Sunday, May 31, 2009


We went to Pleasant Grove, UT to visit some dear family friends today - The Wells Family. It was such a treat. I have to tell about a funny thing that happened while we were there . . .

Braxton (8 years old) was chillin in his pajamas this morning. Kaylene (mom) wanted to go do something with the day and asked him to change his clothes. There was a little struggle and he came out of his room with a backpack. Kaylene intercepted the backpack as Braxton continued out into the garage.

We were all sitting in the room with her as she gracefully started unzipping the backpack and observing the contents. Braxton was planning on running away!! She pulled out a stuffed tiger and said, "Braxton, you can't take this tiger (and then she smelled it) because it stinks!" as she gently tossed the tiger across the room.

Kaylene then examined the clothing he had packed and said, "Braxton you can't run away with these clothes! They aren't the right size for you."

At this point I'm pretty hysterical. I mean, who says that! Okay, so then Braxton comes out and grabs the backpack and says, "I'm running away now!"

Kaylene says, "Where you going, Brax?"

He then responds with, "I'm going to Chicago!"

Wtf?? He walked out the door and was back within five minutes. I asked him if he was back from Chicago and he looked at me like I was daft. "I haven't left yet!"


Friday, May 29, 2009

For the Cats!

This is just too funny to pass up. . .

I'm up here in Rexburg visiting with Dave and Brandilyn. We went to the grocery store last night after dinner to pick up some stuff for tonight's big family dinner that they are hosting. The three of us were brainstorming and trying to come up with all the things we needed (Joseph Reed had given us a shopping list because he's doing the cooking - go Reed!!).

At one point Brandilyn pauses and is pondering over a display in the middle of the aisle. I didn't take much notice because I was off in my own selfish world. Then I heard Dave say, "Hon, what are you doing?"

Brandilyn said, "Well, this is just such a great price for cat food. It's $2.50 for 12 cans of food!"

"Uh, we don't HAVE a cat", responded Dave.

"Well, we might get one some day and then you'll be sorry that we didn't take advantage of this sale!" defended Brandilyn.

From my perspective this exchange was absolutely hysterical. I know it's a "had to be there" moment but I'm telling you those two had me rolling. Needless to say, they didn't get the cat food.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

From Robbie

Dear Mom:

Thank you soooo much for staying up with me all night to help me complete my geometry project. I know that I procrastinated until the last minute when I could have done the project two weeks ago. You were great the way you didn't complain. You just dived right in and helped me and now I have a beautiful poster to turn in today. I know that you have to get up really early every morning and that late nights are just not your "thing" so this was a really huge sacrifice.

Mom, you are always there to help me and I know that you love me a lot. I really appreciate all that you do - especially when you just keep loving me even when I'm a jerk.

I'm really glad that you get to leave today and go visit Brandilyn. You so deserve the break from all of us here at home that make so many demands on you. Please enjoy your trip and know that when you get back . . . I will probably have another emergency that I need you to help me with so come home really rested.

Love, Robbie

Hahahahahahaha!!!!! Like this would ever really happen! (The letter)

Monday, May 25, 2009


I read a lot where some girls gush and goo about how wonderful their dad is. While that may be true, there are a lot of us who also feel the same way. This is my dad. I love him to pieces! My dad has had his fair of really bad days and he always maintains his positive, upbeat attitude. My dad is kind to everyone that he encounters and ALWAYS sees the good in others.

In addition to being an awesome dad, my father has always been a pretty good grandfather too. He is a lot older than most grandfathers because he started doing the dad thing pretty late in life (he was 36 when I was born and I was the oldest of his five children). He has always supported me and encouraged me in all of my weirdness that I have chucked his way.

I had the opportunity to go up and visit him yesterday and the day before. I got to zone him and my step-mom's feet. They were so cute. They had an open mind and were so receptive to this unique modality of healing. I zoned them on Saturday night and then again on Sunday morning. I was amazed to see the difference in one day with BOTH of them. These are the kind of people that will see such amazing results with zoning.

I am grateful for everything my dad has given me and taught me. I consider myself to be pretty upbeat and positive and strive to be more accepting of people the way my dad is.

I know the last thing anybody wants is to read a bunch of gooey, mushy dribble about someone else's kids and family but I really wanted to write this for ME.

I love you, daddy and will always remain . . . Daddy's little girl!!

Friday, May 22, 2009


I'm pretty excited. I get to leave in just a few days and go see Brandilyn in Idaho. It's so pathetic that we can't seem to go more that just a couple of months without a visit. I miss her so much and it's amazing what a wonderful woman she is turning into. I know she has school and work but just being in her world for a couple of days is bliss.

Another cool thing about my pending visit is that Mr. Dave has been busy online looking up wild steeds for my viewing. I am packing up my boots and jeans so that I can go try out these magestic beings to see if one of them would like to come home and live with me here in California (I can provide a warmer setting which might make me more of an appealing choice as an adoptive horse mom).

Also, I THINK I might get to see Jaybee and her new digs. I haven't gotten to see where she calls home yet. For that matter, I haven't seen much of that girl in the last couple of years. She's been so busy falling in love, getting married and setting up the perfect home for her and her new husband. Plus, while I'm up in Rexburg I will definitely be visiting with Derek and Janalee and Shauna Leigh and Josh with their families. Oh, the fun just never ends. Babies to look at (you know me, not the "hold baby" kind of Grandma) and then I get to kiss them good night when I've had my fill. Definitely the perfect situation.

But wait . . . there's more! I get to maybe see Kaylene and Maddie too! There was talk of this and I'm still keeping my little phalangees crossed that it's still the deal. Those two girls maketh me to laugh a lot (well, I kind of do that anyway, but they ARE hecka fun!).

Oh, and dang, I almost forgot! Hailey Wetherbee! One of my favoritist people to see. That will undoubtedly be a highlight. That girl is pretty righteous!

So, yeah, this is going to be a stellar fun trip. About a month's worth of fun packed in a little four day adventure. Sweet!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mouses Rule!

My sister, my daughters and most women that I'm close to are pretty handy and actually enjoy the kitchen. They like to cook, create, bake and do whatever else goes on in that area of the house. Me, not so much. I NEED a recipe for everything I create and it's like pulling teeth for me to cook dinner each evening (we pretty much live on leftovers but then the problem with that is that you actually need to PREPARE food somewhere along the line to end up with leftovers!)

My family accepts this part of me (with some reluctance) and we work around it somehow. So that brings me to this morning. I'm assembling lunches for the team and throwing things into the blender to make some semblance of a healthy concoction to send the boys off to school with. I hear this noise coming from the sink area and it keeps getting louder and LOUDER! Wtf??

I go outside to see if the dogs are scratching themselves against the side of the house. No dice. Okay, so the noise MUST be coming from within. Apparently the mice have figured out the game plan (it only took them 12 stinkin years). Yup, that's right. They have moved in and taken up residency inside of the walls of my kitchen, for crying out loud.

So there we have it . . . if I want to reclaim that which should rightfully be mine, I need to be proactive. I need to actually figure out a way to generate activity in this scary place I call my kitchen!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Butt Call

Robin is Jacob's aid at school. Her and I have developed a pretty awesome friendship over this last year or so. Every morning I drop Jacob off, they put a cone behind my car (it makes me feel important) so that other cars can go around me while I chat with Robin about official business (like what she did last night or what kind of trouble our teenagers are causing us etc.).

It's really great because she also communicates Jacob's activities (good and bad) to me each day. I get a written report of his day as well as a verbal. Robin seems to be really fond of Jacob and is really good to him. I am so appreciative of her and all that she has done to help him along.

Okay, enough sappy drama crap. Here's the story of today. So, like Robin calls me to see if I can come in for my IEP at 2:30 in lieu of 3:00. IEP meeting? WTF???? I didn't have that on MY calendar. She says, "I'll get back to you." She does and it's her bad (whew!) my meeting isn't until June 4th. Thought so. So that's that.

A few more hours go by and I happen to look down at my phone. I have a missed call from Robin. "Oh crap", think I. Jacob is having another "episode". I quickly listen to my message only to hear that my phone had called her phone and she wanted to know what the heck I wanted.

For those of us who carry our cell phones in our back pockets a lot, we know exactly what was up . . . IT WAS A BUTT CALL!! Sorry Robin!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So I went out to ride Black Horse today. Jen, Lysette and I were just doing our lesson while the guy was dragging the ring around us. He stopped, got out off his tractor and went to talk to Irene (our trainer). No big deal. Several seconds go by and I'm off in my own world just trotting around when I hear Jen yell, "Hey, your tractor!"
Just at that point I see the tractor just rolling down the hill with a Mexican running after it and yelling. The tractor ended up flipping upside down and Black Horse spooked. In true Jody fashion my brain thought, "oh, the tractor is upside down" and just kept going along (like, "my horse is dead" and then get back in the cart and put it into reverse before the reality of what I'm seeing just hits me). Yeah, so then I'm like "CRAP the tractor is upside down!!"
Well, it made for an eventful lesson as they got the backhoe out to right the tractor up with three Mexicans and the woman who owns the ranch all making hand gestures, talking loudly and almost getting hurt in the process.
I must say, "Life is just NEVER dull!"

Monday, May 18, 2009

Top Stories of the Day

1. As you may or may not know, I lost my beloved baby, Mosque, last week. I gave Dave the assignment (or rather he took the assignment upon himself) of finding me a new pal. He emailed me this little beauty. I was instantly very interested until he informed me that this darling was not available. Sadness.

2. Last night while playing with our grand daughter, Ava, Skip was jumping (oh so lightly) on the trampoline. When we got off and had had a chance to sit for a spell he stood up and realized that he had blown out his knee. No warning - just intense pain. Not even the zonologist in the house is able to help (or convince) him. He's on his way to the ortho as we speak.

3. Okay, this is a goody . . . I got a call today from Courtney at school. Yeah, the little darling was doing "time" in the principal's office and had to call to inform me of her crimes. Things are not always as they appear . . .

4. I went on a trail ride on Zoe yesterday (Dave, you'll LOVE this one). I needed to reconnect in the saddle after my loss last week. Anyway, we were riding up the road and 3 cows and 2 bull calves were loose. We had to herd them back up to the park (about half a mile) and thread them through not one, but TWO gates back to where they belong. Zoe rocked!

5. Jacob got a thumb drum for his birthday in February (see photo). I kind of got it for him as a joke. It was the best $30 I have ever spent. The kid plays with this thing every morning on the way to school. At any rate this morning he was informing me that the screws need to be tightened to enhance the quality of the tune (WHAT???). He then went on to advise me that his goal in life is to be a rockstar and play the thumbdrum. Okay - now THIS is one opportunity (and concert) I so don't want to miss!
Rock on!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I Stand Amazed

48 hours ago I was so wracked with grief over my sweet horse that I couldn't function. I couldn't talk to anyone without breaking down and crying. I KNEW that time was my friend. I KNEW that this would come to pass (because it doesn't say "and it came to stay"). But that time before it comes to pass is so dang hard!

Yesterday I took a yoga class thinking it would help. It probably did but I really didn't see it (I spent a lot of time in child's pose heavily sobbing). Then, something wonderful happened. I zoned a client and I was the one that came away feeling better (I should probably give her her money back - or better yet, pay her!). I had to reach beyond my own pain and become present to help someone else. Miracle of miracles, I must have tapped into her energy somewhere.

I had another zone last night and came home pretty o.k.

Today, I'm not at the 100% but after a really awesome yoga class (it was the Dog's one year anniversary celebration and IT ROCKED!!) and zoning of two clients, I'm actually able to see where I'm going to be in good shape in no time.

The miracles of us never ceases to amaze me. We are energetic beings and we all have the ability to help each other. For that I am grateful! Thank you to all of you that were "there" for me sending me your awesome energy.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Today is a sad day for me. I came home and my bestest, favoritist horse was missing. I went looking for him and my worst fears were confirmed. He was dead - just lying on the trail. I instantly fell apart and started sobbing.

I loved this guy. Everybody else that rode him hated him (except Steph) but I loved him. I could depend on him even when he was being a sketch. We went on trail ride after trail ride together and he never failed me. He would run his little heart out for me, go up the steepest hills and even through those scary gates (after a LOT of convincing).

I'm going to so miss him.


I must be on a Brian kick lately. Sorry. Anyway this picture, when I saw it, cracked me up. It reminds me so much of my Brian. When he was about 10 years old, our neighbor Kelly, got married at her place. There was a lot of alcohol involved (ahem, consumed by others - not us - just for clarification). At any rate the evening was winding down and most of my family had walked back to our place. I was still there with Brian.
As I found myself chatting with different folks I realized I had lost track of my son. Well, it didn't take long to find him. There he was on the dance floor slow (and almost dirty) dancing with a very well endowed and scantily dressed young (about 25 years old) woman. His face was nuzzled up - well you get the idea.
Kelly, the bride, who was pretty drunk at this point walked up to me and gave me her revelation for my son: That boy is going to be a problem for you. He loves 'these' (pointing to her own rather large bust)!
Yup, she's right!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dear Kids:

Your father and I have left for a two week cruise to Tahiti. Sorry we forgot to tell you we were going but I'm sure you'll figure things out. Our cell phones will be turned off and we hear there is no internet available on the ship we are taking.

There is money stashed in various places throughout the house for you to use - oh, wait . . . you already found and helped yourselves to that. Hm, well, I'm sure you'll manage.

There should be enough food in the refrigerator and pantry for you to survive on. However, if your friends all come up and help themselves you'll have to go out and find some on your own. Sorry.

Please make sure the twins get to school and home. On second thought, never mind. They don't care about school so why should I? While you're at it, don't worry about going to school yourselves. School sucks anyway.

If there is an emergency call somebody - anybody.

We are excited about our adventure and will see you when we return. Please have the house put back together as to relieve any potential stress you might put on us and make sure you all take a vow to NEVER tell us what happened while we were away.

Love, Mom

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Who Does This?

I guess the answer would be, ME!!! Really now. We go to Mexico, have a lovely vacation and I spend the better part of the last morning running around making sure that everyone has everything packed up ready to go. Yeah, I'm a frickin maniac! I'm ragging on kids right and left to get their stuff - ALL OF IT - in the suitcases.

We enjoy our last little bit of vacation and come home. Days - okay 2 weeks - go by and it suddenly dawns on me that I am missing my skirts and all of my capris. What's up with that? Yeah, you go it! Somebody forgot to pack up one of their entire drawers of clothes!

The package arrived from Cabo yesterday.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Happy Mommy Day

You know what I love? Yesterday. Plain and simple.

I got up at 6:30 and drug Brian out to the park for a photo shoot (uh, Senior pix). He was grumpy but turned it around. Came home to sick Courtney and Robbie volunteered to stay home from church to watch her so that I could go (um, yeah, quite the sacrifice but I digress).

Church was a nice change. . . I got something out of it and actually enjoyed the entire three hours!

Came home and layed in the sun with my honey, then we took a nap. Woke up to find the entire house asleep enjoying Sunday quiet time. Mmmmmm.

Skip prepared dinner. All my grown kids called and/or texted and I called my own Mommy.

Brian asked if we could finish the day with family prayer (yeah, that caught me off guard too).

No presents, no bickering, no contention. Just the way I love it to be. Thank you, family, for the best mother's day I have ever had.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


In 2004 we used a standard film camera, a timer and tripod to shoot out family Christmas card photos. The following are some examples of said photo shoot:

Clearly there is one member of family that was not thrilled about the whole picture taking experience. Today I find the whole thing completely hilarious. Of course, back then I was livid and we ended up having to take another evening and try it again (I guess this is where the 10 year perspective would have come into play).

Flash forward to 2009 and we now have the same individual graduating from high school (yeah, I'm pretty relieved too). This morning (Mother's Day) we went up to the park at 7:00 a.m. and did his photo shoot (hahaha I got an 18 year old out of bed early). This is an example of what we came up with:

My son has come a long way. The journey has not been easy. When he came into my office this afternoon, hugged me and said, "Happy Mother's Day, Mom. You do so much for us and I want you to know I appreciate it." Every bad of the past became a blur. That's a mother's unconditional love.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Just Like Rabbits . . .

Okay, so today I went out to work in my vegetable garden. It hasn't been even looked at since last fall. This is pretty much what I walked into:
So after about 2-1/2 hours of busting my tail with a little help from the twins, this is what we finally came up with:

So now sometime this week hopefully I'll get around to planting some of those vegetables and herbs that we all enjoy (ok, well it's just me that enjoys them but that's cool).

The funny part of today is that I decided it would be fun for our rabbits (both male) to come out in the garden and chill with us while I was working. They live in separate cages, btw. Since neither see much "action" it was rather comical to see them take turns practicing their rabbit skills on each other. The twins were fascinated by all of this. Pierre (the dog) spent the entire time out in the garden following the two around and taking notes.

I know you thought I was going to show a picture of "that". NOT! I did, however, think it was cute that Pierre was chillin with the bunsters.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I sort of apologize because this is probably one of the most unkind things I could blog about but I just gotta say it! Ladies: CAREFULLY monitor your clothing before heading out the door into public.

Today I'm driving through a neighborhood taking my children to school (25 mph). The sun is coming from the east which is behind me and there is this woman on the right side of the road. She is wearing black lycra workout like pants that are obviously a little small. Her ass is good size (even bigger than mine!) and she is bent over securing her child into a stroller (so now you get that the sun is shining directly upon her bent over body, right?) She is going commando (no underwear) and there is a hole in her pants right where there is a hole in her body - um, yeah! I let out a very distressed yelp and my twins asked if I was okay.

I have been permanently traumatized by this event and have now vowed to join Kirstie Alley in losing all my excess weight so that my yoga pants fit VERY loosely about my buttocks. I really hope that someone who cares for her quietly informed her of her wardrobe mishap.

The Invitation

Okay, this is an oldie but a goodie . . . back about 10,000,000 years ago when Danielle (now 24) was in kindergarten, she stood up for sharing time and announced to the class that "my family is going to Hawaii for spring break and my parents said that I can bring ten friends. I pick you, and you and you and, oh yeah, you" etc. Later that evening the phone calls started coming in from parents questioning the invitation. Um, yeah, imagine my embarassment . . .

Flash forward to present day and we find that some things just don't change. So last night I was zoning Danielle's feet in my (may I say GORGEOUS?) office when she said to me, "I've been telling all of my friends about this. I have been giving out your flyers for the special (that would be a massage from Nancy and a zone from me for the low price of $60 - steal of the century!) and they are so excited to take advantage.

The calls have been coming in. This time, however, embarassment is replaced by gratitude. Good job, Danielle, on fixing your bad. Thank you.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

One of THOSE!!

I attended a luncheon today for the local business people in our area that are trying to network (blah, blah, blah) together to help each other out. That's not what my blog was about in case you were ready to tune out. At any rate, I sat next to this nice man that appeared really friendly (I later realized that I wasn't wearing my wedding ring - I usually don't on days I work because I can't wear it while I'm zoning clients - whole different story but it might explain a lot).

Okay, so we all go up and serve our lunch - buffet style - and I come back to sit down with some vegetables and a little salad on my plate. He leans over and says something to the effect of "you forgot to get your main course. The chicken whichamacallit thingybob with gooey grossness smeared all over the pasta (I think he described it different so I might be paraphrasing here)." I (I think politely) said, "Oh I don't eat meat" with my sweetest smile. He then said, "Oh, you're one of THOSE!"

What the hell was that supposed to mean? I mean . . . really? California? 2009? Yeah, I didn't get it either. I live in a home with carnivores and interact with carnivores in every aspect of my vegetarian life and they all seem to accept my culinary choices just fine, thank you very much. So why the attitude?

Well, I turned to my new friend and said, "Yeah, I'm one of those." It was then my turn to stand up and introduce myself, what I do and a little bit about my business (you know, the whole natural healing through zoning feet thing). I think he got the point.

Monday, May 4, 2009

It's a Miracle!!

Yesterday was fast and testimony meeting at church. Members of our congregation are invited to come up and share their testimonies on the first Sunday of the month. Sometimes it gets boring and, personally, I get kinda tired of watching people cry. It's not my scene.

However, yesterday was a good day. Most of the testimonies were enjoyable to listen to. There was a return missionary, Matt Haskell, that bore his testimony. He spent two years on his mission in Australia and just came home last week. That was a good one. Then there was Mark Berghoff that shared his testimony. He mentioned a little funny when he said that in high school his daughter, Cassidy, had skipped school with Matt and he was furious. But now things have turned around and he invited Matt to go over to BYU and get Cassidy out of class anytime he wanted to spend the day with him. We all laughed. It was cute.

My favorite testimony, however, was my son, Jacob. Yup, that's right! Jacob asked if he could bear his testimony and I, of course, encouraged him. I was a little nervous about what he was going to say. He then walked up to the podium, adjusted the microphone (I think he learned from watching) and said: "I have a lot of bad days at school. Last week I had a lot of good days and it was a miracle! My Mom and Dad were really happy and that is a miracle!"

Now, I'm not saying that Jacob is a "bad" kid because he's not. He is challenged with impulsivity, hyperactivity and with a difficult ability to focus. He is in a special day class at school for children that have behavioral challenges like his. So, yes, it is a miracle that Jacob had a great week. We are so proud of him for his great week as well as his ability to recognize that his Heavenly Father loves him and is there helping him.

Some Sundays are just so much better than others! Oh, and the fact that Mom and Dad were happy wasn't necessarily the miracle . . . in case you didn't know!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Fish

Brian started his job at the Happy Fish Swim School. That sounds like a dorky place to work (cuz of the name) but actually he loves his job. He LOVES working with little kids (especially ones with ADHD like him) and he LOVES how much they respect him and look up to him. Some of you who know the struggles that I/we have had with Brian would think that this is a joke (the part about little kids respecting him) but it has actually saved my son and I am so grateful.

Brian, like many teenagers, has made choices that are (how should I say this?) damaging. He hasn't exactly lived up to the expectations that Skip and I have had for him and for all of our children. But, we love him and we have been through all of this before with the girls and Cory so we have just buckled up and prepared for a rocky ride.

This year has been especially rough. We have had some really bad days. I have shed some serious tears and have felt like there was no hope. I went to the temple on a few occasions and poured out my heart in the Celestial Room only to be left with the impression that my Heavenly Father loves Brian so much and that I needed to back off and let Father care for him. I have, pretty much and now the payoff begins.

Brian told me tonight that his party days are over. He tried it, he liked it, he had hella fun doing it, he doesn't regret a minute of it (funny, I can relate to ALL of this!) and now it's time to grow up (yeah, he said this) and get on with his life. He has too many good things going for him to have the reputation as a "stoner". In addition (and this is the kicker) he noticed that his body was going to heck. He was getting flabby and didn't seem to care about his grades, his body or any other part of his self-image (all part of the scene).

Getting this job has brought my boy back. I'm thinking I need to pay THEM for this gift. However, all I can say is this: Welcome back, Bri. We love you and are so happy to have our happy, fun kid back. You are such a ray of sunshine in my life. Oh, and . . . HAPPY FISH ROCKS!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

It's Raining!

Many of us thought the rains had left us for a season. However, it's simply not true. This next five days is supposed to be all about the rain! I'm just so dog gone happy I could do the , well, the happy dance! Yup, that's right.

Now it kinda sucks because I have to put my horses away while the rains are here. They make a mess of the hills when it's muddy. They are kind of ticked off at me because they have been turned out non-stop for the last three weeks. They are all ancey in their paddocks and giving me "the hoof." Sorry guys.

Other than that, the rain rocks! I grew up in Washington state where there is no shortage of rain and I thought that I hated it. I couldn't wait to move away from that wretched place to sunny California. Now, don't get me wrong, I love California but I sure do enjoy a little of the wet stuff.

So tonight I'm sitting out in my hot tub enjoying the rain splash on my face. I'm alone at home with Jacob who has no interest in joining me so it will be a super duper meditative experience. After that, who knows?!?! I might just take a little stroll just because I can!

Happy May Day everyone! The rains are here and the flowers are blooming! What could be better than this????

Home alone - almost

Tonight is a big night for me! Skip and Robbie are off to Las Vegas to watch some motorcycle thingy bob. Brian is heading up to Healdsburg to see the love of his life (for now) and Courtney is spending the night at Amanda's. Oooooh! It kinda sounds like I'm home alone. Oh wait, I forgot somebody. Jacob!

Okay, so the little guy and I have the house to ourselves tonight. What to do, what to do. Maybe a movie? Maybe the hot tub? Maybe just hang out and play on the computer? It don't make no never mind cuz he's pretty easy. Just give him a deck of Pokemon cards and he's entertained for literally HOURS! So I can do whatever it is my little heart desires.

Oh, except for the part where we are supposed to be bonding. Well, anyone who knows me knows how well I do that kid/mom bonding thing. Yeah. Whatever. Well, one thing I DO know for sure . . . I'm SO NOT COOKING!!! Yup, you heard it. When the cat's away this mouse will play. So Jake and I will be enjoying something pretty plain and simple.

So one might feel sorry for Jacob right about now. Nope. This kid is getting the evening just the way he likes it. Low key, no stress, no expectations and whatever!!!