Thursday, August 8, 2013


Sanskrit word that means "non-injury in thought, word and deed."

A few days ago I walked into a store that no "good" Mormon would go into.  I made a purchase that no "good" Mormon would on a day that (you got it) no "good" Mormon would shop.  I was dressed up in my "Molly" clothes and, yes, that was definitely me.  I refuse to made excuses or explain myself because, quite frankly, it's nobody's business what I was up to.

There were three people in the establishment.  The young woman behind the counter, a man that I assumed to be a chain smoking alcoholic meth addict and a middle aged woman with a birth defect that left her with one badly deformed short stub of a left arm.  All three were having friendly conversation and seemingly enjoying each other's company.  Quite an unlikely group, in my opinion.

I told the clerk what I was after and she quickly went to retrieve said item.  The man looked at me and said, "well, you are definitely a woman sent on a mission."  I looked at him questioningly and probably asked him what the heck he meant.  He then said that I didn't look like the type that would require the item that I was requesting.  He was right. 

He then informed me that he had been clean and sober for over 30 years.  (There went my initial "judgment").  I was impressed and told him so with a hearty congratulations.  The other two were smiling and nodding their approval at my seeming "acceptance" of them. 

I write this story more for myself than for others.  I want to remember this when I feel like I am the victim of judgment.  I want to remember this when I look down my snooty nose at someone else and judge unfairly.  Judgment is injury - whether it is in thought, word or deed. 

I have spent a lot of energy lately feeling a lot of sorry for myself because of the way certain people have judged me and my family.  I feel ostracized and it hurts.  This day was a good lesson for me.  I was dishing out exactly what I was receiving ... hurtful judgment. 

Ahimsa.  Non violence to all beings.