Monday, June 27, 2011


Going to Girl's Camp (the week-long camp that our church puts on for our teenage girls) has been part of my life since Brandilyn was 12 years old. I have gone every year with the exception of two (and one of those I was called but had to decline because Brandilyn chose to get married like a week after camp was over, YIKES!).

I LOVE camp! I have always worked so hard organizing hand-outs, preparing scripture study, getting ready for the overnight hike (because I've always been in charge of 3rd years) and bonding with the girls. It's been rewarding, fulfilling and FUN!

This year, however, I was not invited to be a leader at camp. I was asked to be the camp coordinator for our ward - which I accepted. I dutifully did all the tasks that a coordinator is supposed to do: collect the money, make sure all the forms are filled out and returned, keep the girls informed about meetings, coordinate (and teach) the CPR and first-aid before camp, coordinate the rides for the girls AND their gear etc., etc., etc. There's a lot that goes into camp!

We were three seats short so I decided to drive those three girls AND all the gear up to camp today. I had a lot of fun chatting and listening to music for the three hour ride with the girls. I laughed hard and enjoyed - really enjoyed - every minute of the journey. When I got to camp, I unloaded the gear and unhooked my trailer and had lunch before I headed home.

I must say that I got pretty choked up a few times. My bestie AND my daughter were staying and I was coming back and I wasn't taking it very well. Nope, not well at all. I felt like a spoiled brat who didn't get her way. I left and had quite a struggle with my emotions most of the way home.

Here I am at home tonight. I just had what I wanted for dinner (a protein shake) and I'm on my computer blogging and I am tossing a glance at my awesome comfortable bed. They are at camp with the bugs (actually I don't mind bugs), loud rowdy girls, long trips in the dark to the restroom and trying to be comfortable in that stupid mummy sleeping bag with a loud air mattress underneath.

Yes, I'm thinking being home isn't bad.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Yesterday I came home from town after a quick appointment that I had. I gave the twins specific instructions on some chores that needed to be complete and they had their choice as to which one to work on. They chose to weed the compost area by my vegetable garden.

When I got home, I rushed up to the house, changed my clothes, grabbed my gloves and went down to help them. While we were working, I noticed four large eggs set beside one of the trailers. I knew instantly that they were peacock eggs. The peacocks are nesting (my neighbors have a LOT of peacocks) and there are a lot of hens laying on eggs around their property and neighboring properties (like ours).

When I asked the twins where they got the eggs they both pointed in a different direction and said in unison, "over there!"(you know, like the scarecrow on Wizard of Oz). It didn't take rocket science to know that one of them was fibbing. I KNEW Courtney knew where one of the hens was laying nearby (and that is EXACTLY where Jacob had pointed) and I called her on it. After a few attempts to convince me that she wasn't lying, she finally caved.

Yeah, she told Jacob (big mistake) where the nest was and Jacob decided that he needed the eggs (for whatever reason). Nice.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Doin the Beesness!

Little boxes, on the hillside, little boxes made for little bees. There's a brown one and a white one and a square one and a tall one and they're all made of wood and they all look just the same.

Lol. Yeah, so I just changed the lyrics for the song, "Little Boxes" because it just seemed a bit appropriate for my new little friends that just arrived. BEES!!

The bee guys delivered these little darlings two nights ago. They had to bring them in the middle of the night (like stealth) because that's when the bees are asleep and unaware of what the flip is going on. However, when they awoke yesterday morning I'm going to venture to say that they were NOT happy bees. Their little worlds were rocked!!

We were swimming and the bees decided that the pool was a perfect water source. Sorry to say that the kids and I really didn't agree. We spent a lot of time scooping the little guys out of the water so they wouldn't drown. Of course, Jacob had to completely flip out twice when a bee was on him and consequently he got stung . . . twice.

I'm hoping things settle down a bit today. We are promised a LOT of honey and a bit of $$ for our trouble in fostering the bees. We'll see. I can say this, though. When I go for my morning walk along the trail that goes below this area, I really feel a surge of energy as I can hear the hum coming from the boxes up above. It's a good thing and it totally makes me smile and appreciate God's creations a bit more.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bumpy Summer

Summer vacation is off and running. It's been a rough first week, to say the least. First, for whatever reason, I thought it would be okay to go out in the mornings and do my "thing" (aka yoga and ride my horse and visiting teaching) and then come home and find the perfect twins dressed, fed and doing their minimal list of chores that I've left for them. NOT!!!

I came home to chaos on Monday and Tuesday and by Wednesday I decided to start waking the darlings up and taking them with me each morning. It sucks beyond all suckage but it's the way I have to roll. Courtney says this is the worst summer EVER. Amen! But really . . . look at this . Look at what Jacob did to my (Brandilyn's) cat!!! I know this is freaking hilarious but . . . really?

Okay, so there has been SOME fun. Like yesterday when I was watching Ava we opened up the pool and the kids all played. Of course, that's when I discovered that I've been a rather neglectful parent. Courtney's swimsuit is at least three years old. We scooted out today and snagged her a new one. She is most excited now to have something new to wear to camp in a week.
So, I think Jacob going back to summer school and me just learning to constantly have kids in tow is how this family is going to survive this summer. I've always been a mom that LOVES having the babies home from school but now I think I'm finally understanding how a lot of moms count down the days till school starts again.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Rockin Livermore!

Our drill team rocked the house last Thursday night (the 9th). We actually all looked great and were in sync. This post is short and sweet but here's the link to our performance if you feel like taking about 8 minutes out of your life to watch. I'm one of the ones on a paint horse. See if you can figure out WHICH paint horse I'm riding, lol.

One of the coolest things was AFTER our performance. We went back to our trailers and a whole crowd of people flocked over to take our pictures and asked us to pose with their children. I felt like Britney Spears (almost)! It was a really fun evening. The only regret I have was that I had to dash off to do an airport pick up and wasn't allowed to stick around and celebrate with my girls. Of course, the prize at the airport was my princess and I wouldn't have missed that for all the glory in the world.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Wedding Bliss

Yesterday Danielle and Jeffrey got married. Our family was all there (minus Jacob who was enjoying his last day of school). They got hitched at the courthouse and I was so impressed with how nice they made the event there. They had a little arch all decorated up and they had pews for all of us family to sit and . . . well, it was just as nice as it could be.

Today, we had the reception. We had originally planned to have the party up here at our place but experience has taught me that any event held at our place is almost certain to be ruined with the excessive winds that we tend to have. We moved the festivities to our church in town.

Hahaha! Mother Nature sure got the last laugh. The weather has been absolutely stunningly gorgeous of late and today, of all days, it was windy and nasty cold. Fortunately, most of the people and cetainly all of the family, didn't let a little wind and cold ruin the celebration. Everything turned out pretty well. We had food. We had cake (amazing cupcakes). We had dancing. We had a dj (THE Brian Paul Weltz). We had entertainment (Jacob and Brian displayed their break dancing skills). We had family and friends and felt lots of love and support.

When we got home, we were more than certain that we had made the right choice. The winds were absolutely howling (like a hurricane, as my BFF pointed out) and it was/is bitter cold. It was a relief to get the vehicles unloaded and bundled up in our cozy home. A few of us are venturing out in a bit to soak in the hot tub. Oooh lala!!

The bride and groom? Well, they are headed to Vegas tomorrow for a week honeymoon. Yay for Danielle and Jeff! We love you guys!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Today Just Rules!

Hahaha. My drill leader texted me today and asked what the heck I was in such a great mood about. Well . . . I'll tell you:

  • I scored a cute pair of white jeans for just $11.99 at Kohls to wear for my drill performances (I thought I was going to pay upwards of $80 or more)

  • I got a pedicure and wax and I feel pretty

  • I get to spend some time at home (something I cherish)

  • The sun is trying to come out

  • I got trained for my new "job" today (working front desk at the Dog)

  • I have good friends and family that love me and allow me to have my "moments" without judgement
Yeah, that's a nice start for now. This is me soaring across the sky like a firework. I'm grasping for the positive and holding onto it. I'm happy for the little things that are right in my life right now. Could this day possibly get any better? You bet your bum it will (it's only 5:00 in the afternoon!).

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rock Bottom!

It's been a rough few days. I keep thinking it's gonna get better and I just keep sinking deeper into the muck. I made the comment yesterday, "Well, the good news is that when you are finally as low as you can go there's only one place to go. UP!!"

Then I went and saw that movie that's out right now, Bridesmaids. Okay, okay, okay, I know it's rated R. Cut me some slack. That movie was downright fricking hilarious! Not only did it lighten my mood, but it just resonated with how I felt about my life right now. I laughed my fool head off!

Yes, there's a lot of crap to deal with today. A LOT, I tell you! However, I honestly feel that I've about hit the absolute bottom. I am rejoicing!! So, Baby, you'd better look out cuz this girl is gonna be flying like a firework on the freaking Fourth of July! Let the games begin!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Wee Bit Edgy

I feel like, once again, I have a LOT on my plate right now. Danielle and Jeff are getting married in about 10 days, I have three drill performances before that date and numerous (it seems) practices and I have an important court date with Robbie next Tuesday. I'm feeling stretched quite thin. In addition, I'm trying to get going on a couple of other "projects" that I'm feeling pretty good about - but they, too, require a large piece of me. Today, I'm on my way up to work on my sister's books for her business. Ahhhh!!!!

So, I was chatting with a friend on the phone last night and when I mentioned that my daughter was getting married next Saturday she had to say those words that I HATE!! "Oh, but this is Skip's daughter from his first marriage, right?" Like, that makes her null and void?

Wtf!?!?! I have been in Danielle's life since she was nine months old. I have had the privilege (or otherwise, lol) of raising her since she was about two. She was with Skip and I full time until she turned 18 and went off to BYU. So, how the heck does that make her any less valid as my daughter? It's like I mentioned before about people and their ridiculous comments about my "adopted" children. So, I will say it again . . . YES! She IS my daughter!!! Yes, she has someone else she calls "mom" as well (I have never asked or encouraged Cory or Danielle to call me "mom" because they have one already but Danielle does refer to me as her mom. And, oh for the record, I get along with her mom quite well. We are great friends). I love her the same as I do my other children.

So, there it is. I still have a lot to do to prepare for the reception. I still have a lot of emotions wrapped up in watching another one of my daughters take this big step in life. I still look forward to watching the years unfold and seeing what kind of wonderful life she and her husband will make together. I still am gaininig another "son". I'm still a proud mom and, yes, I DO have pictures. Here, I'll share one.

Sorry, D, but this IS my favorite one and this IS my blog so even though it is "Your Day, Your Way" I get the final say here, lol.