Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Great Day

Tonight was a spendid night. Today was a splendid day. What happened today? Oh, nothing in particular.

I woke up sick this morning and my wonderful husband went out and fed the horses for me and urged me to go back to sleep. I did. I woke up at my leisure (7:00 a.m. cuz I'm not very good at the whole sleeping in thing) and got myself pulled together. I paid the bills and then took the kids to town for an appointment. Got my car washed, called my mom and came home.

This evening was wonderful because David and Brandilyn had mercy on a mom that wasn't feeling well and made dinner. It was a fabulous meal and then they proceeded to do the dishes while I dilly dallied on the computer for a spell.

As I look back on this day I can't recall any bickering or disagreeing of any of my family members. And, yes, Brian was in the mix for about an hour of the day. He seemed to be in a decent mood (of course, he had his friend up here and has been doing whatever he pleases all day).

Today, I read something that suggested that I write down everything that I am grateful for. The suggestion was to list 100 things in one day. At first this task seemed daunting but when I got into it, I was amazed at how quickly those little ditties added up. Yes, I have a lot of things to be grateful for.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Say It Ain't So!!!

So today in Relief Society we had a lesson on "hope". We listened to President Uchtdorf's talk from October of this year regarding hope. He gave a very touching example when he talked about his family during World War II. It really drove his point home and I enjoyed his talk immensely.

After the video presentation, the sister in our ward giving the lesson attempted to open up some discussion regarding the video we had just seen. She told about a personal experience of her's when she was diagnosed with cancer and then went on to say that possibly the reason for all these talks on hope (evidently the last General Conference had an underlying message of hope) was that we were about to face some really, really hard times and we needed to hear this.

Are you kidding me? We have been told that hard days were coming. We have been taught as long as I can remember and before, no doubt, that we need to prepare for hard days. "Get your food storage beefed (pardon the pun) up." "Prepare your families spiritually." "Pay off all your debt." So on, so on, so on.

Now, I'm not saying that all of this is not good cousel because it is! It most certainly is. The point I'm about to make is this . . . if we spend so much energy preparing for "hard times" then, yes, hard times are coming. They most certainly are! And how could they not? We think about it, we obsess about it, we expect it so it natually must happen. That is the law of the universe!!

I have another angle. How about we go against the grain and focus on good times. How about we focus on how wonderful the future is. What if we focus on abundance? Abundance of love, money, food, resources and health. What if we try to feel what that would be like? What if we close our eyes and imagine that it is here. Good times are ours to enjoy. "Man is that he may have joy." Right? Let's be joyful and positive and optimistic.

It's just a thought.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

So Long December

The party is over. The rush is finished. The presents that took so much time to purchase, receive, wrap, label and place under the tree have all been frantically ripped open and admired. It never ceases to amaze me at how quickly it is all over. We spend so much time working ourselves into such a frenzy over this one day of the year and then, in a simple 24 hours, it is over. OVER!!!!

Did I have a good time? Well, uh, yeah I did. I enjoyed interacting with all my husband's family and our children and their families. It was great. I ate an insane amount of grub, opened an obscene amout of presents, spent an overwhelming amount of money, and fretted an awful lot over whether or not I purchased the "perfect" gift for everyone. In the end? Nobody really cares. My kids are happy with what they got - and would be happy with whatever it was they got.

So why do we do this crazy thing we call Christmas? Quite honestly there was no "Christ" in our Christmas this year. It was a lot of accumulation of "stuff". Stuff we don't need. Stuff we could all live without. So what really is this all about? It makes no sense to me and I think that if we pull ourselves out of the "moment" and look down upon the big picture we will all be amazed (and a bit ashamed) at the screwy culture we are living in.

Will I do this again next year? You can pretty much count on it. Will I get caught up in the commercialism that I hate so much? You can pretty much count on that too. Will I beat myself up on December 26th? No, not a chance of that one. What am I doing on the 26th of December this year? Well, it's like this . . .

I will get up, go for a run, take a yoga class and then come and spend the majority of my day putting all the decorations and Christmas evidence back into the storage container. I will then settle into my routine that I engage in for the other 11 months of the year. Yup, I will now re-enter the world of Jody Weltz. Jody Weltz the way that she usually is. The happy carefree, fun person that I usually am. Ahhhhhh, yes, welcome back life!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

I did it!

It was about 2-1/2 weeks ago when I was attempting to schedule an appointment with someone that it dawned on me that Christmas was upon us. I hadn't realized that it was as close as it was and I hadn't done a dog gone thing to prepare. There were no decorations, no lists, no travel plans to my mom's, no baking plans - nothing! I think I was in denial and rather liking that happy little space that I had adopted for myself.

Well, something in me snapped that day. We had already, like I said earlier, informed the children that Christmas this year was going to be a lot less about the presents so that wasn't an issue. But, somehow, I have magically pulled the whole event together. I stand (sit) here right now completely finished with my shopping. Yup, finished, I tell you. It's a beautiful feeling.

And, guess what??? You can walk into our front room this year because there is a lot less presents. Yeah!!!!! I did good. I stuck to the plan. Christmas morning my husband will be so dog gone proud of me because of a few things. The first (and most obvious) is that the "bill" for the season will be substantially lower than in the past and second the wrapping ceremony will take a lot less time because there is a lot less presents!!!!

So now we focus on the reason for the season (so cliche). Yes, this is the time to reflect on the savior and all that he gave to all of us. He was the ultimate example of how we should mold our lives. I am grateful for him and I am grateful to have this time to ponder all that we have to be grateful for.

Monday, December 8, 2008

We Love You!!

Dear Idaho -

As we woke up this morning to a cool 45 degrees, we didn't give much thought to it other than to mutter about how cold it is getting. We buttoned up our jackets and braced ourselves for the frigid temperatures outside. Some of us who wear flipflops year round were mildly uncomfortable but we managed. The sweatshirts are all pulled out and ready to slip on as we prepare for our "layered" look for the long winter ahead.

Yes, Old Man Winter is knocking on our back door once again. Don't know if we are ready for him. The sun came out later today and we put our faces toward it just to feel the warmth on our faces. Ahh, yes, it was a little piece of heaven. But then, every day is heaven here in beautiful California.

Did we consider what it's like to wake up to white as it appears you do? Nah. Sorry but, nah. We enjoy our brownish greenish hills and the grasses waving in the wind. We do hope that you will enjoy your white Christmas. We've heard about such things but that's a Currier and Ives thing - you know, Christmas cards and such.

Thanks for the lovely letter. It was so filled with passion and emotion. You really do need to learn to deal with your anger. Perhaps one of our infamous yoga classes and a dish of curry tofu would help?

Fondly, California!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Yoga Family

I've never really thought about it before but I guess it could be, well it is, true. My yoga community is my yoga "family". That reality dawned on me yesterday when an event took place during my yoga practice.

We were right there in the middle of our yoga practice. Everything was humming along just great. There was the sound of sirens in the background but I really don't tune into that kind of thing when I'm in my practice. It's just there - not noticed. My teacher then brought it to our conscience attention. It was getting louder and louder and then it just stopped right outside the studio.

Four firemen jumped out and came to the door of the studio - right there in the middle of class! They started banging on the door and one of the women in class jumped up with her keys and unlocked the doors as they went running through our class. I couldn't believe it was happening! Who does that? That never happens!!!

Well, what had happened was that this elderly woman fell outside the studio on the parking lot side and her glasses broke with the glass sticking into her face. One of my fellow yogis is a firefighter and she was out there helping this poor woman. I guess the woman's face was cut pretty badly and she was bleeding quite a bit.

As we were focusing our attention back on our practice, one of the firemen had to come running through our class AGAIN to get something out of his truck that was still parked on the street side. My teacher, in all her wisdom, asked us to stop our practice and send some good energy toward the woman that was in trouble. We did as we were asked. When Julie (the firefighter yogi) came back to class, she told us that the woman suddenly had become sooooo calm. Hmm, where did that come from, I wonder??

The point is, is that while we were thinking of that woman, one of the other yogis in my class said, "Well, she's in good hands. She's got "our" Julie." That says it all. My yoga family. I love them and I love everything about my yoga practice. I am so grateful to belong to this wonderful yogic community and know that where ever I travel, I will have a family in the yoga community.