant. I can't describe it any other way.

I was fussing about a diet that I have been thnking about to lose some weight. She then got a look in her eye and said, "How about the bread diet? We eat bread and butter every morning and then just drink water all day to make up for it." I said, "That sounds like fun. Let's do it!!"

She made the best whole wheat bread. We sat and slathered gobs of butter on the warm bread and just ate the decadent treat, not missing a morsel. We had gone about 2 hours and I said, "I'm ready for more bread." She then informed me that we weren't supposed to have more bread until tomorrow morning but now seemed good nonetheless. I grabbed half the loaf and headed for the table. She was laughing and joined in with me. It was so good to hear her laugh again.

She then asked if we could get down on our knees and give thanks for the bread and all the blessings that our Father has given us. She prayed. She then was pouring out her heart to Father about something that seemed to be troubling her. Someone that was upsetting her family. I couldn't understand but didn't want to interrupt.

It was then time for her to go. Oh, how I wanted to go with her. It isn't my time yet. I still need to stay here and raise my family and progress further. However, I know that when it is my time to pass through the veil, she will be there and it will be such a sweet reunion.

I love you, Terri. Thank you for stopping by.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Groovin' on the Day

This was a fabulous day. Here are the top five things that made today so wondermus:
  • I went on a long, beautiful hike with my BFF, Nancy.
  • I made a new friend today. Officer Holland. Um, yeah, don't ask.
  • Someone told me a secret that made me happier than happy.
  • The weather is 70 degrees, beautiful and sunny and the poppies are in bloom.
  • I am happy, healthy and excited to live my wonderful life.

I told myself that today was going to be glorious and I didn't let myself down. Thank you, self!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Blessing

Many, many, many years ago we became friends with a family called the Wattersons. We became bestest estest estest friends with them. We did EVERYTHING together. Brandilyn was best friends with Jillian, I was best friends with Terri, Skip was best friends with Rick. We embraced each other's families to the billionth degree. I always really really really wanted Shauna Leigh and Danielle to be close but that never happened (cuz I ADORE Shauna Leigh).

They moved to Nebraska and life went on. We still stayed close. Things changed over the years and Terri, Jamie and Nikki went back home to live with Heavenly Father. It was a tough transition for all of us to make but we have learned to live with our Heavenly Father's plan.

People change and situations change. I still love the family and support them unconditionally. Brandilyn and Jillian kind of drifted apart somewhat (they still love each other but they have changed). What is amazing, though, is that Brandilyn and Shauna Leigh have started to get closer.

Just this morning my darling princess called me to tell me that her wonderful husband is really, really sick. She was really frustrated and then "remembered that she has family right there in Rexburg". She called Shauna Leigh and asked if her husband and Derek could come and give Dave a blessing today after church. Shauna was happy to comply and even thanked Brandilyn for giving them the opportunity to serve and exercise their priesthood.

I am grateful for the Watterson family and even more grateful that we can still call each other "family" after all of these years. I love each and every one of you Wattersons! You ARE my family.

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Little Engine

I just need to write this. Sometimes it just baffles my little mind.

When we were embarking on our journey to adopt Courtney, we were informed that she had a twin brother that might be a future consideration for us. We were told at that time that he was "unadoptable" because of his behavioral challenges.

Jacob lived at a place called Burt Children's Center in San Francisco. A home for children with very serious behavior problems. Jacob had lived there for just shy of three years - the longest they had ever had any child reside in that facility. We came along and never gave up on the little guy and now he is our son.

Since living with us, he has been in a SDC (Special Day Class) at school. He has been in that class almost three years and, quite frankly, we have been a little concerned about his placement for sixth grade next year. They don't offer these special classes for middle school in our area. Skip and I had taken a leap of faith and put him on the list at the Charter School where Courtney goes just on the off chance that he would be able to fit in. Last week we found out that he has been accepted.

Yesterday, I got a note home from school suggesting that we mainstream Jacob into a regular class 100%!!! Starting next week Jacob will be in a regular class putting in a full day (he has been out at 1:30 every day and now it will be 2:50). My heart is full and my eyes are streaming with tears of joy.

It just goes to show you - perseverence (and prayer) pays off!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Come and Go

Sometimes we make our closest friends through our children. That has happened to me more often than not. Then, there are times that we lose that friendship because of our children. That, too, has happened to me. Right now I'm trying to cope with just that.

My boys did something wrong with the son of a close friend of mine. I agree that what they did was bad and I have interacted with my boys about said transgression. I wasn't going to say anything to my friend because I didn't want to cause friction between our families but after the "event" had happened a couple of times and the law was involved I simply had to tell her. BIG MISTAKE!!!!! I should have kept my big fat mouth shut!!

My friend told me to parent my own children and that she NEVER wants our boys to interact again. Never, never, never under ANY condition. Wow, that's harsh! They go to school and church together. This is going to be a tall order. I told my boys and they are pretty upset. Oh well!

I guess the biggest loss is my friendship. I love this woman and my heart is breaking. I hate this. I truly do. Our daughters are close friends, our boys WERE close friend and I THOUGHT her and I were very close friends.

I guess you just never know . . .

Monday, March 16, 2009

Growing Pains

As I was looking at my calender for tomorrow, I noticed that tomorrow night the Charter School has a meeting for parents of next year's incoming middle school students. I kind of didn't process the whole thing until tonight (yeah, I'm one of those that doesn't really pay much attention to tomorrow until tonight).

What really struck me was that the twins are starting middle school in September! Yikes! Somehow in my mind they just always remain six years old. We have to go to a meeting about BOTH of those little guys. Holy crap.

I'm sitting here trying to envision both of them interacting with other kids in middle school. Going to different classes with different teachers all day long. Coming home with boat loads of homework and processing the whole thing. I'm a little scared. Scared for them AND scared for me.

One thing I am grateful for, however, is that they are going to the Charter School. They will be removed from all the crud that goes on in the regular public schools. The drawback on the Charter school is that they are academically more advanced then the public school. My little guys will have to rise to the occasion.

So, as it goes in life, we need to take the easy with the hard. Like one wonderful sister shared with us in Sacrament this last Sunday: Hard is just hard. There are different levels of hard. There is cancer and dying kind of hard and then there is middle school hard (well, she didn't say "middle school" she actually said "temple" but you get the idea).

I'm happy to be just experiencing "middle school hard" for now. :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Tortoise and the Hare

The other day someone close to me phoned me for some help. While we were talking it occurred to me that her life seemed out of control. Oh, how I remember those days. Her son had misplaced his lacrosse stick and she was LIVID! He had the "game of the year" the next day and NO STICK!!! Wow. Her voice was elevated, her speech was insanely rushed and I could tell that she was at her wit's end. I felt pretty bad for her.

What's funny is that my life used to be like that. I know that that is what I probably sounded like to my friends and family as I would describe all the important things that NEEDED to be done IMMEDIATELY or my world would spin out of control. I had kids in 4H, soccer, baseball, dance, swim lessons, church activities, horse lessons, etc. etc. etc. I was crazy out of control and THOUGHT that that was how I thrived. Wrong!!!!!!

Today my life is so much different. None of my kids are involved in any activities. Jacob doesn't even attend scouts because it is at a random time and day of the week that just doesn't work for me. We don't do Courtney's Achievement Day Girls because it is too late at night and I'm pretty sure that her getting a good night's rest is far more important than making crafts. We come home, do homework (haven't figured out how to elimiate that activity yet) and go on hikes or ride horses or just do stuff around the house. It's a beautful thing.

I am reminded of a story that happened several years ago. I was out running and one of my children was on their bike going along with me. At one point, my child wanted to "race" and get way ahead of me. I just kept chugging along and, lo and behold, I came across a $5 bill. I scooped it up and waved it in front of my child when I caught up to them. They were like, "Hey! Where did you get that?" I said, "You rode right past it in your hurry to beat me home!" Uh huh, you got it!

I LOVE being a tortoise. You can have that "hare" life of yours. I'm gonna take it nice and slow, enjoy the ride and pick up the wonderful treasures I find on the way.

Friday, March 13, 2009


I pulled up to the barn for my lesson. Argh. I'm tired and it's cold (okay, cold to me) outside. I just want to sit inside my nice warm car with the seat warmer keeping my bunsaroonis warm. My trainer isn't here yet and I really don't feel like riding anyway.

I get out of my car reluctantly after talking with my trainer. She's on her way. I hear all the tractors going grooming the rings, shovels cleaning stalls and horses happily munching on their breakfast. Oh, those wonderful familiar sounds that feel like home to me. My feet become lighter as I slide the barn door open and amble up to my fearless steed.

His ears flat back as he scoots to the outside part of his paddock. He doesn't want anything to do with me because he's pretty sure he knows what I want. He's right. I gather my tack, slip on my boots and secure my chaps. I go out and slide the halter on my darling boy and he sighs loudly as I lead him in for his grooming and tacking ceremony.

Each movement finds my body warming up, the smile on my face beginning to broaden and the mood in my heart becoming lighter. As I lead Black Horse out of the barn and slip into my saddle, I am back to my cheerful and jovial self. We head out to the arena. As we enter, I click the ol' boy up to a trot.

Yes, I'm home. Grateful for this wonderful place to escape to.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Off to Camp!

I never realized it before but I guess I'm a little protective of Jacob. He's a special needs kid and goes to a special class at school that is equipped to handle just the challenges that he presents. I love him to death and am constantly entertained by his crazy world.

Yesterday, however, I got thrown a curve ball. As I was picking my little darling up from school, I was presented with a packet of paperwork to sign him up for Outdoor Ed. His teacher thinks he's ready - he will leave for a whole week and go to an outdoor school up in the Santa Cruz mountains. I was like, "He's never even had a sleepover before!!"

Holy heck! Who do you think was more freaked out, me or Jacob or the teacher? Yup, your's truly. I came home with all kinds of reasons why I didn't think he should go and every single one of them was shot down. I even told him that the banana slugs would suck on his gross teeth at night if he didn't brush them and he informed me that 1) that was gross (but I assured him it was true!) and 2) brushing his teeth would NOT pose a problem.

So this morning I signed the check, filled out the paperwork and have one very happy and excited little boy. He's already packing, if you can believe that, and camp isn't for two more weeks. I think I'm gonna be one of those sniveling moms that I hate so much. Yeah, this is #7 out 7 going to Outdoor Ed. I cryed a lot when Cory left and haven't shed a tear since - in fact, I've been quietly jumping for joy every time one of the little darlings was leaving.

Check in with me in two weeks and see how it went. I'm gonna put on a tough act, but . . .

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Un-Rated

My friend just posted a note on my Facebook that mentioned that she observed me sleeping during Sacrament today. For the record I was NOT sleeping! I was MEDITATING!!! Yeah, MEDITATING! Okay, you got me. The talks weren't doing it for me and I had a lot on my mind to "meditate" about.

During second block I usually don't go to my class. I don't like my class. Sorry, it's true. Instead I opt to host a tailgate party in the parking lot or work on my meditation in the lobby. But today my friend, Jordan, was at church and she was going to Gospel Essentials (I didn't even know we had a class with that name!) Sounded intriguing so I followed her in. The teacher asked us to all introduce ourselves (introduce myself? I've been a member of this ward for 12 years!!). So, being the smart alek that I am, I said that I was an investigator of the church. He asked me my name and I said that my name was Jody Weltz. He then asked if I was the same Jody Weltz that was married to Skip Weltz. Uh, Busted! The gig was up :(((

We had a fire alarm during second block which made it very entertaining. We got to go on a field trip out into the parking lot. I felt like I was back in high school where we look for any excuse we can find to be distracted from the business at hand (sounds like ADHD but it's not!).

During third block I hung out in the back row with my irreverant friends. We tried our best to be disruptive but the teacher (bless her heart) was patient and rolled with it. However, I did get "the look" from my friend (the same one that observed me meditating) when it was time to sing and was forced to whip out my hymnal and pretend to sing along. Sigh.

So next week I substitute the 15-16 year old class. This should be most delicious!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

New Shoes

Jacob's shoes were a mess. They had holes in the soles and looked like a ratty mess! No other way around it. He's been asking and asking for me to go out and get him some new shoes. Life is busy and I just plain didn't want to part with the dough.
Yesterday, I finally gave in. I dread these shopping trips with my boys. They take so dog gone long to select anything and then the challenge of finding their size just is the topping on the cake.
Well, Jacob walked right into Kohls and spotted these little beauties. I informed him that the likelihood of finding his size wasn't too terrific (and they call me the Queen of Positive Thinking?). My son had faith and it didn't let him down. There it was. His size and all. And, get this, they were the most inexpensive "cool" shoes on the display! Score us!!!
He just couldn't wait to get them on his feet. As soon as we were in the car he had the old shoes in the garbage and the new ones on. Wow! This morning all he has talked about are his new shoes. How Noah is going to be sorry because now Jacob can run faster than him. How everyone is going to think how cool his new shoes are (please, someone notice). Then there is the fact that he is in a "mainstream" class at school now and he wants the other kids to think he's just like them (cuz shoes are what make the man).
It never ceases to amaze me that such a simple purchase can light up a child's life so much. We spend so much money, time and effort on trying to buy the perfect this and the perfect that for our kids when they are just as happy with the simple (and inexpensive) things. Now, how do we get the teenagers to subscribe to this thinking?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Heading Downstream (Finally)

I am feeling great! I am feeling free! I can't believe it has taken me so long to figure this out but now I feel empowered.

There is no magic pill, diet or routine that will bring about weight loss. When you struggle and fight to get to that magic weight, then what? You stay on the regimen forever? I don't think so. A lot of my adult life has been about just that. Now I get it. I have not been allowing my body to do what it is designed to do perfectly. My thoughts have been getting in the way of myself. Seems unreal, but it's true. I feel so free!!!

The same with my whole footzoning/WIN product struggle. Selling the supplements has felt like an upstream battle. I'm challenged and tongue tied every time I head in that direction. Oh, some people do it well and that is great for them but it doesn't feel natural for me. What I now have allowed myself to realize is that what I really want to do is zone feet and introduce people to the wonderful aspects of essential oils. That is what makes me smile. It makes me happy.

So now I think I am finally heading downstream. This is the way my life wants to flow naturally and I couldn't be happier. Today I feel totally free!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Good Vibrations

As anyone who knows me well knows, I have been really attempting to utilize the Law of Attraction in my life. One of the exercises that was outlined in the book was to deposit $1000 vibrational dollars into your account on day #1 then spend them, $2000 on day #2 and then spend them etc. I was getting into this exercise and really trying to come up with some creative ways to spend my money. It's fun.

I told the boys about what I was doing thinking it sounded like a fun activity. I then told Brian that on day #25 I was going to put in $25000 and buy him his Honda Civic he wants so bad. Somehow the translation got lost between us and he took it literally. He was ecstatic and was telling everyone how he was going to be getting his Honda in 25 days. Oh crap!

Robbie (of course) understood the whole idea of what I was doing. He then explained it to his brother in teenage terms so that Brian would get it. Well, it came back to bite me in the butt!

Brian called yesterday afternoon and told me that he won a $5000 scholarship from an essay he had written. I was way so excited! I hung up the phone yelling (I was alone), "Yes, yes, yes! This stuff DOES work! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" When he got home I hugged him and told him how excited I was for him and how proud of him I was. He then informed me that it was vibrational dollars at this point but he knew he was going to win the essay contest and manifest the dough for real. Oh.

So then last night while the boys were in town they offered to pick up pizza for dinner. Little Ceasars. When they got home they informed me that they ate the crazy bread because they were hungry. What!?!?!? I LOVE crazy bread. How could they do this? Brian then told me to not worry. It was vibrational bread. If I thought really positive maybe I could manifest my own bag of crazy bread.

I think I've created a monster. But just for the record: Yesterday I deposited $6000 and am planning a cruise in the Carribean with my sexy husband. Today I deposit $7000 and am paying for our daily massages and facials on said cruise. Tomorrow I deposit $8000 and we will be planning some pretty awesome excursions on the same vacation. So eat that!!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Time Out

Today was a blustery day. The wind was howling outside and the rain was taking a break. The twins had finished their homework and I had finished feeding the animals. The boys were in town at the club and Skip is out of town till Sunday. A perfect opportunity for a time out.

We jumped into our suits and climbed into the hot tub. It was such an enjoyable treat. We talked, laughed and just enjoyed the little break.

What amazes me is that we (well, I) get so caught up in our rushing, rushing life that we don't take time out for life's simple pleasures. I see so many Facebook status of mothers who are so busy, busy, busy. That, to me, is sad. One day my children will be all grown and gone and all I will have left is the memories of their childhood (oh, and my handsome husband).

I am grateful that God has given me a "second chance" at this mothering thing by allowing me to raise the twins. It's amazing how easy it is now for me to walk away from my to do list and go on a hike, sit in the hot tub or just play with my kids.