Monday, September 28, 2009


It always blows my mind when history just keeps repeating itself. Over and over and over and over agan. When will I ever get it right so I can quit waking up to Ground Hog Day!!???!!

Yom Kippur

Many, many, many years ago in a land not too far away from this one I worked at Walters and Wolf right along side my now - not then but now - husband.

Anyway (anyhoooo - sorry had to throw that in) one day "Bob" and I were attempting to calendar a luncheon. We went out to lunch once a month because we could. As we were looking over the calendar we noticed Yom Kippur day and started laughing saying, "well, I guess we can't go to lunch on this day because it's Yom Kippur day and we will be taking the day off work!."

I know that today that doesn't sound too hysterical but back then, when we worked every day no matter what unless it was Christmas, that was freaking funnier than heck!!!

Well, today is Yom Kippur and I have to tell you that I think I want to take the day off. I'm not Jewish (I think it's a Jewish day) but I want the day off anyway!

Now . . . if I had only thought of this while I was up in Idaho visiting the Princess! I could have just stayed another night! Dang, dang, dang!!!!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009


Right now I'm happy. What makes me happy?

1. I'm in Rexburg with Brian visiting with Brandilyn and Dave. I love and miss them all the time so it is so nice to be here spending time with them.

2. I get to go see Brandilyn's debut in her Humors group tonight. I'm so proud of her. I've always thought she was funny and so now the rest of the world gets to see what I mean!

3. Brian is enjoying himself here spending time with Chad. He is actually excited about coming up here next semester. Highlight of his day? Getting a one hour deep scalp massage for $8 at Paul Mitchell Beauty School.

4. I got to take a riding lesson with Brandilyn up here today at the ranch where she rides. It was really great to ride with a different trainer (mine is the best, by the way) on a different horse (mine is the best, by the way) at a different ranch (yup, you got it! Mine is the best by the way).

5. I am feeling better. I haven't been sick - I just haven't felt great lately. Today I'm feeling pretty good.

So, there you have it! Little things just add up to wonderfulness. I enjoy life and I enjoy the little things that make it great!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Blog Site

Over to the right is a link to "Naturally Jode". I started another blogsite to post my favorite recipes on. Feel free to check it out. Whenever I try and enjoy something new I will toss it over there!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

My Hero, Skip

I can't give a lot of details here but I do need to say that my husband rocks! He put himself out there today and came back a winner! He is always a winner in my eyes but it's so nice to hear that someone else appreciates him almost as much as I do.

Skip is trustworthy, loyal, hard working, dependable and he's all MINE!!!

Thank you, babe, for working so hard so that we can enjoy such a wonderful life. I hope that someday ALL of our children will be able to look back and appreciate all that you have done for them (and me).

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Just Like Mom!

I remember several years ago my mom telling me that after us kids had all moved out she woke up one morning and had no idea who she was. No, I'm not saying that Mom had lost her mind or anything, she had just always identified herself as our "Mom". It bothered her a lot that suddenly that was no longer her "active" identity.

Well, Mom didn't waste any time. She started taking art classes and gardening classes. She is now a master gardener and she creates the most awesome pieces of art. She sent me a picture of a squirrel eating a nut for my birthday that she painted. It rocks!

I'm proud of my mom. She has created a life for herself that she enjoys and that is fulfilling to her. She is happy.

I have always remembered that comment and have really strived to make sure that I have plenty of activities that define me as well. I have four children now out of the house with three on final approach. I know that I'll be sad when they leave but one this is certain . . .I will NOT wake up and be at a loss as to who I am or what I do.

Thank you, Mom, for that very valuable lesson. You rock!

Friday, September 18, 2009


This is what the twins and I had for dinner tonight. OMG, it was soooo good! THEY even liked it, like WOW!!! Of course the fact that the tomatoes, onions and cilantro came from my own garden made the fare just that much more special. Check it out!

Tomato, Avacado and Almond Salad

*2 cups tomatoes, chopped
*1-2 cups avacado, diced
*1 cup almonds, chopped
1 cup celery, chopped fine
4-5 T chopped green onion
4-5 T choppped cilantro
1-2 T fresh lemon juice
1 t agave
1 T nutritional yeast (optional)
dash of cayenne (optional)
1/4 t sea salt

Mix and enjoy! *Optionally, for simplicity, use just the first three ingredients and a pinch of salt.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lookie at what I got!

Two years ago, for my birthday, Skip made a late night trip up to my Daddy's place and hauled back his old beat up International truck. Skip knew that my Dad had given that truck to me and that someday I wanted to "fix it up" and keep it. Of course, at that time, neither of us had any idea how much $$ was involved in such a project. We also had no idea that the economy would do what it did and we would end up how we are. Enough of that.

Tonight, my honey drove home and tooted the coolest horn when he arrived. I knew right away what was out there and, boy was I right! So here it is! My daddy's truck all restored and running like . . . uh, well . . . running like . . . um . . . an old truck. Yeah, that would be the let down, I guess.

But, hey! Isn't it a beauty? Oh, and check out the driver too!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I love the temple!

This morning I went to the temple with my BFF, Nan. We had already planned to go and it turned out that today was the perfect day for both of us. I so needed the couple of hours of peace. I got more than I bargained for and so did Nancy. I got that wonderful comforting feeling that everything is going to be ok. I felt so loved.

Nancy actually got prompted to do something that wasn't even on her mind! Go figure!!! We both left there feeling spirtually fed, rejuvenated and commited to go every two weeks (yeah, we'll see how THAT goes - it sounded good today, though).

So why is it that we procrastinate our temple attendance when we feel so great every time we go?

Sometimes Life Just Sucks

Good thing: I'm going to the temple this morning
Bad thing: Brian moved out last night

Good thing: I now have an office of my own to do office stuff in
Bad thing: My heart is broken

Good thing: We don't have to pay for his gas and food anymore
Bad thing: I would give up the office and money savings and a million other good things in a heartbeat to have my happy fun son back in my life again.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Foiled Again!

I try to be upbeat but there are times every now and again when things just get the better of me. Today is one of those times. I apologize in advance but here goes:

Last year for my 50th birthday my husband told me that we were going to go on a cruise. Whenever and wherever I choose. The money ran out before I chose so there went that. I'm just grateful that we DID get to go on a cruise for Skip's 50th a few years ago. It was great.

For my birthday gift this year, Skip told me that we could go away together for a couple of nights. I was excited and said that I would like to go see Brandilyn more than anything else (I'm thinking he was thinking of a more "private" getaway but he DID ask what I wanted . . .). We made plans to go next weekend and I was going to get to see my bestie, Kaylene, to boot. I was jumping for joy! Brandilyn and I were going to take a riding lesson together and I was going to get to see her first performance. It was a perfect set up!

Well, a series of unfortunate events involving our "babysitter" for the weekend took place today that have made it virtually impossible for us to go. I must say that I broke down and cried - really, really cried hard! Yes, I'm being petty. Yes, I'm being selfish. I, once again apologize. I love and miss the princess so much and I really miss my BFF, Kaylene.

Next year for my birthday I would like Skip to tell me, "We are staying home and you can't go anywhere under any circumstances."

Yeah, a little reverse psychology on fate would be a nice treat.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Delusions of Grandeur

Nan and I had the bright idea (ok, so it was mostly MY idea) that we would rip out all the plants in our garden that were finished, go to the nursery and buy some winter veggies and plant them. No biggie, right? Ahem, yeah, not so much!

I called my sister for advice and she said we needed to put some of this and some of that in our soil to make it ready to go (like wave some magic wand over the stuff or something). I hung up and relayed the 411 to Nan. She was like, "Ok, let's get on it!"

So, like 6 hours later we are literally dragging our butts. We decided to go grab some horse crap that just happens to be lying around my place to put on the garden. The wind was blowing and the crap just kept pelting us in the face. We even enlisted the help of the twins - they were a little better sports than Nan and I were about the whole thing, by the way.

What do we have tonight? That would be an empty place where the garden used to be with piles of horse crap blowing in the 45 mph winds that we are having. Oh, and a couple of really tired middle aged women that now realize that Rome was not built in a day (duh!).

Thursday, September 10, 2009

No Way!

7:30 a.m.

Lol. I made such a big deal a few posts ago about Morning Glory. I've been ripping it out and doing battle like crazy with the stuff.

Just this morning I read in my text book that Morning Glory is wonderful in the green smoothies for my breakfast drink.

Dang! Who woulda thunk it?

1:15 p.m.

Following my sister's advice I researched morning glories a bit more. Holy crap! She was right! These little beauties are hallucinogenic!!! It says that consumption of them could lead to a visual aura of visual patterns akin to psychedelic hallucinations. It was then followed by lower level migrane for days and dizziness that lasted for weeks.

I don't know about you but the first part sounds pretty fun! The second part? Not so much.

Now I have to ask myself . . . should I continue taking advice from this author?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Things I'm So Looking Forward To!

1. I get to go see the princess as my birthday present at the end of the month! Yippee!!!!

2. I get to take a riding lesson with the princess when I go visit her at the end of the month! Yahoo!!!

3. My friend, Jasmine, is having a little luncheon at her house for my birthday next week! Wahoo!!

4. I get to go visiting teaching tomorrow for the first time in over a year! Whoopee!!! (no kidding . . . I really AM excited about this!)

5. I am taking a winter gardening class with my BFF, Nan, on October 10th. Yeeeeehaw!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Rock on!

As all of my older children (and husband) will testify, I'm a nut about rocks. I love using rocks in my yard. Our whole pool is framed with a gorgeous natural rock wall. There are rocks in almost all of my gardens. Well, today I had the wild idea of going out and fetching rocks - BIG rocks - and making yet another garden. This time, I wanted a garden for peppermint.

So I taught Courtney to drive the Gator (she actually did really well!)

We loaded the Gator up with BIG rocks (they were way heavy)

Even Jacob used his muscle and picked up some big boulders!

And then waaaah Laaaah we have a peppermint garden!

And one pooped out mom!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Herbal? Yes!

I am so excited! I have been taking my herbal courses and am learning so much. What really gets me excited, though, is when I try an herbal remedy on myself and I see such quick and wonderful results.

I have struggled somewhat with my eyes my whole life. I had lasik (sp) surgery 8 years ago and that was wonderful. It was the first time in my life, that I could remember, that I could see clearly without the aid of glasses or contacts. Well, as I have aged and time has marched on, my vision has slowly deteriorated again to the point where I struggle to see most anything farther than about 3 feet away. Sucks. I have resisted the urge to throw glasses back on my face although some days it's just so much easier.

I discovered this herbal treatment and have begun diligently doing it and, after just three days, I see noticeable results! I am so excited!!! Yes, it stings when I put this concoction on my eyes but the pay off is way worth it!

I love that the Lord has put the remedy to all of our ailments right here on the earth in the form of plants for us to use.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Wife of the Year!

A friend sent me this email labeled "Husband of the Year". I looked at this picture and about fell off my chair laughing. The thing that made me laugh the most, however, is that if this was the Weltz's camping trip it would be ME in the tent with my bike and Skip out there on the ground.

Sad but true!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Down but not out!!

Pierre (our little dog) had a close call today. While we were out riding horses, I realized that he wasn't with me. My intuition told me something was wrong. I started backtracking to find him and could hear him yelping in the distance. I kicked up my mount (well, it was Cowboy so he stumbled and farted around) to find the little fellow.

As I crested a hill I saw a large coyote standing up there looking down on me, challenging me to come closer. I realized then that the yelping had quit and quickly put the pieces together. I started yelling but that coyote was not going to budge. He was standing over his "kill". When I got close enough, the size of me on my horse was enough to intimidate the predator and he finally took off. All I could see was my little dog's limp body laying there on the ground. I started yelling, "Noooooooooo!!!!!"

As soon as Pierre heard my voice his little head sort of lifted and then his body started rolling down the hill. I caught him in my arms and he bit my chin in the process - being disoriented, confused and scared. The look in his eyes told me he was taking his last few breaths. I wanted him to die in my arms - not on the ground in the weeds.

Wrong again! Once he realized he was safely in my arms, he started to come to. I traded horses with my friend (she was riding Zoe) and rode home with Pierre in my arms. We took him to the animal hospital. He's in bad shape but he's going to pull through.

As for me - well, I guess that bite is going to cost me. Animal Control sent me to the ER to have it looked at. When they heard what had happened, they informed me that I needed to start immediate treatment for rabies. So, yeah, I had 8 shots tonight (3 right in my chin where he bit) and get to do it over again Friday and then 3 more times in the next 28 days.

Good thing I love that little dog so much . . .