Sunday, June 30, 2013

Busy Bee

Really?  Almost 4 months since I've posted?  Wow.  Is someone busy or what?  Actually, for some reason, I've adopted the mindset that being on my computer is an unnecessary indulgence.  PLUS my computer in the office has become the family computer - the ONLY computer in our home at the moment.  So . . .

The compound goes out on the market again next week.  I have a great feeling that this time is THE time that the keys will be handed over to the family that this place belongs to.  I have mixed feelings about the whole deal.  We've lived here for 16-1/2 years and have a lot of amazing memories.  However, it makes NO sense to stay here anymore.  My kids are all but grown and the dough it takes to keep this place humming along is ridiculous.

We have our eye on a sweet spot in Arizona.  I'm so trying to not get my hopes up but I still daydream about how my furniture will fit into the "new" (MUCH smaller) house and how my happy fat horses will enjoy their new digs.

Meanwhile . . . back at the ranch there's a whole lot of work to be done.  There's a new roof popping up overhead and new (gasp) appliances rolling into the kitch and flowers and flowers and flowers being planted all over the place and, and, and.  Yeah.  Lotsa stuff going on around here.  Why the heck didn't we do this like forever ago and enjoy it all these years? I think we say and do this in every home that we have ever owned.  No bueno.