Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Flashdance Bucket

Today in yoga, for whatever reason (because I was late and didn't hear the beginning), my yoga teacher was honoring the Goddess of Destruction. I get that on some level. Everytime our lives meet with utter and complete destruction it devastates us at the time but later we can look back and see that the cleansing was a good thing. We were able to begin anew.

We reached a point in our practice and she said, "I'm going to play the chant for you honoring the Goddess of Destruction." From directly behind me I heard my dear friend whisper the word "no". I turned around and could see distress on her face. I stepped over to her mat and whispered to her, "What's wrong?"

She said, "I'm scared. I don't want to honor the Goddess of Destruction. I've had too much of that. I don't want to hear this."

Just then I felt divine inspiration. I said to her, "I'm going to dump my Flashdance bucket of white light from above all over you." I held my imaginary bucket over her head and dumped and then (without physically touching her) pretended to spread it all around her. I looked at her face and she looked peaceful with closed eyes and a beautiful smile. I felt spiritually charged. I then returned to my own mat.

As soon as I tuned back into what my teacher was doing/saying, I noticed that she was fussing with her ipod. She then said, "Huh. I can't get my ipod to play that song. It wants the one before it and the one after it but it won't play the song I want!" She then allowed her ipod to play and the song that came on was a chant praising God.

After class, my friend walked up to me and exclaimed, "Jody, I don't know what you did but the energy that charged my body when you did that Flashdance thing was amazing! Not only did the song not play but I felt so enveloped in love and goodness. Thank you SO much!"

I won't take credit for it. I can't say that "I" caused anything. I can say that I acted on impulse and was guided and directed. I, too, felt the spiritual energy. I'm grateful for what I know. I'm grateful for the knowledge that we are all spiritual beings on an earthly experience and that we are ALL able to tap into our higher power when we need to.

Thank you, God, for allowing me to serve you through my friend today.

Monday, September 26, 2011

That Pesky Red Baron!

10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or more, that Bloody Red Baron was roaring up a score!

Yeah, those were some of the lyrics to a song that was popular when I was young. It was about a German warplane that was shooting down the enemy. Not really applicable here but the song came to mind this afternoon as I was out cleaning paddocks.

So here's a note to you, Mr. Red Baron:

I couldn't help but notice your crazy flying antics over the hills where I live. Your plane was loud and annoying. Furthermore, it was very frightening.

You see, I have witnessed a plane crash. I was in a front row seat, of sorts. The plane nose dived and crashed right before my eyes. It was extremely close to where my husband, children, some friends and I were. It was a horrific sight and the memory still haunts me to this day. Eight people were killed instantly right before our eyes.

Not only does that memory flip into my mind when I see you and others like you being reckless, but the fact that I have witnessed a mistake gone fatal makes you at even a higher risk. The energy I project is pretty potent, my friend. I don't mean to project such negative energy - it just happens.

Another thing. . . it is fall. The hills are dry and extremely flamable. Should you inadvertently make a wrong move and plant your lovely aircraft into our "neighborhood" the impact will undoubtedly create quite an explosion which will quickly ignite a wildfire that will endanger our homes, families, pets and livestock.

So, Mr. Crazy Pilot Dude, I would appreciate you taking your fun and games over to that large body of water that we call the Pacific Ocean. The likelihood of you traumatizing someone else there is much less. Thank you.

And that's pretty much all I have to say about that.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Growing Pains

I need to preface this post by saying that I have been quite a bit more restrictive with Courtney and Jacob than I have been with the other children. Experience has taught me well that giving too much too soon has yielded a sense of entitlement that is, well, it's just downright unattractive and obnoxious.

Courtney has been hammering on me of late to get her a cell phone. I have not given in. Honestly, she has no outside interests that take her away during the afternoons. It's not that I don't let her have a hobby, she just has never expressed an interest in anything. She is easily distracted and struggles academically.

Okay, so on Thursday we are driving to school. Courtney strikes up the convo again - that one that brings on a fierce hot flash. "Mom, how come Robbie had a cell phone in 6th grade and I still don't have one?" (Oh crap, here we go again). I explain that Robbie was out at the ranch every day after school riding his horses and that he needed to contact me when he was ready to be picked up. Also, I wanted him to have it in case there was an emergency (we ARE dealing with kids riding jumping horses, after all). Robert also had a pretty active social life and I needed to know where he was when he was "hanging out" with his friends. She didn't like this answer and pouted all the way to school. When we arrived at school she jumped out of the car, without an "I love you" or a kiss, slammed the door and was gone. Nice.

Another area that has been a struggle is with her hair. She had long beautiful hair until early this summer. Day after day it was a matted mess. I would often take over and brush it out because it was such a disaster. Finally, one day I had had enough and took her to the beauty shop to get it cut. She was pretty ticked off at me at first but then when it came time to pick out a hair style that she would like, she was excited and was pretty happy about her new hair cut.

Okay, so we fast forward to this last Friday. We are, once again, on our way to school. I'm happy and in a good mood. I've enjoyed watching my sunrise and am happy that her and I are not arguing. Until . . . she says, "Mom, I want to get extensions put in my hair. I want long hair like all the popular girls at school have." (Oh crap). I try to gently explain and remind her of the struggle we went through just a few months ago with her long hair and how she wasn't able to wash, dry or take care of it when it was so long. I also revealed to her that the cost of such a procedure was pretty intense and that I didn't feel that that was a wise choice. I further informed her that she was so lucky and was blessed with great genes that allowed her hair to grow so fast and that her hair would be long on its own before she knew it. Well, this did not set well with my little girl. Once again, we were in a snit and pouted all the way to school. I was treated to the whole replay of the previous day when she departed from my vehicle. Sweet.

Well, I haven't seen her since that interaction. I've been in LA visiting with Skip. I'm heading home today to see how the climate is in my home. I'm hoping that she's had an opportunity to mull it all over and chill out about it. However, experience has taught me well that teenagers don't give up. They are like a dog with a bone when they want something. Heaven help me.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Gay Rodeo

I love the Gay Rodeo. Have I mentioned that before? I mean, those people know how to have a good time. The other rodeos we go to the people are pretty uptight. They are intense and seemingly stressed out. The whole energy of the rodeo is very competitive (as I guess it should be) and . . . professional. Okay, yeah, I guess we are a professional team and should treat our performances as such. However, the Gay Rodeo has a more fun and enjoyable vibe. That's all I have to say about that, lol.

Anyway, I brought two of my horses to the performance. My team mate, Brooke, is borrowing Cowboy since her mare is having some challenges with her hip (she is in her mid twenties after all) and Cowboy is just a better option for now. Ellie, my mare, is a rockstar at performances. She just is "on" and shines and loves to lope around the ring with everyone applauding her. It's actually kind of comical to see her shine. I just love being her rider.

Cowboy, however, is young and was a bit fearful in the warm-up ring. He was spooking at the cows (it IS a rodeo, after all) and jumping at all the "new" scary things that were about. When we were lined up waiting to go into the show ring my coach was extremely concerned about him and a couple of other horses in our group that were acting up. As we sat there, I silently said a prayer and asked angels to surround the scared horses and comfort them and allow them to perform the way they have practiced. I closed my eyes and allowed the spirit to be strong with me and then projected the energy to the horses.

I'm here to tell you . . . we trotted into the ring and had one of the best performances EVER! I was so proud of our team and the crowd LOVED us! It was 9/11 and we were doing a very patriotic performance. I was proud to be a member of the Diablo Ladies Drill Team, proud to be part of the performance and so proud to be an American. As we trotted out of the ring I closed my eyes and sent a prayer of gratitude to my Heavenly Father. I knew and He knew EXACTLY why we had such a rockin performance.

Attracting Goodness

I've been a bit of a lazy blogger of late. I wish I could blame it on any number of things but the truth of the matter is that I just have been . . . lazy. What's up with that? Right?

Okay, so I'm visiting Skip and I actually have down time. He's headed off to his office for a couple of hours and I have time to . . . meditate, blog, read, nap, yoga, journal . . . well, the possibilities are endless. However, I'm sure I'll not get to half of the list before he returns. I have decided to catch up on my blogging. So, I guess there will be several entries to make up for lost time.

I've been working on myself a lot lately and I'm happy to report that I've seen quite a bit of improvement. I am making a very big effort to get back into zoning. I have put the energy out to attract clients my way and, lo and behold, it's worked. People are calling to schedule appointments. I have been practicing on any of my willing friends and family for the face zoning and I'm ready to roll. I even made a purchase and bought myself a massage table. Yay me!

It's amazing how I'm learning about attracting opportunities into my life. I was really thinking a lot about my zoning mentor lately. I've been thinking, "I really need to call her. I would really love to get my feet zoned by her." Dang if she didn't call me yesterday to see how I was doing! I LOVE this stuff. I'm going to connect with her in the next week or so and touch bases.

I am a healer. That is what I was put on this earth to do. I have great energy and I love my work. All of this has made me a very happy girl.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Extreme Cop

Today Brandilyn was flying in to Oakland to spend a couple of days with us (me). I dipped into 7-11 and scored some Vitamin Water drinks for the twins and off to the airport I flew. We got there a wee bit early (okay, like 1/2 hour) so I plopped my merry crew down in the park and call lot till it was time to swoop on my princess.

About 10 minutes before her plane was due to land Courtney broke into mass hysteria and claimed that she had to go to the restroom NOW!! I politely and calmly indicated that there was no facility nearby and that she would have to hold it. That was unacceptable to her. She continued to howl louder (okay, now you got my attention).

Brandilyn called and I put the car in gear and proceeded to drive up to the pick-up place. I texted her the emergency with her sister and asked her to be on the lookout for her. I sent the twins inside with directions to the restrooms and asked them to hold hands and stay together. Off they went. Off I went to circle around again.

When I came back around I was stopped at a traffic light. I was the second vehicle in line. The twins came bolting out of the airport and ran right out into the street to jump in my car (not waiting for me to pull to the curb). About as quick as I could blink a cop jumped out in front of my car, slamming his hand on my hood yelling, "That's a ticket! Do NOT move the vehicle, maam. You are receiving a ticket! Those were minor children running out into the street. Do you have any idea how dangerous that was?"

Okay, really? I understand the situation but did he really see what happened? Did I motion my "minor" children to run out into the street? No. Brandilyn kept apologizing but it wasn't within her control either.

Needless to say, tonight I am the proud of owner of a ticket. Yep, just add my name to the LONG list of Weltz fugitives.