Monday, January 31, 2011

Large and in Charge!

I have been on a new high lately. For instance, today I ran three miles on my treadmill early this morning, went and did a nice yoga practice and then walked with my friend for 7-1/2 miles later. I feel terrific! It feels good to feel great the way I used to feel when I was doing a lot of exercise.

My son, Brian, has the same challenge I do. When he's working out, his mental health is super duper terrific. When he's not . . . well . . . let's just say that he's a bit difficult to get along with (ahem, that would be an understatement, btw). He's been swimming, playing basketball and snow boarding. Brandilyn made a comment tonight that he's so calm. Hmmm, what's up with that?

Well, I feel the same way. Things just seem to be bouncing off of me. I feel like I'm more in control of my world. I LOVE exercise. It's just that it takes so freakin much time to do what is best for my mental health. Tomorrow I have my regular treadmill run scheduled for o'dark thirty and then a 17 mile bike ride with my bestie and then (hopefully) a riding lesson in the afternoon with my grand daughter.

I'm super duper hoping that it all comes off the way I have it planned. Cuz if it does . . . life will be gooooood!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chatty Kathy

Today I started my new job. No, I don't have a 9-5 paying job. I just took on tending my 4 year old (well, she'll be 4 on the 15th of February) grand daughter, Ava. How cute can this little darling be? She is WAY chatty and full of all kind of random information. She had me giggling and chuckling pretty much all day long.

Also, Skip and I gave her riding lessons for her 4th birthday. Today was her first lesson. Check this out:
Yeah, here she is on my black horse. He's being such a good boy with her, too (well, I had a lesson on him this morning which wore him out and then I turned him out the rest of the day to make sure he got all his "jollies" out).

It was so much fun and so satisfying to see another member of my family get as excited as I get when I'm about to ride my horse. She was just jumping up and down all afternoon and, when I gave her her riding helmet, she refused to take it off. She even wore it in the car as we were driving out to the ranch.

I'm sure the novelty of watching Ava will wear off somewhat, but I sure plan to enjoy it as much as I possibly can. These moments will never pass by me again.

Monday, January 24, 2011

You Talking to Me?

Today while I was at an appointment, I noticed that my phone was vibrating a LOT! I was concerned that someone was in a bad way but had to ignore it nonetheless (should have turned it off but I didn't). Anyway, when I walked out I dialed my voicemail and received this message (keeping in mind that "F" means the "f" word and "B" means the "b" word):

You FB! You better NEVER leave a message on my girlfriend's phone again. If you do, I'll come to your school and put my hands around your throat and kill you! Do you understand me, you FB? I'm not kidding around! I'll kill you! You're just a FB!
Wow! I was a bit taken back! Who the heck did I offend now? So I texted Mr. Angry Guy with the following:
I have no idea who you are. I'm pretty sure you have the wrong number. I'm a middle aged mom and I find your threats and language offensive.
Mr. Angry Guy replied:
I'm very sorry. My friend took my phone and mouthed off to some kid. I apologize. I'm only 16.
Well, I was impressed with this young man's maturity. I mean, how many young men would own their crap like that? I texted him back and told him I was sorry he was having a rough day and was impressed that he was mature enough to own it. I then thanked him for the apology.
Of course, how would I really know if he was 16 or not? He DID sound pretty young, though.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


I just started watching that movie, "Eat, Pray, Love". I've read the book so watching the movie was not a big deal to me, I thought. I like to watch movies as I run on the treadmill so I only get to view 1/2 hour per day of each movie. It makes it so much more delicious to spread it out for a period of time like that. Of course, I have to remind anyone I talk to about whatever movie I'm watching to not tell me what happens because I'm in the middle of said movie.

Anyway, I just started watching this movie. I want to read the book again now. There are some really profound ideas presented already in the first half of the movie! Wow! I just can't seem to write them down as I hear them (because, yeah, I'm humming along on a moving machine!). Between this movie that I viewed a bit of this morning and Karate Kid that I watched last night, I seem to be in a really peaceful mood. I'm enjoying watching myself enjoy my day.

Of course, it's rather helpful that Robbie has gone snowboarding for the day and the twins are self entertained in their rooms. However, we are leaving for church in like five minutes so it'll be interesting to see how my day evolves with church and then drill practice intertwined in it. I so want to maintain this peaceful content feeling, though.

Anyway, two thoughts that have nothing to do with anything I've said just found their way to my eyes and I really want to jot them down right here.

Our life is a picture of our thoughts, speech, beliefs, actions and attitudes.
and this one from Ralph Waldo Emerson . . .
A man is what he thinks about all day long.
Please, God, let me be a blissful, peaceful, happy person because that's all I can think of right now!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Blind Side

You ever see that movie Blind Side? The one with Sandra Bolluck where she's a mom and takes in a young man that is homeless? Yeah, that movie. Great movie. Totally loved it.

So, no, I'm NOT trying to emulate her in my life at all. However, there was a young man, Demariea, that came to "stay" for a few days last summer at our home. He gave me a story (that was completely untrue) and I allowed him to stay. Well, a couple months went by and he was still in my home. After that, well . . . Demariea got into some trouble with the law and was taken to juvie where he resided, went to court and was later transferred to a facility about two hours away from us.

I've kept in touch with this lad throughout his ordeal. His family life is dysfunctional to say the least and I've let him know that he has a home with us when he is finally released. The more I've gotten to know him, the more compassion I have toward him.

Anyway, Saturday he had a wrestling tournament and the twins and I went to watch (it's the only time he's allowed out of his facility as long as he displays good behavior). He was amazing! I know nothing about wrestling but I have to tell you he made it look like he knew what he was doing. Furthermore, I was able to get this picture of this young man that NEVER smiles for pictures! Imagine that!

It was a treat to visit with Demariea and to bring him food that he doesn't usually get to enjoy (this time it was a Subway sandwich and some Diet Coke). It truly makes me appreciate the things that I take for granted in my life - like freedom to eat what I please and to come and go at will.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Easy Come. Easy Go.

So my last post was about this fabulous deal on that car. Right? Well tonight evidentally the kids found an even better deal up there in Idaho. Go figure. Now I'm waiting for someone up there to send a photo of the new ride that they're gonna try to score tomorrow. Go them!

In other news . . . I went to a class tonight and Robbie was in charge (with Dani, of course). I came home and Jacob was already in his jammies ready for bed. When he saw me he said, "Uh, yeah, I was just getting ready to take my shower." (like heck you were!). Anyway, he went and took his shower. When he came out, this is what I saw:
After my initial "WTF" shock, I asked him where he got hold of a razor. He answered, "I don't know what you're talking about. I didn't see a razor." Um, okaaayy . . . then how did your eyebrows disappear?

I texted Brandilyn, Dave, Brian and Megan to find out who left a razor within accessibility to Jacob. The culprit? Yeah, it was Megs. Anyway, it was all we could do to keep a straight face. Of course, Jacob saw us smirking and started to laugh. He is now proud of his new look. I'm guessing when he gets to school tomorrow it might be a different story though.

Trash or Treasure?

Dilema: Brian and Megs are up at school in freezing temperatures without a vehicle.
Solution #1: Megs uses all her savings ($4000) and buys a car
Problem: If said vehicle breaks down there's no money for repairs. Also, there's the little matter of $40/month insurance for Megs (Bri has no license currently so he's out of the loop on this one).
Solution $2: Mom remembers that she intercepted some of Brian's $$ when he was being young and dumb and stashed it away. He could contribute this cash to the cause. Also . . . Mom suggests that we contact her mechanic friend and see if he knows of any inexpensive and reliable cars out there for a student to use. Enter this little beauty:
He found us this car for only $500! $500!!!! Can you believe that? It's got a blown head gasket so with the repairs for that and other misc. fixers we can score this car for about $2000. It's a 1993 Audi with only 136K miles on it. Not bad, right? There's even a bonus too . . . the car has been sitting in this guy's driveway for a really long time because he hasn't gotten around to dealing with it (he's the neighbor of my friend) and just wants the car gone. Anyway, there are little plants growing in the window where the wiper blades are!! Yeah, it's a garden too!
Of course this does mean another road trip in the near future for Mom (breaks her heart that she has to drive all by herself and then spend more time with her babies . . . NOT!).
Oh, and that gorgeous beauty doing the Vanna White imitation? Yeah, that would be my bestie, Nan. Dang, I love that girl!
Brian, Meg and Mom are all stoked.