Monday, August 31, 2009

What happened?

Holy crap! I spent the summer having a lot of fun with my family - you know, going to the beach, hanging out around our place, going to Girls Camp, blah, blah, blah. It was a lot of fun. Okay, probably WAY too much fun!!!

School started and I got back into my "routine". Riding Black Horse 2x weekly, running 5x weekly, yoga 3-4x weekly. This week I have vigorously worked in the garden three times and now, I have to tell you. My buns are SORE! Heck, my whole body is sore. This sucks!

I wonder if the sudden acceleration of the number on my scale has any connection to my summer antics. Hmmmm.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Miracle Plant

I just signed up for my second class in the herbal courses. I love learning about the medicinal benefits of herbs. I find everything about it fascinating.

This morning as I was working in my gardens it was quiet, cool and I had time to meditate as I was weeding and watering. I was really annoyed at the morning glory that just seemed to help itself to my yard. I knew that no matter how hard I worked, that pesky weed was NOT going to be destroyed! Ah, that I could be so resilient.

Okay, now to tie the two together. As I was meditating, something came to my mind that I learned in my first class. Often, not always, but often, when something ails us the cure is likely in our own backyard or very nearby. This is especially true when a plant, such as stinging nettles, has caused us discomfort. So, as I was wrestling with this obnoxious morning glory, the thought came to my mind, as if the plant was talking to me, "you are going to be soooo sorry you got rid of me. You are going to realize that you need me!" Okay, so there, now I've said it. It's marked in my personal history.

So, like what? Is this the cure for Swine Flu or something?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fun, fun, fun

Today it was just plain hot. Like HOT! Inside our home it is 89 degrees - outside like 102 degrees. Yeah, HOT!

I puttered in my gardens earlier this morning - watering, weeding and playing with the chickens and then the bills called so loud I reluctantly went indoors. Sigh. I sat down at my desk and went to work. 3-4 hours later I just couldn't take it any more. I wandered out in the backyard and joined Skip and Jacob in the pool. Skip then came up with the idea of inviting the Prusso family over for dinner and swimming. I jumped at the idea!

I ran to town and got stuff for dinner - burgers, chips, grapes and ice cream (yeah, I know, a really nutritous kind of meal). When I got home, Dustin and his kids were up at our home swimming. They were all laughing and having so much fun with Skip and the twins - this is the way life is SUPPOSED to be!

We barbequed the burgers (yes, I had a vegan burger), had dinner and visited while the kids jumped on the tramoline, played hide and seek and ran around until way after dark. It made my heart so happy to see the kids playing. This is what kids are SUPPOSED to be doing!

When it was bedtime, the twins were VERY compliant. They were asleep before they hit the pillow. Now, that's the way kids are SUPPOSED to be!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bad Day Gone Good

There was something big troubling my soul today. It was a big, ugly, dark cloud just hanging up there right over my head.

As the day unraveled, a very dear friend spent most of her day texting, emailing and talking to me on the phone. She truly lifted my spirits and helped me see another perspective. I also had lunch with another wonderful bestie and she, too, was wonderful at helping me work through this ugliness.

Fast forward to home. I got home with the kids and the twins and I decided to dive into the pool and play before homework. We laughed, splashed and dove around in the water. It was awesome.

While they were working on homework, I went out and decided to do some weeding and watering in my yard. I let out my chickens to get some exercise. Before I knew it, the chickens - all of them! - and my dogs were all hanging out right beside me as I worked in my yard. It was so good for my soul to see that I have such loyal pets that love to be with ME!

Yes, this day has turned around. I have great friends. I have great kids. I have great pets. Life is good.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I'm driving back from P-town where I got my hair done and I'm famished. So what do my wondering eyes see? Yup! Trader Joes! I love Trader Joes. It's lunch time, think I.

I race in the front doors and b-line right for the produce area where I scoop up my fave of late: Tofu spring roll. I'm telling you . . . this little goodie was sent right from heaven to . . . ME!!!!! I love, love, love it. Vegies wrapped in rice paper with some "to die for" peanut sauce for dipping. Problem is . . . . it's super, duper messy!

I'm eating and slurping and dipping and licking the fingers and slopping and, well, you know. Just enjoying every last morsel of my treat!!! I am oblivious to anything around me - just being present with my food.

I look up as the light turns green and glance over at a truck with a man watching me make an absolute pig of myself.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again

After dropping my darling little twins off at school this morning I headed to the ranch to ride my fearless black steed. Oh how I've missed my boy. He even (sort of) acted like he was happy to see me.

I took a lesson with Lysette and it was a total blast. Black Horse was a little peppier than usual (I guess he hasn't been out much in the month that I've been away) and it made for a pretty righteous ride, I tell you!!

While I was jumping, he felt especially frisky and, when we came off of a triple set of jumps, he ducked his head down and I totally knew which part of his body was about to come up. If I hadn't picked up on his cue I probably would have landed my happy butt somewhere in the next county. I did, however, catch on quickly and pulled his head up, got him halted and just loved on him.

It's so good to see him feeling so good. Man, I love that horse!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Robz Ryd

So here's Rob with his new car. It's pretty funny because he has been in the garage every spare minute bonding with this new machine of his. He has already figured out how to play his ipod through the radio and has studied the owner's manual cover to cover (like, who does that??).

Close Call

This is Old Blue. I've talked about him before. Old Blue is a 1985 Ford F150 and has been our (my) beloved ranch truck for about 15 years. I love rattling in this old thing.

Okay, yesterday . . . Robbie had the thought of using Old Blue for the government's "cash for clunkers" program and getting a new Subaru for him to drive. He's a super responsible kid and really doesn't get into a LOT of trouble. We thought about it and decided that it was probably a great move. Old Blue headed for town. I asked what happens to the "clunkers". Like, do they get sold out for parts or do other people have the opportunity to get a cheap vehicle? Shows how naive I can be. I was informed that they get flattened down like a pancake and sent out to the landfill. I burst into tears. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Not my beloved Old Blue. NOOOOOOO!!!!

Well, 5:00 saved my dear friend. We got there at 4:30 and were doing the whole paperwork thing. The deal had to be complete - lock, stock and barrel - by 5:00. After looking over our stuff, we were informed that we needed documentation from DMV showing that the vehicle was registered to us for the last 12 months. The only way to provide that would be to go to DMV and get a printout - today is Saturday - DMV closed. No deal!

Old Blue is home tucked safely in his parking spot. Robbie got his Subaru anyway. Life is good.

Friday, August 21, 2009

I'm home. Yes, I'm happy to be home. I mean, I missed my man, my babies and all my animals that seemed to have missed me too. But there is still a part of my life I just didn't miss at all.

As soon as my cell phone clicked into service today, I felt like I had just been slapped in the face. I have just spent an entire week up in the mountains - the gorgeous picturesque mountains - enjoying God's creations. No cell phone. No computer. No hustle bustle. No traffic. No stress.

As I was cruising along and that cell phone went off I knew the magic was over. It started going crazy with text messages stacked up, voice mail that needs attention and then the ringing as soon as there was any hint of life in Jodyland. Grrrr.

I feel like I've just been violently awaken from a beautiful, fantasy dream. I just want to go back to sleep and recapture that dream NOW!!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Girls Camp

All the planning. All the plotting. All the gathering and assembling handouts. All the lessons prepared. All the meetings. All the backpack assembly drama. All of it comes down to this moment. What isn't done isn't getting done. Period.

I'm ready and if I'm not, oh well!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Bike's Crash

I loaded up my two bikes (my mountain bike and my road bike) on the bike ride and headed to town for our activity with my Activity Day Girls. My partner, Joy, doesn't own a bike so I loaned her my mountain bike. We had a fabulous ride, just for the record. We rode around for a bit then went to 7-eleven with the girls (and Holden Tanner and Jacob) and got the kids slurpees.

I loaded the bikes back up on my car and headed home. The twins and I got out at the shop to unload all the bikes (we had THEIR bikes in the bed of my truck) and, alas, my bikes AND the rack were gone. Like, someone must have pulled up behind me at a stop light, unhooked my bike rack WITH my bikes on it and taken the whole lot. I was sure of it!

Okay, the logical side of my brain figured out what happened right off. I was a wee bit negligent when I mounted my rack on the truck and didn't stick the pin through the rack. So that would mean . . . HOLY CRAP! My bikes fell off somewhere. We hit the road at record speed and started zipping down the hill. Yeah, we found my bikes, all right. In a ditch still attached to the rack. Sad day for me :(

Got home and discovered that both bikes were in bad shape and would need a visit to the bike hospital. Turns out the mountain bike (which I was sure was in worst shape) fared quite a bit better. He was released as an outpatient and Robbie took off on him and headed to Royster's at record speed before anyone knew what was happening. My road bike . . .well . . .he's checked in for a bit. Looks like surgery hasn't been ruled out. This is gonna hurt. Ouch!

Lesson learned? Haste makes waste. Cliche, I know.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just Plain White Trash!

Today I had to use our old blue truck that we have nicknamed 'Old Blue". Old Blue is a 1985 Ford F150 with ABSOLUTELY no frills. No power anything, no AC, no nothin. We bought this beauty back in 1995, Skip painted it PG&E blue and we have used it as a ranch truck since we moved up here in the hills. It's loud, rattly, and really "broke in".

Okay, today. 100 degrees (I'm sure of it) and I'm in Old Blue with the twins bouncing around town all afternoon (remember? No AC?). We're all a little cranky so I'm really trying to be kind to the twins (like slurpees, popcorn, a new school outfit, some ice cream . . . you get the picture). I pulled up to gas up this vehicle of mine and this woman in her fancy dancy Lexus just looks down her long nose at me like I'm a piece of . . . well . . . white trash? (It doesn't help that I dress the way I do, I guess).

I just started laughing. It then dawned on me that several people were kind of giving me a little of the same attitude. Hahahahaha. Joke's on them! I'm one of them . . . well, kind of.

Sooooo, do I look down on others who don't drive the shiny, zippy vehicles? I so hope not because this is a classic . . . you can't judge a book by its cover people!

Monday, August 10, 2009

There you have it . . .

For the record. When you owe someone money you should go out of your way to pay back your debt. One should not be out squandering their $$ away on frivolous items.

Funny I should choose to watch Confessions of a Shopholic tonight of all nights.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Going, going, going

So much to do. Can't stop now. Can't talk now. Gotta keep movin. Not now. I'll get to you later. Gotta keep on top of this mountain.

Yeah, that's pretty much been me lately. Getting ready for Girls Camp is a lot of busy work but, man the pay off is terrific when I finally get there and start having fun with those girls. So, until today, I was doing the whole 3rd year gig by myself, or so I thought. I was a little overwhelmed but was plugging along because that's what we do. Right?

Well, my BFF got called to be my partner and I couldn't be more happy! Yeah! So, like . . . right on! Nan and I are the 3rd year leaders and she's just such a trooper. She just dove right in and took on a good portion of the stuff I had left to do

And, guess what???? I suddenly feel like I'm in control of my life again. Not at the boredom level - no far from that - but at the manageable level which is something I haven't felt in quite awhile.

Also, someone gave me a little promise today that if I perform a certain task, I will experience a multitude of blessings. I'm so on it!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Welcome Home

Coming home is so difficult when you've had the dream vacation. 10 days of fun in the sun, eating myself to oblivion and spending precious time with the family was so decadent to say the least. However, last night when I got home my sweet animals made the sting just a little easier to take.

As I got out of the car my horses were all standing at the fence with their ears perked in my direction. I couldn't get my sweater on fast enough to go see them (of course it WAS past their feeding time). Brian had opened the garage door and my puppies came racing out at warp speed to greet me. Pierre jumped up on me with his tail wagging furiously. Maddie and Holly were just as excited although they were able to refrain from jumping up.

When I walked into the house the cats came alive. Marley has been non-stop rubbing and purring. Today when I layed down for a little nappy-poo he was right there pushing his face in mine, purring and stretching his whole body out right beside mine. Boots has been a little snuggly bug as well.

How can I not feel loved at home?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

As I listen to the quiet snores of my children, I ALMOST feel guilty that I'm about to wake them up to go on one last boogie boarding ride with me. It is 6:30 a.m. (yup, I know, I'm the eternal early morning girl). However, they will thank me and be glad I did once I get them past the front door. Right?

Thank you, Oceanside. This has been truly a fabulous vacation. I have loved every single minute of it and look forward to doing it again next year.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Super Powers

One of my indulgences is People magazine. I know, I know it's just another gossip rag. I admit it! When I read about how famous people (and others) mess up their lives, I'm just grateful that I was passed up when the popularity cup was being passed around. Okay, to the point.

I usually flip to the last page of the magazine and read the "Chatter" page. It's where a question is posed and about 5 or 6 famous people answer. Last week's got me thinking I just may be ALL THAT!!!!!

Question: What superpower would you love to have?

Rumer Willis: To teleport. You could get anywhere. You'd never have to sit in traffic!
Me: I meditate. It's a beautiful journey every time!

Dwyane Wade: I'd be invincible and invisible. it just seems cool to me.
Me: My spirit is both of those. You can crush my body but not my spirit!

Kristen Bell: The power of persuasion - and I might have it.
Me: Um, duh! You're female aren't you? I have it too!

Chandra Wilson: Just a little If-I-had-known power would be nice - and a little bit of seeing what's gonna happen.
Me: Okay, you may have me here. However, there IS personal revelation so maybe I've only got about 50% of my powers in this area!

Shenae Grimes: A healing power would be unbelievable. Helping other people makes you feel good.
Me: Amen! Healing power IS unbelievable and I so love helping others. Footzoning, oils and herbs combined with prayer have become a miraculous healing power for me.

I'm considering myself pretty fortunate. I have what they want. Wow!! What do they have that I would want? Fame, fortune and messed up lives that are blasted all over the media? Uh, no thank you.
I'll just take my superpowers and be on my way . . .

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Brian's cell phone got drenched in the surf - no more phone!
My husband went back home this afternoon.
I'm sleepy and I've done absolutely nothing today - it IS Sunday after all.
Robbie went fishing with Dave this evening.
Dave set up my inventory on excel today.
Watched "The Women" with the Princess tonight - twins watched Disney in the other room

And that pretty much sums up today. The end. By Jody Weltz

Still My Favorite Shopping Spot!

Yesterday, after walking over this little beauty for two days, I picked up the tshirt, laundered it and Wah-lah! Jacob has another shirt. I'm so glad that BOTH twins equally scored something "new" on this trip.
One day they will look back on this and laugh that they were so excited that their mom scored them both clothes that were filthy and lying on the beach. Today . . . they are just so thrilled to have new threads.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


A couple days ago we decided to go shopping at the outlet mall down here near Oceanside. Yeah THE OUTLET MALL!!!!! Anyone who knows me (especially Jillian) knows how much I traditionally would love to be out shopping at the outlet mall.

However, on this day . . . well. . . uh. . . I bought ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! Robbie ended up purchasing a t-shirt (big whoppee) and Brandilyn got a pair of undershorts for her man (don't ask) but I scored nada, zip, zilch, NOTHING!
So the twins and I just kind of went from bench to bench just sitting outside various stores waiting for Rob and Brandilyn to browse about. Brandilyn did stop, though, to snap this photo of Courtney, Jacob and myself.

So here's another kicker. I can't really believe I did this myself. We have been walking back and forth from the beach everyday. I have stepped on and over this pair of camo sweat capris that have been laying in the sand that someone had dropped. After a couple of days I bent over and picked them up (more out of curiosity) and discovered that they were about Courtney's size. Courtney's face lit up and I took them back to our condo, laundered them and presented them to my little girl. They have been stuck to her body ever since.

So while my husband is thrilled at my lack of enthusiasm for shopping lately, I must say that I have discovered that "one (wo)man's rubbish is another (wo)man's treasure." Thank you to that young lady who dropped her pants in the sand!!!