Friday, February 26, 2010

What Goes Around . . .

Yesterday I was talking to Brian on the phone. He's up in Idaho at college. We were chatting and I was venting, a little, about my frustration that Robbie is never home and always out with his friends. I then told Brian that I knew that this was normal. I've been through it four times already with all of the older kids.

Brian asked me to send him something and to ask Robbie where it was. I informed him that Robbie was spending the night at a friend's house and that I wouldn't see him (I guess that's where the conversation about me being frustrated initiated). Brian asked me who Rob was staying with and I (thinking quick on this one, lol) gave him the name of one of Brian's friends that still lives around here that I know Robbie still occasionally communicates with. Brian got really upset and said, "NO WAY!! No, Mom, don't let him stay there! That is a really bad atmosphere for Robbie to be in." I laughed and told him that I was kidding and that he was staying with a different friend. Brian then said, "Oh, wow, you had me going there for a minute."

I smiled in satisfaction. Oh, yes! My boy is beginning to see the light (I think). We've been down a rough and rocky road with that boy and I'm so grateful to see him growing and progressing in a good and positive way.

As it turns out . . . Robbie brought his friend home and they hung here last night with us. Yeah, yesterday was a good day.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Big Grey Hunk of Deliciousness!

Yesterday I went out to the ranch to ride my trusty steed. Black Horse. I love that horse so much. I understand him and he just packs my happy tail around the ring and over the jumps like a trooper. He even gets "naughty" every once in awhile and cuts out and starts bucking. I so love it when he does this (even though it infuriates my trainer to no end).

Well, yesterday was another story all together. I started heading out to the ring to ride and noticed that my darling equine was "off". He was definitely favoring one of his front legs. My trainer says "no trotting, cantering or jumping today!" I was bummed. What's the use of riding? I put him away with a big sad frown upon my mug.

I then carefully asked Irene (my trainer) if I could ride Billy. She said I could. I was a little intimidated by his size and the fact that he's pretty "green". I bucked up and climbed aboard and had the ride of my life. He floated around the ring and was such a good boy! I'm in love! It's such a teaser that he's for sale and at a killer price to boot!

So am I cheating on Black Horse? Um, yeah. Do I feel bad? Not too much. Will I ride Billy again if I'm given the opportunity? You bet your butt I will!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It came! I am so excited! I know, it just seems silly to get that excited over a simple magazine but it really does make me happy.

My Vegetarian Times magazine is one of my faves. I love, love, love to check out the new vegan recipes so I immediately flip to the back and check out what they've got for me to experiment.

This month they have a wonderful article on CSA farms which is what my sister has. I'm proud of her and it makes me happy that there is education out there to help people move in that direction. Anyone who buys produce from my sister is lucky. She puts a lot of love and hard work into her farm. I only wish I lived closer so that we could work together and I could score some of that yummy stuff!

Anyway, I'm also pretty excited to try the recipe for vegan chocolate mousse. If it's as yummy as it looks, I'll put that recipe on my other blog.

So, it's back to my magazine now!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010


Why do I feel so blah? I don't understand.

I spent the last four days helping my mom move from her home that she's lived in for 40 years. I picked up my dad on the way up to Vancouver and brought the twins with me. We drove for 12 hours, spent two full days moving Mom and drove 12 hours back. The weekend was wonderful. I got to stay at my sister's house and I just totally enjoyed being with my parents and my sister and Leah. My dad seemed to be doing better than he's been doing in quite awhile and my mom is just a cruiser.

So, this morning I get up (it's Monday) and I just feel like being a slug. I want to stay home and nap. I don't want to go ride my bike or even go to my yoga class. What's up with that crap? Well I'm going to push myself through this funk and get through it. I guess it doesn't help that it's foggy and windy outside today, does it.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Yesterday while I was talking to Brandilyn on the phone I mentioned that I hate it when a day goes by and I don't feel like I have accomplished anything. This morning I was contemplating that thought as I was busy running my little self around getting things ready for the day. I woke up at 4:50 a.m. and by 7:45 a.m. this is what I have accomplished so far today:
  • Went for a three mile run
  • Fed the horses
  • Woke up Rob
  • Made Rob's lunch
  • Made Rob's bed (yeah, he's spoiled)
  • Took my shower and got myself ready
  • Did two loads of laundry
  • Started dinner for tonight in the crockpot
  • Started soaking seeds and nuts for the week's breakfast
  • Started distilling another gallon of water
  • Made kid's smoothies
  • Woke up the twins
  • Made twins eggs and toast for breakfast
  • Made my green smoothie and breakfast
  • Blogged this entry

So, there! I AM productive. I think I've done quite a bit today and the day is still young! I still get to ride my horse, zone someone, sign papers to sell my car (cha ching!), attend an IEP meeting for one of my darlings, bop into the health food store and the grocery store, feed the horses again, get dinner on the table in a timely manner for the twins, take the twins to mutual tonight, enjoy a yoga class, get some homework completed and, hopefully, spend some much needed time with my man!

Yup, I guess I shouldn't fret.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Working Man!

Since Robbie made the decision to do Independent Study for school he has found that his days are rather . . . quiet. He comes home from seminary and sleeps, dinks around on the computer and sometimes gets around to homework (ok, ok he IS actually ahead in school it just SEEMS like he doesn't do much else).

Well, I'm proud of my boy. He went out and got himself a REAL job! Yup. He's working for a contractor here in town and he works "as needed". He worked yesterday and he took off again today saying he had work after seminary. He says it's "pretty cool".

I packed him up a lunch yesterday in his dad's old lunch box/cooler. I handed it to him as he was walking out the door and he said, "Yeah, now I feel legit."

Monday, February 8, 2010

They're 12!!!!

The twins turned 12 last week. Since there's TWO of them we had to divide things up a bit. We let Jacob pick breakfast and Courtney picked dinner. Then on Friday we reversed it. So here's the birthday kids at breakfast with their pancakes that Jacob picked.

For dinner Courtney selected grilled cheese sandwiches with green salad (so it IS sinking in!). Dad came home early so that they could open their gifts.

Friday night we told them they could each invite a friend and we went out to pizza and then to a movie. We watched "Tooth Fairy" which actually turned out to be pretty funny (I was a little skeptical). After the movie we all went out for frozen yogurt. Courtney ended up saying that is the best birthday ever!!! Mission accomplished, I guess.

Sunday they both were called up front in church. Courtney was advanced to Young Women's and Jacob received the priesthood. Wow! No more Primary! Rock on!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Who'd Have Thunk It!

Today is day #33 on me being 100% vegan. No sugar. No animal products of ANY kind. No processed foods. Just vegan. I'm actually ok now. The first few days were pretty rough but now I'm good.
Here's the rub . . . anyone who knows me knows how much I so do NOT like being in the kitchen to prepare food. I have always been the "leftover" or "musgo" queen. Now, on this new eating plan, I am forced to be in the kitchen pretty regular chopping, grating and preparing food constantly. I feel like a turn-of-the-century woman. The funny thing is . . . I kinda like it. It feels organic!
Other bonuses of eating like this? The twins enjoy the food (they really do!), I feel a lot better and the twins seem to be having better days on a more consistent basis. The food tastes good and our bodies like us too. How cool is that?