Thursday, May 27, 2010

No Pero, No Bueno

One of my favorite indulgences (and diversions from junk food) is my occasional cups of steaming hot Pero. I love this stuff. I actually got reaquainted with this dear friend of mine while I was visiting the kids up in Idaho.

I come home, finish my container of Pero and promptly head out to my beloved Livermore in search of another container. What? No Pero in Livermore? Can this be? I could almost feel the tremors of withdrawls coming on.

I put my status on Facebook to reflect my dismay and my gorgeous, wonderful, thoughtful and loving daughter promptly responded with "I'll overnight some Pero to you today!" I love that girl! I'm so excited that I'm going to have my fix tomorrow. I just need to get through this night.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


There are some things that are just making my heart happy right now . . .

  • thinking about how Brandilyn took such great care of me when I was hurt and visiting her in Idaho. I just felt so "safe". Thank you, Princess. You rock!
  • Jollene met up with me in Wells, NV (she was traveling from SLC with a bunch of folk dancers) and drove my car for me all the way to Reno
  • My sweetheart (yeah, that would be Skip) flew into Reno and drove my car the rest of the way home and we got to spend some really great time alone together. I love you, babe.
  • Getting my certificate for face zoning. I really love doing it.
  • Danielle coming up tonight and allowing me to practice on her face and feet. It was so great getting to visit with her and having her all to myself.
  • Practicing with the drill team Monday night in spite of my challenge. I am so excited to ride with these ladies in the rodeos this summer!!!
  • Having Brian here for the night last night and getting to spend some time with the just the two of us today before he flew back out to Idaho. He's growing up to be a really great person (yeah, that really did just roll off of my fingers, lol).
  • Chatting with my daddy on the phone this afternoon. I just love him so much. It's NEVER a burden or inconvenience to spend time with my dad.

I'm feeling happy and loved right at the moment. This feels good. I know that things change quickly but right now, right here it just feels good. Thank you, all of you, for your love.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Vintage, Baby!

Okay, since I have a hurt flipper, Brian and Brandilyn thought it would be hecka funny if they placed me in a wheelchair to get around in. I went along for the "ride" ONCE! I allowed Brian (yeah, what the heck was I thinking?) to push me around. Scary!
This wheelchair is a total crack up. Brandilyn's friend, Hailey, bought this from the DI store (the Mormon version of Goodwill). She spray painted it gold and hung red tassels on the side. The back has "Shirley" written in some random huge font. It's frickin hilarious!
So then after Brian was finished having his fun, I decided to see if I could get around in the wheelchair by myself. Okay, I now have a new appreciation for those who actually do have to get around in these things. They must have the most incredible upper body strength!

The Busted Flipper

Friday morning I went out to do my morning chores at 5:30 a.m. It's dark. I went down and turned on the sprinklers for my garden and, when I was heading back over to the garden, my foot inadvertently discovered a hole that my darling Jacob had recently dug while he was playing. Down I went HARD! On the way down I heard that unmistakable "crack" and I lay there on the ground rolling around and swearing (the peacocks chimed in to harmonize with me). Finally I pulled myself up and realized that I really did hurt myself. However, this was not the day I was going to change plans. No sir eee!!!

Hobbling around, I finished my chores and made it back up to the house and called Skip.

Me: "Um, I think I really hurt myself this morning (then recited the story)."
Him: "You probably slightly sprained it. Just walk it off. The more you walk on it, the faster it will get better."
Me: "I don't know, Skip. It hurts pretty bad and it's swelling up pretty fast."
Him: "Well, I'm sure you'll be fine."

Ok. Whatever!

After I got Jacob up and he was dressed for school, I asked him to run down and turn off the sprinklers. He said, "Ok, Mom, no problem!" Off he went. He came back, ate breakfast, brushed his teeth and did all his stuff and waited for his bus. When it arrived I told him I couldn't walk him out because of my foot. He looked super sad and said, "You always walk me out. Please?" I couldn't resist. I did and after he was buckled in and I had kissed him I looked up and saw that the sprinklers were still going in the garden. I asked him about that and he said, "Oh yeah, I couldn't figure it out. Bye Mom! I love you!" Lol. Off to the garden I headed . . . again.

I slowly got everyone else up and around and loaded up my car because, you see, this was the day that I was heading out to Rexburg to see my kids. I'm more excited about this trip than you can imagine cuz my babies mean so much to me! Robbie helped me load the heavy stuff in my car and Courtney (sort of) helped me load the smaller things. I dropped Court off for school like two minutes late but she was good natured about it.

I made the 14 hour drive to Rexburg and was pretty happy to see my kids. Brandilyn decided that my foot needed to be xrayed and took me to the ER yesterday morning. Yup, it's fractured! Now I'm sporting a sexy black boot on my right foot (I match my bestie, Neener, who also broke her right foot earlier this year and now has the same black boot).

Okay, so now I'm getting a taste for how it's gonna feel when I'm older and my children will hopefully be taking care of me. Brandilyn has been such a champ. Driving me around, listening to me whine about my owie, getting my medicine and fetching things for me. I'm so lucky to have such great kids.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Funk

There's a couple things that have gone down in the past bit that have me in a "funk". I hate being this way. It's so not me and I need to shake it.
  • Yesterday while we were at church a plane crashed on the property across the road from our ranch. A couple were killed and there were diapers in the wreckage so they were searching for a baby. Never found the baby but nonetheless, it has really bothered me a lot since. I look out my window and can still see the wings and other remains from the plane.
  • Someone very close to me told me something a while ago that had me giddy with excitement and anticipation. Somehow I misunderstood the whole message and now find myself disappointed and even a bit angry. Not to mention that I just plain feel stupid, awkward and presumptuous. Not good.

I need to shake this dark cloud that seems to be hovering over me. Last night I went on like a 3-1/2 mile walk to clear my head. It didn't seem to help. So now I'm going to look to my yoga mat to do the job and then after that I'm going to head out to the garden.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Times Like These

Lately, I have a few things on my mind that seem to be over ruling the nice balance of my life.
  • Billy. I love that horse and I really want to buy him but, well . . . you know, money always gets in the way of what we "think" we need. I "think" I need Billy but I gotta get rid of that cute little pony first. Grrr
  • Pierre. That little rascal has become the terror of the neighborhood. First he was "playing" with my bunnies (both of them) and then within an hour of each other they died of heart attacks. Broke my heart and cried like a baby as I was burying them. Two days ago one of my neighbor's peacocks was found dead in my yard with a very guilty looking pup hovering by. Guess who had to deal with THAT ill fated bird? This morning, another attack. This time one of my hens is missing and Pierre and Maddie were snacking on her nest of eggs that she's been tending. That pup!!!
  • Horses. Want more time to ride them!!! End of story. Really want to join that drill team and go play in the rodeos. Sound crazy?
  • Garden. Want more time to play in my garden! There's so much to do and my days keep getting chopped up by stuff like grocery shopping, picking up kids, doing "responsible" errands. Yuck!

The good news is is that I DID get a couple plants put in the ground yesterday! Yay! Also, I have been out riding my steeds a couple times a week. So, there IS a bright light in this tunnel, right? Actually, life is GREAT and I am super happy these days. Yoga is fabulous and the sunshine makes my soul want to jump out of my body and soar!