Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pretty Food

Today I finally decided was THE day.  Yup, the day I was going to waddle my happy bum outside and actually do some work around the joint.  Since I hurt myself in January and got pretty involved with yoga teacher training and then some more teacher training and then starting to actually teach some classes, I just really ignored my gardens this year.  Thank heavens for Jeff!  He got himself motivated and put in quite a bit of yummy vegetation in our traditional spring/summer gardens.

Today, however, was MY turn!  I went to the nursery (okay, I'm not THAT motivated that I started everything from seed) and swooped on some kale, spinach, chard, joi choy, red choy, lettuces some herbs and who knows what the flip else.  I got home and went to town on the project.

I have these gardens that are HUGE in front of the house.  They are a royal pain in my ass.  They are so hard to tend and make appealing.  However, the sun tracks a bit different in the winter and there is full sun there throughout the winter season.  What does that mean?  Duh!  It means that it is the PERFECT place to plant yummy veggies.  Right?

I had so much fun making creative designs.  I landscaped with food!  I also put herbs in my decorative pots that greet me on my front steps.  And . . . drum roll . . . it's my birthday this week so Sunshine bought herself a little present.  It's a sweet, cute little Buddha to spread happiness to my little project!  I just LOVE him!

So there you have it.  Me following my dharma and creating something fun and useful.  Go figure.


Every morning during the week Jacob goes to Seminary.  Seminary starts at 6:40 in the morning.  His bus shows up at 7:30 to pick him up from the church and take him to school.

I go for my morning walk at this time so that I can stay close to the church in case there's a problem (none so far).  While I'm on this walk, I see this woman that is crazy skinny out doing her morning run.  She is wearing sunglasses (at 6:45 in the morning) and has the most painful expression on her face.  She is totally not friendly (I've said "hi" a lot of days but she ignores me) and just oozes misery.

What's ironic to me is that I USED to be THAT woman!  I absolutely hated running (I can finally admit that) but was completely addicted to the "high" that came from pushing myself every single day of my crazy life.  I ran and ran and ran for years.  I beat my body up, pushed myself beyond what I ever thought I could and got up and did it again the next day.  I went through massive quantities of running shoes and Advil and spent countless days in absolute crazy pain working through injury after injury.

January this year changed all that.  Yoga changed all that.  I got hurt in yoga (I know . . . . who does that?  Right?).  My ego got the best of me and I pushed myself in a pose that I should have backed off of.  Damn it!  My knee is now a fragile piece of equipment that I just have decided to respect and not mess with.  After lots of ice, herbs and TLC, I can now walk without pain.

I actually look forward to my morning walks.  It's one of the motivating elements that pushes my sorry bum out of bed each morning.  I love the way I feel.  I love how I get to spend time with my thoughts or even practicing my walking meditation.  I love the people I encounter and get to greet.  I love seeing my new friend, the miserable runner, and challenging myself to make her smile.

However, looking at my friend each morning is a firm testimony to me of what I don't miss about being a runner!