Thursday, July 11, 2013

Out to Pasture

Skipper kisses me good-bye as he leaves for work at 5:00 am.  I linger in bed for another half an hour then reluctantly push myself to getting up and about.  It only takes me about five minutes and I'm in my bliss.  I LOVE the mornings.  I have three amazing hours before I have to leave for work.

The rest of the fam got in late so they are sleeping in (yay!!) and that leaves the compound to me and just me all alone. Nothing better.

I feed my cats and dogs. The dogs are just too happy to see me (even though they slept all night with me in my room - silly animals).  I start another load of laundry and take the load in the washer out to hang on the line.  My momma did this while we were growing up and I just never tire of the smell of my laundry that has been dried by my earth mom.  PLUS, the very process of hanging my clothes just is so enjoyable.

Next, I start turning on water for my various gardens (the compound is for sale which means that all the foliage needs to look pristine) and head out to feed my horses.  They, too, are happy to see me.  Then there's the chickens and more plants and gardens.  I head to the backyard and hand water all the flowers in pots. 

And on it goes.  I just putter (my momma's word - I love it) around in my gardens and with my animals and just enjoy the peace, the solitude, the gentle breeze and the cool morning air. This is close to heaven.  In fact, please tell me that this is how my life will be when I arrive there.

As I've mentioned before, I'm moving.  This is it.  I'm moving to a place where nobody knows my name.  Nobody knows my past.  Nobody knows diddly squat about me.  I'm ready to be put out to pasture.  I'm grateful for this new direction.

Now . . . if there were just someway I could get a Bux delivered . . .