Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Good Day's Work

My boy is back living with me from Idaho. I've missed him terribly while he was away. Unfortunately, he found his way into a bit of trouble and now has . . . ahem . . . consequences. Not only does he had a lot of legal consequences (yuck), but he also has quite a bit of financial consequences. The majority of those financial obligations are payable to your's truly . . . me.

I've devised a plan. He can work for me at $10/hour and all the monies will go toward his debt to me. He actually went for the idea. We've had quite a few errands to run since he's been home so today was actually his second day of working for me. I came home from a rather busy morning and worked alongside him and my SIL. We shoveled horse poop, raked and loaded leaves, built compost bins, cleaned out and restocked my horse trailer and worked on several of my gardens. We got so much accomplished. I'm completely exhausted tonight but happy.

I do have to say this. I was pretty sure he was going to give me a LOT of grief and static about helping me out but he has been a pretty dang good sport. He has dove in really done a great job. Does this mean he is FINALLY growing up?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Today I was working at my sister's place on her books. We were uber busy because I was about four months behind (yikes!). Before I knew it, I realized that it was 1:00 and my daughter was going to be out of school before I could get her picked up today (I was about two hours away). I still had a good 1-1/2 hours left of work to do.
I began calling my son, my son-in-law, my son's friends and anyone else I could think of in hopes of finding someone to go pick up my kid. No phones were being answered anywhere. I was beginning to get a bit panicked. I finished doing my work thinking that very shortly someone would answer their phone. Nope.
Once I began driving back toward my town I, of course, encountered massive traffic congestion. Annoying!!! I was fit to be tied. Of course, I became more and more agitated and Brian (who was with me) got really quiet because he knew that at any minute, I was most likely going to snap.

And, as should be expected, Courtney was still standing out in front of the school waiting (I was 45 minutes late). She didn't have a care in the world and hardly noticed that I was late at all. Great.

The lesson learned here? EVERYTHING should be given the 10-year perspective which is; In 10 years, how important will this moment be? (Believe it or not, I was taught that by a 12 year old boy). Yeah, here we are 2 hours later and the whole incident is all but forgotten by the people involved. Whaddya know?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Not a Baby Fan

When i was in high school I was a waitress. Everyone on my shift KNEW that you only put kids in my section if there was absolutely NO alternative. I really HATED children. I swore that the day would never arrive when I would have children. Some things change. Some things don't.

Fast forward a lot of years and here I am. A mom to a lot of children. Oh, I like my own, for the most part, but I'm still not a fan of other people's kids. Somehow, I'm guessing there is a lesson for me around this.

I am a volunteer at the yoga studio that I call my Mother Ship. I am a FRONT DESK worker and I've been doing this gig for about four months. I work once a week and there is a child care person that is in charge of watching the children of various clients that are taking classes. However, I can pretty much honestly say that the child care person on whatever shift I seem to be working usually doesn't show up. That leaves me tending the front desk AND the children.

The children in the childcare when I'm doing this are usually high need babies that have chosen this moment in time to scream their ever lovin guts out for the entire hour and a half that their moms are in class. Last night I walked up and down the sidewalk for over an hour with a screaming baby. This morning, here I am walking around bouncing another fussy baby. ENOUGH!! Right now I just wish God would tell me the lesson I'm supposed to learn from this madness. I promise, I'll be good and learn quickly. Lol.

And my girls wonder why I'm not into being a fun grandma.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Good Life

I have this new friend. Her name is Misti and I think she's a beautiful person. She has such wonderful energy and I LOVE being around her.

Funny story . . . when I met Misti I was pretty sure that her life was as perfect as it could get. I mean, this woman seemed to exude wonderfulness. She always seemed to have a smile on her face and she was always calm and she was just . . . perfect. I've since gotten to know her and I'm happy to report that her life is NOT perfect. Just like the rest of us. I'm not happy that she has problems, I just happy to see that you can maintain a happy, calm essence even when you are in the midst of a storm. And, baby, her storm was a doozy.

I had the privilege of zoning her feet about a month ago. It was a beautiful experience. I felt a wonderful energy when I was doing her feet and definitely picked up on some disturbances that she confirmed. Yay for foot zoning!

Anyway, today she is coming up to my house to be zoned and then we are bartering. She is going to be doing some energetic work on me. I'm so so so excited because it's something that I might want to explore and it'll be wonderful to see it totally in action on ME! It seems that the more I delve into this world of natural healing, the more I discover and the more I realize how perfect and wonderful our bodies are. They are so capable of healing themselves with just a little assistance from what God gave us. Awesome!

So today is a happy day. I'm feeling back to myself after weathering yet another horrendous storm and I just love my life. Beautiful music, spectacular sunrises and the serenity of my sanctuary make everything seem possible.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tossing and Turning

That was me last night. Tossing and turning and turning and tossing. Couldn't sleep at all last night! It was awful. I was irritated about something. Turned on the light at 1:00 to maybe read my book and fall asleep. As soon as I opened it I slammed it shut because it was so not what I wanted to read. Dang! I was a wreck. Of course, I must have fallen asleep somewhere in there because 5:00 was nudging me before I knew it!

When something like this happens, I usually get a phone call and one of my children (boys) are in trouble. It usually never fails. Oh, I have nights where I just can't sleep but when it's this kind of tumultuous stressful nervousness, it's my built-in indication that there's trouble knocking on my door.

Well, nobody has called. I'm patiently waiting for each of my children to check in to give me the thumbs up for the day. I've only seen three of them thus far - four to go.

Of course, we could just chock it up to too much caffeine (although I drank less green tea than normal yesterday) and make a mental note to lay off the stuff today. Yeah, let's go with that.

Okay, happy day! Oh . . . kids call your mother!

Martha Doesn't Live Here!

The Relief Society is having a retreat at my house this weekend. Normally this kind of thing would send a girl into out and out panic. However, I seem to be pretty calm about the sitch at this moment (Key phrase: "this moment").

Saturday the kids and I completely cleaned out Skip's shop (which has absolutely NOTHING to do with the house or where the sisters will be congregating but we thought it was a cool gesture to surprise the man that's NOT about the house of late). The shop looks pretty amazing - considering that it IS a shop, after all. I had a hot date with my bestie to go see Keith Urban (which was nothing short of amazing) so we had to cut the cleaning experience short - something I'm sure my children were devasted over.

Sunday we attacked my house. We cleaned the refrigerator, under the kitchen sink (because women DO look there) and flitted about the other common areas of the house. The twins were marvelous at digging in and helping out. It's funny because up until about a month ago my house was on the market for the past year and we have kept it in absolute show shape the entire time, which is a good thing because there were so many people that did NOT come to see it. Their loss! It's a pretty stellar place to hang your hat, if I may say so myself.

So yesterday I came home and decided I was going to attack my office and bedroom area. Well . . . I got a fabulous start and then got distracted. The computer started calling and calling my name and I finally answered. Dang it! I DID get a stack of paperwork sorted out and filed away, though. Big woot.

The sad part of this tale is that yesterday was my LAST full available day before the forthcoming event. Gasp. So it looks like this cowgirl is going to have to pony up and pull some late nighters to get this place up to par. Darn!!

Actually, the event will come and the event will go and I'm sure hardly anyone will notice whether or not my house is tidy. But, sitting proudly in my entryway is a little sign that reads, "If you came to see me, come in. If you came to see my house, please make an appointment." My bestest friend, Terri, gave it to me a million years ago when we both had little children that were constantly making it their life dharma to destroy our homes. Today, the saying still holds true. I am who I am and my friends accept me just the way I am. Right?