Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Way We Were!

25 years ago I married this cute guy.  We had been dating for a couple of years and decided to make the deal "official".  We had a pre-determined date that we had decided to do this deed.

After work on Friday, we headed for Tahoe to get married.  On our way out of town Skip called his parents and let them know that they were about to score another daughter-in-law.  Hopefully, (kidding) they were happy for their son.

When we arrived to our motel room, there was a gorgeous basket of fruit sent from them to us.  Our room had a fireplace in it and we felt like we were pretty much "big stuff."

Saturday morning we got up and headed over to some chapel there and Reverend Love married us.  His wife was our photographer.  Basically (no digital cameras "back then") she took a roll of film and opened the camera and handed it to us.  We still laugh about that.

We spent the day doing gambling (that's funny because neither of us are big into that form of entertainment) and headed back home the next day.  On our way back into town, I called my parents and informed them that I was now no longer living in "sin."  We both showed up for work Monday morning (we worked for the same company.)

Ron, one of the other managers at the company, was an early bird at work like we were.  He came into my office to get some files and casually said, "so, how was your weekend?"  I just as casually said, "oh, it was fine.  I got married."  He quickly slammed the file drawer shut and turned around.  "What?  To Skip?"  I laughed and said, "Well, of course to Skip.  Who else would I marry?"

Ron quickly left my office and high tailed it for Skip's office saying, "I need to go congratulate the big guy!"

So there is the story of how it all began (well, from our wedding date).  We've had a lot of things happen in the 25 years since we said "I do."  Like all couples, we both have ended up in a place that we never planned on being.  Skip always had a life plan and was hell bent for election on following that plan.  Jody. . . well . . .true to nature, has no plan and just goes where the wind takes her.  Sadly for Skip, the plan has deviated off course something fierce.

Hopefully the future years bring us back around to your charted course, babe.  Happy anniversary!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jacob Math

Today Jacob came home with math homework. Me, being me, just sent him off to the dining room to do his homework while I prepared dinner. I then asked Jacob to go take a shower while I finished up getting dinner on the table. Jeff went out and grabbed Jacob's math homework just to take a "look see." After he started chuckling rather animately, Danielle and I asked what was so funny. He read us the following (there was more but these were two of the funniest).

 1. You have 12 cookies. You need to give 25% to your sister. How many did you give her?
 Jacob's answer: 1

 2. You need to carpet your room. It is 17' x 9'. How many square feet do you need?
 Jacob's answer: A lot

 When Jacob came back out from the shower, Jeff CALMLY started going over the math problems with Jake. When he got to the carpet question, he asked Jacob why he answered with "a lot". Jacob said, "Well, I didn't know what the shape of the room was."

Okay, I've seen some pretty hilarious stuff come from my children, but I do have to say this is pretty comical. So . . . here's the deal. Since I don't usually check on the twins homework because I'm into "natural" consequences, I have to wonder how and why Jacob seems to be pulling a steady "A" in math and every other subject, for that matter.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Free Spirit

My job is to staff the childcare and the front desk for the yoga studio, Cosmic Dog Yoga. I love my job and I enjoy working in an environment with fellow yogis and yoginis. It maketh me to be exceedingly joyful. :)

I was out of town for two weeks and had one of my peeps take over the reins in my absence. She's amazing and I only got one call which I was able to easily deal with. However, when I waltzed in yesterday morning for my teacher training class, the Saturday morning front desk girl informed me that the childcare person for Saturdays isn't coming in anymore. What???

I was a bit annoyed by that and I asked her what the deal was. She said, "Well, she's one of these free spirited people..." I must have given her that look that says, "So, what's wrong with that?"

She then looked at me and got a knowing smile on her face and said, "Well, she's young."

That's right. There's NOTHING wrong with being free spirited or young, for that matter. However, when you commit to something I honestly feel that you should follow through or give plenty of notice that you are unable to fulfill your commitment. Not doing so is called "irresponsible" or "flaky", in my opinion.

I love being free spirited but I certainly hope that I'm not considered irresponsible or flaky. That would just give us free spirited people a bad rap, right?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Journey

I have ALWAYS said that I hate cooking. I have always said that I'm not a good cook and that I only just barely prepare what I absolutely have to to get by and to appease the immediate consumers (my family, usually). Cooking has always been a "chore" for me. It's funny because I actually LOVE doing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen but, PLEASE, someone else prepare the dang food!

So when Brandilyn told me that her doula said that maybe she should assign the chore of preparing meals for them, while they are busy having a baby and adjusting to the new lifestyle of parenthood, to me I was a little bit . . . how should I say this . . . anxious. What if David doesn't like the food I prepare because I suck at cooking? (Btw, David informed me that if he doesn't like what I cook then he just won't eat it - I like that kind of straight forwardness). What if I lapse into my "lazy" mode and just want to order pizza all week (well, we DID indulge in that decadence not once but TWICE!)?

As it turns out, Sunshine happened to launch into her "can do" mode and rose to the occasion. I have to say that I'm quite impressed with myself. Not only did I turn out good grub, I actually enjoyed the process. While the little family was still in the hospital I came home to their apartment and turned on my music (which only I enjoy) and busied myself in the kitchen. Chopping, sauteing, baking, and totally having the time of my life. Then I packed up said meal and delivered it to them in the hospital. I must say it even topped the amazing hospital food that Brandilyn was receiving (haha).

This morning, I'm sitting here in my hotel room putting together tonight's menu and planning on making another meal to put up in the freezer for them. I'm happy and just excited to get back into Brandilyn's kitchen.

So . . . what is this? Why the sudden change of heart? I think I figured it out. I think that it's a treat to prepare food that I like (healthy vegan fare) and eat for people that enjoy and eat it as well. PLUS, I have nothing but time on my hands to enjoy the journey because, after all, isn't that what the secret to life is? Enjoying the journey?

Now, I just need to figure out how to create that kind of magic when I get home. Hmmm.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Work in Progress

I rather surprised myself this morning by actually dragging my arse out of bed and doing my own yoga practice. I took the class that I wrote and, if I may say so myself, it wasn't half bad. Oh, I definitely would enjoy a class taught and created by another, more experience, teacher but I guess this is part of my learning process.

However, what I DID notice today was how UNflexible I have become since arriving here in Idaho. I'm sure it has a lot to do with the fact that I've spent a lot of idle time enjoying my daughter and her amazing family. I wouldn't trade the most flexible, thin, strong body in the world for the time I've been allowed to enjoy this experience.

I was almost completely finished with my practice this morning and really feeling my age when it dawned on me that the heater in this room hasn't been working. In fact, the air conditioner was running and I was flipping cold. Wow, so "it's not just me!". Haha. Love that quote.

Now my next homework is to write yet another yoga sequence and make myself get up and practice that one tomorrow. Like one of my fellow classmates in class said a couple of weeks ago. "It's like having to go out back and cut your own switch." Ouch!

I do look so forward to the day when I can walk into a class and say, "so . . . what would we like to work on today?" and then be able to put a sequence together on the fly. Yes, that is when I will know that I've arrived.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Homework :(

I have so much homework it's ridiculous. We have a two week break (well it's ended for them but I'm still basking in the joy of being on break because I have the excuse of being a new grandma) from yoga teacher training and they gave us a bucket load of assignments. I'm sure it's all good stuff (I KNOW it is) but it's hella time consuming.

Danielle was lording over me like a task master at home to go back to my desk and do my homework. It worked, for the most part. I got quite a bit accomplished but I still have a lot to do. I thought I would get a bunch completed while I was here with Brandilyn but there's just been way too many distractions (duh!). However, Skip is leaving today so I should have a bit of quiet time in my hotel room.

I have learned a bit about myself from this experience (well, I think I've always known this about me - I've always just been in denial). When there is something looming that's not my favorite thing to do, I busy myself with a lot of other things and just keep pushing said task into the corner until it finally just screams so darn loud that I have to give it my attention. I also know another thing about myself. I usually always complete everything that I'm supposed to do but often it's in the 11th hour that I'm sprinting to the finish line. Looks like this may be one of those things.

So today I have a few exciting things happening because I still get to spend time with my grandson and daughter. I get to see my dear friend, Megs and I hopefully get to visit with Shauna Leigh and her family. I might get to go to Idaho Falls with Brandilyn to do a wee bit of shopping as her body and her baby will allow. However, I will come back to my QUIET hotel room (I say that because Skip loves TV and I don't and it's been a distraction) tonight and crank out some homework.

Sounds like a good plan anyway.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Granny Jo

I acquired that name a lot of years ago when Shauna Leigh had Allison. I wanted a "grandma" name that was mine so that I wouldn't step on any toes of other grandmas. Since then Cory and Sarah had Ava and I was safe being called Granny Jo. I love it when I see her and she gives me a hug and says, "Hi Granny Jo."

Several people, over the years, have criticized me naming myself that. I say phooey on them! They say that Granny is an old woman's name. Actually, I envision a wild older woman riding a Harley (not that actually see myself riding a Harley) on the highway and yelling "Woooweee!!" I'm that kind of a woman. I take life any way I can. I enjoy as many moments as I'm allowed and I love love LOVE to have a rippin great time.

Well, my little grandson was born this last Wednesday (3 days ago). He's an absolute joy and precious as can be (because what grandma doesn't think her grandchild is the greatest, right?). My daughter is an amazing mom and my son-in-law is a wonderful dad and husband to my Princess. I usually am not too fond of little babies but this little guy has captured my heart. Whenever Brandilyn has to do anything I'm so happy to hold him and snuggle.

So, I'm thinking my name of Granny Jo is absolutely perfect. I love it and it's staying the way it is. I'm so excited for little David Clark to grow up looking forward to his visits with Granny Jo. I'm also excited to spoil that little champ anyway I can. I'm proud of my daughter for being such an amazing calm mother (I never really had that gift when I started having children). Life is good.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pandora's Pink Box

This is a quick little story but it makes me laugh nontheless . . .

The night before I left to head out here to Idaho I had a bunch of my things sitting on the kitchen counter. I had put my satchel there so that I wouldn't forget to bring it. It contains all of my homework that I'm supposed to be working on while I'm here with Brandilyn and Dave. Anyway, part of my homework is to practice yoga on a regular basis so to do that I needed to bring my mat and strap and blocks etc. One of my blocks is pink and I placed them on top of my satchel.

Danielle and I were chatting it up - probably finalizing the plans for the house, animals and children while I am away. As we were talking I saw the pink block out of the corner of my eye and my mind instantly flashed to "donut box." I then caught myself and started laughing as I courageously told Danielle what I had thought. She laughed and said, "I thought the same thing a bit ago too." Wow, the two of us are so fixated on food that our minds flash to donuts.

Funny thing is I haven't had a donut in over a year and before that it was about two years. Actually, I used to work in a donut shop and learned to hate the little devils like crazy. Later I rekindled my love of them but everytime I indulge I pay dearly so I just resist the urge. Besides, with a girth and bum like mine . . . well, there's no need to revisit that issue.

So then I'm flying down the highway on my way to Idaho and I have said yoga blocks sitting in the back window of my truck. Of course when I look out my rear view window what did I see? Yeah. Where did my crazy loco mind go? Yeah. Wow.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Sting then Humor!

It's here! It's here! The day we've waited for for nine months is almost here. I'm heading out to Idaho as soon as I drop Courtney off for school this morning and I couldn't be more excited. I'm excited to see Brandilyn. I'm excited to see my new grandson. And, yes, I'm excited to see Dave too, lol.

Yesterday it took me like freaking FOREVER to get motivated to pack. Not because I didn't want to go but I just hate packing. I had bills to pay and stuff to pack and things to organize so that the compound can run smoothly while I'm gone. I even spent like an entire evening into late night organizing my iTunes so that I would have jamming tunes to listen to. I was going to make cookies (the ones that Skip loves) for Brandilyn and Dave (because they are Dave friendly and taste AMAZING) but I just ran out of mojo. Skip suggested that I make them for them while I'm there. Good idea.

So . . . funny story (to me now that I'm over being pissed). I'm taking the rocking chair to the princess that I used for her when she was a baby. She asked for it and it's hers. Skip, being Skip, was dictating how I should transport said piece of furniture. He told me to make sure the seats in the back of my truck were folded up and then slide the chair in there. I, in my head, knew there was no freaking way it would fit but nodded and said, "ok" to him so that he knew I was validating his position on being large and in charge.

Sure enough, yesterday came and it was time for me to load up the truck. I couldn't even get the chair through my bedroom door without having to open the second door so I KNEW that I was right. Sure enough, not even close. So, I did what I do. I grabbed a container of bungee cords, a blanket and the twins and went to work securing the chair in the back of my truck. After a bit of frustration, I was pretty happy with my handiwork.

Skip calls last night and we were having a convo. He then asked if I was able to load the chair inside the truck. Um . . . no. I then went on to say that I secured it in the back of the truck with bungee cords and a blanket. He then said, "go out and take a picture so I can see what you did." I got pissed and said, "I'm NOT going to go take a picture. I just TOLD you what I did." He replied, "You just said you threw the chair in the back of the truck on its side. I want to make sure it's not going to get ruined. It's a nice piece of furniture."

In my frustration I yelled back, "You NEVER listen to me! I said I secured it and it's fine!!"

Anyway, it went downhill from there. The point is this: We often paint a picture in our head of what we "perceive" the person to be saying on any given subject and then shut out all other stimuli. Case and point. He, for whatever reason, envisioned me just tossing the chair in the back of the truck and calling it good. Maybe I have or maybe I haven't done something like that in the past (I'm not coming clean at this point).

So this morning, Danielle comes out with a big smile on her face like she's bursting to tell me something funny. She then says, "I was going to play a funny joke on you but then I thought you might get hella pissed. I was going to tell you that Dad called me last night and told me to go out to your truck and take a picture of how you tied the rocking chair in."

Hahaha!!! I love that I get over stuff so quickly. I also love that my family loves to have fun with stories that are funny after the sting has worn away.

Anyway, I'm gonna post this, take my (much needed) shower, load the last of my gear, drop off Courtney for school, hit the Bucks for one of my last buzz treats for a while and head east to meet my grandson. Pretty exciting day! :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

You Were a What?

Yesterday I posted the following on my Twitter:

"Not much beats going up into the attic in search of something and discovering something else that reminded me of an event I'd rather forget."

Danielle came home yesterday and asked, "What the flip did THAT mean?"

Well . . .sit back and I'll spin you another fabulous Sunshine tale, lol.

About 652 years ago (actually about 7 years ago) Courtney came home from school waving a piece of paper in my face. It was a call for girls to sign up for soccer for the upcoming season. "Can I do it? Please, Mom, can I play soccer? I so want to play soccer SO bad!"

Me, being the stern no-nonsense (yeah, right) mom, says, "Sure, sweetie. We'll get you signed up right away." And I did.

Then we waited. Got the email saying what team she was going to be on and everything. We went out and bought her all the gear she would need. She was SO dog gone excited. The next email was something to this effect:

"To all parents. We do not currently have a coach for your daughter's soccer team. We are requesting that a parent from the team volunteer for this position. We will provide training. If nobody volunteers we will not be able to provide soccer for your daughter this season."

Wow, Court, looks like you aren't going to be able to do soccer this year. That sucks! Big pouty face and tears followed. "I really really really wanted to do it. I was SO excited."

Guess who stepped up to the plate? Yep. So I spent two weekends in soccer coach training. I learned about exercises, drills, child abuse detection and reporting, rules of the game and everything you needed to know but were afraid to find out about coaching a kids soccer team. Then, on our last day of training, we went out to the field and had to play against each other. Holy crap! These parents (all but two of us were men) were freaking brutal! I was one whipped pup and I was a pretty athletic person, at that time!

Soccer season came and another mom stepped up to be my assistant coach (bless that angel). The girls bonded and had fun but our team sucked. Oh well. What really got to me was a couple of the dads from our team got in my business about why I would put this girl in this position or that girl over there or why I would cue the girls to do this or that. Really? Dude, if you wanted to have so dang much input in how our team played the game, then why the heck didn't you step up to the plate when they were screaming for a coach? Wow.

I was happy when the season ended and vowed to ALWAYS keep my head low in the future when a volunteer was requested for this or that. I've stayed pretty true to myself, thank you very much. So, what did I find in the attic yesterday? My binder with all the information for that season. Yep, it went right in the round file. Good bye to that memory.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rock Star!

I've never been to a karaoke place before. I've never done karaoke before. So when our drill team's activity for this month was karaoke, I truly didn't know what to expect.

Every month one member of our team hosts a social. We bring our husbands or significant other and have a blast. I was up in Montana during January's event which was boche ball. Have no clue what that's all about but it sounded like everyone had a LOT of fun. Last month we raced those little mini cars. I sucked beyond the worst suckage EVER. It was way fun. We then went out to dinner afterward and I was the odd duck out. Everyone had a date but me. No biggie. My HUGE personality made up for it just fine. Lol. So . . . Debbie hosted this month's event which was karaoke.

We got there and I was pretty sure that I would be an observer because I just don't drink and drinking seemed to be the pre requisite for getting up and making a complete fool of oneself. That is . . . unless your name is Princess Sunshine, I guess. First off, Danielle accompanied me so I had a date. Turns out several of the women didn't bring dates (I guess they didn't want to be off the hook in front of their men). Danielle was a GREAT sport. We were supposed to all bring food and it also turns out that Danielle and I were the only ones that brought food. When one specific person went to "comment" about my food (vegan, duh) they were shut down pretty quick because Danielle and I were the ONLY ones that brought food so . . . shut up and be grateful (lol).

The music started and everyone was just kind of sitting there (well, they were playing flipping ABBA and it was nauseating, in my opinion). Finally I said, "Let me see what else there is" and I quickly discovered that there was some pretty bitchin songs on tap. After the beat got in my head I grabbed that microphone and didn't let go! I was singing. I was dancing. I was conversing throught the mike with everyone there. After a bit a person or two would get up and kind of try to join in but they would quickly sit down. After quite a few drinks two of the other women became regulars up in front with me.

At one point I overheard someone say to someone else, "No dude. Jody doesn't drink. She's totally sober!" OMG! That's way funny!! Then later one of the women said to me, "Jode, you probably should keep a microphone with you all the time. You seem pretty comfortable with that in your hand." Yeah, I think they may be right.

So it just goes to show you . . . You don't have to be drunk to have a good time or to make a complete ass of yourself - especially if you're ME! We ended the evening by a few of us hitting the bar next door. I sat up there and ordered myself a NON alcoholic beer and Danielle had an ice water. How cool are we, right?