Friday, March 30, 2012

Cycling UP

This morning, like most mornings, I'm driving Courtney to school. She's pretty quiet - not entirely unusual. Half way down the hill, she says, "Mom, I had a really embarassing thing happen at school yesterday."

Me: Do tell
C: Well, we were sitting at lunch and one of the girls said that Susie (name changed) has the biggest "boobs" out of all of us then Mary (name changed) has the next biggest. Someone then said to me, "what is your boob size?" I said that I didn't have one.

Insert note: True story. Courtney's body still hasn't done the woman thing and she's pretty tiny. She's 85 pounds and 4'9"

Me: Well, hon, you have to admit that your body still is stuck in little girl mode. I'm not going to say that's a bad thing but . . .
C: (Sniff sniff and grabbing tissue and smearing mascara everywhere)
Me: Why are you crying? What's up? Are you sad because you don't have breasts?
C: Yeah. I just want to be like everyone else. I'm the smallest kid in the 8th grade. I hate it.
Me: Court, embrace where you are! I promise, one day you will wish you didn't have to deal with all the stuff that comes with being a woman. We always want what we don't have - it's human nature, I guess. Be okay with where you are! (Eternally the cheerleader, right?)
C: I guess you're right, Mom. Can we sit here for a minute while I get myself together? I'm embarassed to get out right now.
Mom: Sure, take your time. The fact that you're crying tells me that you're about to experience being a woman pretty dang soon, though.
C: (Laughing) Really? Because I really don't know why I'm crying. I feel stupid.
Me: Don't feel stupid. All of us women go through this. I just wish I could stop at the breast store and grab you some breasts but I don't think that's gonna happen.
C: (Laughing harder) Love you, Mom. Have a good day (exit car)

Yep, let the games begin!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Not Just for Breakfast Anymore . . .

This morning I got up (like every day) and went about my usual routine of feeding cats and letting dogs out (like every day). I couldn't find Simba - the pit bull - but I didn't fuss too much about it. He was probably in Robbie's room with him. I went out and fed my horses and came back in (like every day).

I then went into Robbie's room to let Simba out. He wasn't there. Only Dani's little dog was with them. I asked him if he knew where Simba was and he said to check with Brian. I reminded him that Brian doesn't live here and Dani said, "He came home last night. He's probably down in the basement with him." Okay. Robbie grumbled something about bugging him while he's trying to sleep. Whatever.

Off to the basement went I. Yep, there was Brian sleeping but NO Simba. Now I was pretty upset. We've lost dogs to the coyotes out here in the hills and other things. I couldn't imagine Simba falling victim to a coyote but, nonetheless, I was upset that I couldn't find him. I went to my meditation space and settled in for my morning ritual of meditation and prayer. I said a prayer asking for comfort about my dog. I had the feeling all was well but when it comes to God . . . well, that could mean a multitude of things and my experience is that the odds are not usually in my favor.

After waking up Jacob for school and heading out to the kitchen to begin preparing breakfast and kids' lunches I opened up the pantry to retrieve something important. My heart almost stopped as I was greeted with a big brown MONSTER! Holy crap! Simba had been locked in the pantry all night and he was pretty happy that I happened along. After recovering from my near heart attack, I was pretty happy I happened along too.

However . . . .my pantry smells like DOG!! Not just any dog. It smells like a dog that has been rolling in horse poo and dead things. Gross!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Little Chub

Omg! This is way too funny. Maybe the problem is that I'm so dang tired that everything just seems hilarious.

Tonight, while we were all kicking it in my office Danielle and I were farting around on the internet looking for help for a project that I was working on. She then asked me what Katri (my zoning teacher that lives in Montana) looks like. For fun, I Googled her on Google Images and came up with a picture that is pretty close to what she looks like right now.

So . . . then we began laughing and I started Googling random people that I knew that she didn't know what they looked like. Of course, I didn't come up with any pictures of THOSE people. No! Then, silly me, I Googled myself (you know . . . . Jody Weltz) and up popped several pictures of me. Must have come from my Facebook or other blog or something.

Anyway, when we scrolled down a couple of lines there was a picture of a box of smoked sausages called "Little Chub". We both started laughing out of control. I mean, I spend WAY too much energy talking about my ample bum and thighs so this just sealed the deal. Furthermore, sausages? Really? Miss "I don't eat meat" has sausages under her Google name? Danielle said, "That's what I'm going to call you from now on." Wow.

So tonight, we were gabbing away and I said, "Dude, I need to go to bed. I mean, really!" I walked out of her room and started down the hall. From the distance (somewhere in the direction of her room) I heard, "Good night, Little Chub!"

I don't know if I'm going to be able to sleep. I just keep giggling to myself. That would be just too perfect if I didn't already love my nickname "Sunshine", right?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I admit it. My name is Jody Weltz and I'm a bookaholic. That's pretty much all I have or should say about that. However, in true Sunshine form, I will expound on my issue which has become a full blown problem of late.

I always marveled, as a child, at how many books my momma had/has. We had a whole wall in our living room that was stuffed full of books. There was everything from children's books to interesting books to really really boring books (in my opinion, anyway). My mom is an avid reader and, dog gone it, I'm just like her in this respect.

When I was fussing to my sister about how frustrated I was because I just couldn't find 411 about this or that she said, "Jody, you need to buy a book on that subject. You are a book person - not a computer (kindle) person. You always seem to like the feel of pages and handling a book." Dude, you spend WAY too much time observing me, lol. However, she's right.

So here I am in yoga teacher training. The reading list is pretty extensive and we need to buy these books and have them for our reference. I did. So now, as I go along, I'm realizing that I need a book to help me with sequencing. A book to help me understand sutras and upanishads. A book to help guide me with . . . fill in the blank. Furthermore, I've also decided that I need a book to give me direction in making raw foods that my twins will like. OMG! She's freaking out of control.

If Skip were home, he'd have a meltdown. My little book closet is FULL. Of course, there's all the books that I had to put in storage when we were "moving" two years ago. And this IS one of those times where I seriously MISS something I haven't had access to for two years. I WANT MY BOOKS BACK!!

So there it is. Me, full out confession. My nightstand, my desk, my car, my satchel, my closet (I have a BIG closet) and even my kitchen are chocked FULL of books that Miss Sunshine is using, reading, researching from or just kind of perusing. And now, that IS all I have to say about that (for now).

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Welcome Spring 2012!

Every once in awhile a night happens along that just is oh-so-amazing. Last night was just one of those nights. First off, it was Taco Tuesday. Kelly, Cooper and Nan all joined us in our weekly ritual. Danielle slipped off to my room to receive a much needed massage from Nan.

Kelly and I went out to the fire pit and started up a fire (well . . . actually Jeff started the fire). We brought out some really cool stuff and burned our smudge stick and cleansed some stuff (obviously I'm not going to get to specific here). We had candles and stones and all kinds of really cool things to help us welcome in spring.

When Danielle's massage was finished, Nan came out and said good-bye and Danielle joined Kelly and I. We were dancing on the grass. The night was so awesome. No wind. No rain. No cold. Just stars and wonderfulness. We laughed and enjoyed all of it. Then, 10 minutes before the equinox (10:10) we all went into meditation and quiet.

Then . . . it was spring! We put rosemary on the fire (because rosemary is an herb of power), then all put our intentions in the fire and stood around and held hands while we said words of encouragement and gratitude. It was a pretty awesome experience.

I know it doesn't sound that awesome from my words but some things just have to be experienced to be truly appreciated. This was one of those times.

Monday, March 19, 2012

A Deal's a Deal!

Jacob. 14 years old going on 5 and I just adore that kid. He keeps me on my toes. My mom calls him my "Peter Pan" and that just couldn't be a more accurate description. He's so innocent and active and . . . well . . . Jacob.

He just loves his PSP thingy he got for his birthday this year. I'm such a non-video game mom. I resist it and, then when I finally give in, the privilege comes with "conditions." Jacob's is no exception.

1. Only allowed to play with the toy on the bus to school and when the chores and homework are complete.
2. Only allowed to play with it on weekends and non-school nights
3. Taking food into the bedroom results in a 10-day loss of the privilege.

For now, those are pretty much the conditions. It's always a pretty good lever to get my way since the boy thinks this thing is the hot-diggity-dig.

I was away this weekend in LA visiting Skip. Danielle and company were in charge of the compound. When I got home Danielle said, "OMG! Jacob had a whole bunch of cuties stashed in his room. The whole place smelled of citrus. Jeff just stole them all back, lol."

What? Did that sound like a violation of our agreement? Yep, I think it did. So this morning when Jacob was getting ready for school he said, "Mom, can I get my PSP before my bus gets here?"

I then told him of my discovery and how I felt like he was in breach of our contract. I braced myself for a meltdown or a serious argument in the least. He just looked at me and said, "Yeah, you're right. So . . . next Thursday I can get it and my ipod back?"

"Yeah, Buddy, that's our deal."

Jacob replied, "And a deal's a deal!"

I have to say I'm pretty impressed with my son. This is a big step for him. Typically, in the past, he would have launched into a screaming and crying tantrum and made a huge scene. Looks like my little guy is growing up (at least for today, right?)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Joy for Taxes . . . NOT!

It's that time of year again. Yes, it's that time of year and yes, I've managed to procrastinate that dasterdly deed right up to the eleventh hour. I hate taxes and there's no way you'll be able to convince me otherwise.

Skip did his part. He made his appointment with our accountant and dutifully told me when said appointment is. I only made a mental (sort of) note of when the appointment was (I still can't remember it actually). I do remember thinking, "Whatever. That's so far out there I have so much time it's ridiculous." Right? NOT!

I leave for LA on Friday to visit and I'm supposed to have my package of organized paperwork ready for Mr. Weltz to review and tell me what the flip I did wrong. Ahem. Well, I DID look at the weather report and notice that it was supposed to rain today so I sort of penciled "taxes" in on my calendar. I thought, "Well, if it's raining then the pain of sitting at my desk and doing taxes won't be so great." Wrong again.

When a client asked if I could do a back zone today I was all over it. "You bet your bippy I'll be there!" Bad, bad Sunshine. I finally managed to kill the whole morning today and then picked up Courtney from school. When I got home I was pretty good at finding random chores that needed to be done. FINALLY I sulked my way to my office and started to work. I've been here for the most part of 8 hours. When I took a break to go feed horses I noticed that one of my gardens was over run with weeds. "No, this is NOT ok.", said I to myself "I must weed this at once!" So I did. About 1-1/2 hours later I finally made my way back into the house and decided that maybe dinner would be a nice project. When that was over, there was nothing left for me so off I went back to the office. :(

Finally, 10:30 is here and I've decided that it's bed time. 5:00 comes early and Sunshine needs to be Sunshine tomorrow. Are the taxes complete? Kind of. Am I going to get the "what for"? Probably. Do I care? Um . . . no. Well . . . sort of.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Gimme a Break!

Lol. I guess my Twiter feed is usually a pretty great place to get ideas for blogging. Danielle gives me heck when I go on a blogging hiatus so this is my attempt to write a quick ditty as often as I can. Some days I even pump two or more out!

Yesterday, I got a 4:00 PM message that my 5:00 PM child care person wasn't going to be able to make it to work. She claimed that she had tried everybody and that nobody was available to fill in for her. She pretty much followed the rules which are: Make every attempt you can to find a replacement then call me as a last ditch effort. Good on her. So my job is to then find a sub or go fill the shift myself.

I texted all of my subs and only one had the courtesy to contact me back to indicate that she was still at work over in Fremont. Fair enough. But . . . hello??? I know that in this day and age just about everyone has their cell phones rammed up their bum!! I find it difficult to believe that not a single one of those people didn't get my message. And then to not even text me back to say, "Sorry, Beezey, I'm so not gonna help your sorry butt tonight." ?? Honestly?

Danielle, Brandilyn and my mom have all made comments about how my phone is permanently attached to my being. That may be true to some extent. I do leave it in the car more than they realize. When I ride my horse, practice yoga or go into some stores I really don't want that pesky accessory in my business. However, I'm all over it when I receive a text. I reply. I also check my email on that silly thing and other things that I don't need to elaborate on. So, these WOMEN who can't even text me back a reply just ate at me last night.

It ended up that Danielle made the grave mistake of calling me on her way home and got an ear full of how pissy I was and my frustration of not being able to get to the studio to cover the shift because I was still feeding horses, waiting for Jacob to come home, getting ready for my teacher training class, etc., etc., etc. She then said (and I'll forever love her for this), "I'll just head over there and cover until you get there. If it's too busy for you to go to class, I'll just cover it." Ok, really? Danielle doesn't even DO yoga and here she is covering my tail. Talk about good karma coming her way.

Thank you, Danielle. You saved my bacon last night so, "YES! I'll do Taco Tuesday tonight complete with some wonderful surprises!"

As for you lilly livered wussies that didn't respond . . . .

Monday, March 12, 2012


It just so happens that the day for a princess in a far away land is fast approaching for her to welcome her new son into the world. The princess and her handsome prince have been very excited for this day to arrive. They have made many preparations in the palace for the arrival of this precious little prince. They have a cradle set up for him, clothes galore gathered from all about the kingdom and the surrounding areas and all the necessities have been put into place. They even have the carriage and the seat in which to carry the young lad when the princess goes out and about.

Alas, the mother of the princess, Princess Sunshine, who lives in another land very far away is not quite so prepared. She has been a slothful servant, indeed. She has squandered away her days doing whatever pleases her most at the moment. Oh, she does go about doing good, make no mistake about that, but she has not made the preparations required for the journey to the land of the beautiful princess. And it is a long journey, indeed.

Today is a big day for Princess Sunshine. She must go to the village and do some important work and then she must make herself busy preparing her carriage for this very important journey. Sunshine needs to send forth messengers to the far away land to inquire as to when the pretty pretty princess requests her arrival. Sunshine needs to start making very important arrangements for the care of her kingdom while she is away on this most important errand. Furthermore, Sunshine must meet with her private secretary and make sure that all appointments on her calendar have been cleared.

Ah, but she does have one trick up her sleeve. It's Princess D! Yes, Princess D is a most willing and able princess. She will care for the palace and all the residents therein. Princess D will request of her prince to tend the grounds and all the animals of the kingdom. It is a most laborious task but Princess Sunshine depends on these two amazing assistants. Princess D has never let her down in the past and she is pretty confident that this will be no exception. After all, there is a new prince about to make his arrival!!!

So, yeah, there's my job for today! Get the car ready (not going to wash it because . . . . wait for it . . . . THE RAINS ARE COMING!) and start clearing the calendar. My grandson is on his way and I'm a most excited Granny Jo!

The most desired outcome of all is that Princess Sunshine will arrive well before the arrival of the little prince. She will be able to journey with the pretty princess while the little new prince makes his arrival. She will be able to love and support the princess in her difficult task. Princess D will be able to care for the castle of Sunshine far away without incident and all in the land will live happily ever after!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Oddball's Car

Hahaha! I was just looking at my twitter feed on the right and saw where I was looking for something to kill my tooth pain yesterday in my car and all I could find was duct tape, a hoof pick and some cayenne pepper. It's funny because at that moment I remember being so dang frustrated with myself and thinking, "Come on, Jody, really? Is this the best you can do? What ever happened to being prepared?"

Here it is. The truth of the matter. Since studying with Katri to learn the zoning technique and Dr. Christopher to get my herbalist certificate, I have really come to a point where I just don't do medicine. I avoid it to the absolute best of my ability. Oh, there have been a couple of emergencies where I've grabbed some Benedryl or maybe something else but, for the most part, I'm pretty much sticking to zoning, herbs and essential oils.

So the duct tape - white duct tape - is to tape the fancy dancy little doo dads in my horse's tail when we are doing performances at rodeos. I got so sick of nobody being able to locate duct tape that I bought my own and just keep it with me. The hoof pick? That should be pretty self-explanatory.

It's funny how many people laughed at me because I carry cayenne pepper with me. I actually have a bottle in my car AND in my tack box in my trailer AND in my tack box at the barn where I ride the most gorgeous Black Horse EVER (okay, I won't start going on about my amazing baby right now). Cayenne pepper an amazing herb. When you've got bleeding happening that is not stopping, just dump some of that wonder dust right on there and the bleeding will stop pretty quick. Bloody nose? (and, yes, my boys Brian and Jacob are both notorious nose bleeders) I put a heaping teaspoon of this stuff in a glass of room temp water and have them drink it right down. They count to 10 and . . . . waaaalaaa! Nose bleed stopped. So, yes, cayenne is my #1 item in the first aid kit.

Back to my dilema. I found a random bottle of Motrin, of all things, that someone had scribbled on a bottle and hidden (probably from me) down in the jockey box of my car. Another time I would have cursed them for taking such things but right now, when nobody was looking, I took not one but TWO of those little magical pills. Fifteen minutes later, no tooth pain. Dang! However, I think I should probably figure out how to deal with this silly tooth once and for all the right way.

The ONE thing I wish I carried in my car that I don't is FOOD! I always get hungry but if I stored food in my car the mouses would be out all night thinking they had just wandered into a Thanksgiving Wonderland. Those little stinkers have made a mess of my car. I discovered that, also, while I was rummaging around. Little nibbled up pieces of paper. Darn them!

The long and short of it is this. I'm odd. I carry odd things around with me. My kids are disobedient and right now, I'm grateful for their rogue behavior because it saved my bacon (yuck, bacon) yesterday. The end.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

No More Miss Nice Girl!

I love zoning. I love feet, backs and faces. I enjoy every minute of my job. I enjoy it so much, in fact, that I often don't charge my friends and definitely not my family. I do a lot of bartering with my zoning as well. I score massages, chiropractic care (I zone my doctor's wife), and reike. It's actually a pretty great deal. I do something I love, and I get something I love in return. What could be better than that?

Evidently my business manager doesn't feel the same way as I do. I can't tell you her name but it rhymes with "Oh Well!" She has been on my bum to start charging people for my services. I've also heard it from my teacher, Katri as well. She says, "If you don't insist on a good price for your services then your clients will never truly appreciate the treatment they are receiving." Okay, I guess you guys "might" be right.

I have been attending the beginning zoning class over in Fremont for the past three days where Katri was. It was a springboard session for people that were just beginning to learn the feet. I get to go because I'm certified and am allowed to take any courses over that I have already taken. It was an amazing three days, actually. However, when I was there Katri made a point of telling all that were in attendance that "Jody is certified in feet, back and face. She's the only one in California and you are lucky to have her here in your own backyard. Take advantage of that." One woman asked what I charged for a back zone and I said the price out loud. Katri said, "That is better than a good deal!"

Yesterday, when I was packing up to leave almost everyone there asked me for my business card. By the time I went to bed last night I had already booked a face and back zone. This is exciting! Today I have two clients and tomorrow I have two booked as well.

Although not all that I have booked are paying, I vow to be more diligent in getting paid for my services. I truly don't need my business manager on my case anymore. She's already got me full speed ahead on our "plan". I just found out how many books I have to read to pass my yoga teacher training course and she cracked the whip and said, "Well, let's get on it, then!" Really?

But if you are related to me or have a valuable service that you would like to barter with me for . . . .

Fatty McFat Fat

Okay, I'm going to get into royal trouble for this one but . . . . yeah, you know the drill. It's MY blog and I get to say whatever I want and if you don't like what I have to say then . . . you don't have to read my blog. Right? Right!

Whenever I go up to Washington to visit my momma and sister I discovered that EVERY morning my sister's dogs got two kongs filled with peanut butter. The dogs' coats are so shiny and soft and she told me it was because of the oil from the peanut butter. I decided to incorporate this practice into my own dog pack. I soon discovered that my chubby little Pierre LOVED his kong but . . . he's hog fat. Maddie, the black lab, didn't care for it so that's fine. Holly, my "so old I can't believe she's not dead" dog enjoys her kong and she can't really eat so that's a good thing. Simba, our pitbull pup that I adore, LOVES his kong and inhales two with no problem.

When Danielle and Jeff moved in they brought their beloved little Koda - a chubby little dog that barks a lot whenever there's any disturbance. Actually, I've come to be pretty fond of the guy. So fond, in fact, that I bought a smaller kong for him and fill one up for him each morning. He LOVES his kong and gets so excited when he sees me preparing them.

Danielle and Jeff went to Disneyland for like five or six days and left Koda here in my care (big mistake, lol). He actually snuggled wth me at night - which made me happy and not want to get out of bed in the morning. When the kids got home from their trip Danielle exclaimed, "Wow! Koda's FAT! Please don't give him that kong full of peanut butter. Maybe just a little bit but not full!"

Are you kidding me, Danielle? I had to stifle myself. Here's Danielle (and Jeff) eating dinner and the dog is on his hind legs with his paws on the chair waiting for his share of the grub. He's NEVER disappointed. Furthermore, the pup free feeds on his dry food. OMG! The kong? Ha! I hardly think so. Anyway, I told her that I would do as she wishes. But secretly . . . . yeah, Koda loves his Grandma.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Need Bread

This thought just popped into my mind this morning as I was driving to work. I guess I was trying to go over my day in my head and realized that I need to take off my wedding ring before I zone my client at 11 today.

About 1017 years ago, when I was like 23 years old, I was married to Steven (gasp! I was married before!) He was a competitve body builder and was extremely particular about his diet. He followed the Pritkin diet and I had to make bread, daily, to accomodate his culinary needs. Back then I didn't have a Kitchenaid so I kneaded the bread by hand. I actually was pretty good at making the kind of bread that had ZERO fat in it.

I worked at the same company as Skip works now (hence, the way we met). The bosses wife came in one day and, for whatever reason, I noticed her ginormous diamond on her wedding ring. Being young and naive and not very classy, I complimented her on the gorgeous ring. She thanked me and then I (tactful, Jody) said, "Do you ALWAYS wear your ring? Like ALL the time?" She told me she never took her ring off (I'm sure she's thinking "who is this ditz, anyway?"). I then said, "Even when you knead bread?" (You have to realize that in my 23 year old mind I'm pretty sure that everybody did what I do all the time, right?) She gave me the most shocked look like, "how dare you!"

There was someone else standing by and they caught on immediately. That person (another woman) said, "I think Jody is referring to making bread not needing money." Mary kind of laughed at my stupid ridiculousness and said, "Oh, no, I don't knead bread so that's not an issue."

Well, today I have a gorgeous ring that Skip bought me 10 years ago for our 15th anniversary. It has a pretty nice diamond in it and he had it designed to fit my lifestyle (the ring was a surprise gift - there's a good story behind that one too). The diamond is set down inside the ring so that I won't knock it off while out working around the ranch. I like it alot. I do, however, need to take it off when I zone clients (which has been a daily event lately) because the stone holds energy. I usually like to leave it at home but some days, like today, I forgot and left it on so I hang it on my keyring when I go to my appointment.

It's funny how things change. Since zoning is my job and I actually get paid for it, I can now say that I DO take off my ring when I need bread! Lol.

Friday, March 2, 2012


A friend and I were have a convo today. The subject about me being a pretty detached person came up. She said, "You have got to be the MOST detached person I know. You have such a thick wall around you." Yep, she's right. I don't let anyone get too close. That way I can't get too hurt. Right?

Well, my yoga teacher says that "non attachment" is a good thing. I like that. However, a good friend of mine suggested I read this book and the book indicates that we need to push past the fear of getting hurt and open ourselves up. Hmmm. Not happening without a LOT more therapy. Just sayin . . .

I'm also feeling pretty grateful that I've been blessed with not being too attached to "stuff". I'm not a materialistic person. In fact, the other day my journal topic was, "What is the one thing you could not throw out?" My answer? My yoga mat. Which makes the following so funny.

About 8 years ago Skip and I had the following conversation:

S: Where are you?
J: Tracy on 580 heading back to Livermore. What's up?
S: I need you to drive your truck (that would be my pride and joy F150 1-1/2 cab that I loved) to the "L" street car wash and get it detailed.
J: What? Why?
S: Because it's a mess.
J: Um, yeah but it's MY mess. I'm the one that lives with my grossness! Wtf?
S: Well, I sold your truck and we need to deliver it to the buyer this afternoon.
J: You sold my truck? What are you thinking? YOU SOLD MY TRUCK?? What am I supposed to drive?
S: I bought you a new truck. We're going to go pick it up tonight.
J: What? I don't WANT a new truck. I like this truck!
S: I know but the new truck is a 4-door and you will like it a lot. I promise.
J: Whatever! (abruptly hanging up the phone - and probably throwing it at this point).

Well, I DID get that new truck. I was right. I loved my old truck better. The new truck was nice but it didn't have the zip that my old truck had. Anyway, two years later Brian slammed it into a power pole at 50 mph. As if that wasn't enough, the job was finished when the telephone pole fell on top of the truck smashing it and eliminating electricity in most of Livermore for the next 14 hours. Brian walked away just fine, fyi.

Good thing I never got too attached to that new truck. But, DANG, I sure do miss the white truck. So, maybe there is a thing or two that I have become a bit attached to after all.


I have an addictive personality. It's the way I was born. It's one of the fun challenges that I've been blessed with it. I come by it honestly. I met my biologicial mom about 20 years ago and, holy moly! Yup, I know EXACTLY where I got it from! Both of my biological sisters - same thing. Lucky, lucky us.

Actually, I really mean that! We are lucky. If I wasn't given this challenge then I probably would have been given another challenge that is way harder. Like the one I just realized an old friend has been dealing with. I won't go into details but gratitude for our own challenges is a good thing.

Okay, so a person that I respect challenged me to give up something that I love for 40 days. I joked on Facebook that I choose my children. Of course, one person got pretty upset that I wrote that. Obviously that person has no clue that I'm a bit sarcastic. Duh! I don't really choose my children. I chose to give up Starbucks. Yes, I admit it. I have a Starbucks problem. There's a specific drink that I decided made me happy and I'm walking away from it for 40 days (well 35 more days at this point, but who's counting, right?). And, to be perfectly honest, Peet's has the better version of said drink but when I said Starbucks I meant ALL drinks of this nature. Is this hard? You bet your bippy it's hard! I'm hating on it.

I remember once I was supposed to list my good qualities on a piece of paper. Can't remember why that was assigned to me but I did it. One of the things I wrote was "self control". Skip looked at the list and scoffed at that. "Self control? You are the LEAST controlled person I know!" Actually I take that as a compliment but it wasn't meant as such (because I'm a bit quirky like that). I then went on to explain I had amazing self control, thank you very much. I have given up smoking cigarettes TWICE. I have given up alcohol (that was a toughie). I have given up Diet Coke (harder yet). I have given up some other things that I won't divulge here. After hearing that he said, "Well, in that respect, I guess you do have some self control." Ahem, thanks.

So for this 40 days I gain a few things. 1. I think I'll save about $200. Wow! That's a lot of Starbucks dough. 2. Everytime I think I can't live another second with my Bucks, I get to think about how grateful I am for FIVE things. 3. Um . . . the time I wait in line at the Bucks for my drink? Okay, I'm stretching it there. But there are blessings in sacrifice.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Ok. I will now publicly (well to the three people who actually ready my blog - which includes myself) admit that I, Jody Ann Nelson Weltz, am terrified of mice. I have never openly admited this before but, with a lot of therapy and treatment, I am now ready to face my demons.

I have always made fun of silly women who stand on chairs and scream, "eeeeeek! A mouse!" What's wrong with them? Do they just like drama or what? I always laughed at how they love to play the "girl" card and freak out.

Well, I can now admit to myself and everyone that I, too, am one of those ridiculous girls. What is up with that? The last couple of days, when I've gone out to get dry food for my dogs, there has been at least one to three mice running around in the dry food bin. The first time I screamed my freaking head off and Jeff came and rescued his mother-in-law, the damsel in distress. Jeff is so calm and cool and just scoops the little critters out and gives me that smile and carries on with his day.

Yesterday I let out another blood curdling scream. Rob had some friends up and I heard one of them say, "Is your mom okay?" Rob replies with, "Yeah, she probably just saw a mouse." I grabbed the dog bowl and scooped the scared little guy out of the bin. As I was carrying him outside to be set free, I felt so sorry for him (or her). The little guy was skinny as could be, young little mouse, and his/her fur was all scruffy. I let the little mouse go free away from my curious, greedy dogs. If Skip were here he would have committed a heinous crime and snuffed out the creature. Nope, Jody lets them go so they can procreate and create more havoc in her life.

So, what's the deal with this? I mean they are pretty harmless, right? They eat my walls, pee on my stuff and leave little turds everywhere. But THAT doesn't hurt my physical self. What's a little scared mouse going to do to hurt Sunshine? That's what gets to me. I think it's the element of surprise. I can pick up any spider or bug or lizard or almost any other creature but . .. . . a mouse? Hell no!

Today is a new day! I will face these little demons with courage. I will open the dog food bin today and say, "Surprise! Here I am! What are you going to do about it??" Lol. Actually, I'll probably just scream and then set the critter free. I'm pathetic!