Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hay There!

This morning I woke up to the sound of howling wind and heavy rain. Ah, bliss!! I thanked God for this wonderful gift and blessing. Rain! We've been pretty short on the wet stuff around here and now the rains have come! Well . . . only for today. Tomorrow? Yeah, back to the sunny California we all live here for.

Anyway, there wasn't total excitement in my heart. My nice warm bed was just too amazing to want to slip out of and out into the dark, cold, wet morning. However, I summoned up all I had and did just that. Burrrr!! (Well, burr in California terms).

As I bundled up and headed outside the wind just beat me up. I made my trek down to the barn and loaded up my wheelbarrow because (ahem) my Gator is still out of commission. I went about the task of feeding my horses and slipping and sliding in the mud. I almost actually did a full out face plant but redeemed myself somehow.

With that, I just didn't have it in me to load up the wheelbarrow and head to the upper paddock. So I wisely thought to myself, "Why don't I just feed the horses in the upper paddock on my way out later? Hmmm. Grand idea, Sunshine!" I then headed back to the safety and (hopefully) warmth of my house.

Two hours later, when it was time to take Courtney to school, we dipped back to the barn and loaded up the hay on my truck for the upper horses. I then drove up there and got out to unload. I almost got knocked over by the force of the wind. Come on, girl, you can do this! I grabbed their hay and, as I was about to toss it to them, a ginormous gust of wind blew half the hay back into my face, hair, clothes, etc. Wow. Nice.

After I dropped off Courtney for school I headed over to the studio to take my Wednesday morning class. I flipped out my mat and slipped right into my practice. As soon as class was over, someone commented about all the hay around the perimeter of my mat. OMG! Should I be embarrassed? No, just laughed it off as I proceeded to clean up the mess. Then, another fellow yogini said, "I knew exactly which truck was yours out there this morning because there's hay all over it!"

Well, I guess I'm known for something!

What's Cookin?

Last night just HAS to be a classic textbook evening up here on the compound.

I get home a wee bit late for my liking. Tuesdays I cover a short shift at the studio then the twins and I head home. After feeding the animals I headed up to the house and had to force myself to get excited about making dinner for the twins and I. I popped some new potatoes in the oven to start baking and went to work on making what turned out to be a fabulous vegetable soup.

I was cutting up vegetables, listening to my "Explosions in the Sky" music, selecting spices that called my name and really present with my "project". The kitchen was smelling pretty fabulous, I might say. As I was humming along, doing my thing, in walks Jeff and Robbie. Robbie looks at what I'm doing and says, "What's cookin, Ma?" I recited my menu and he did the usual curl of the lip to show his disgust with my choices.

Obviously, Jeff and Rob had a powerful hunger on. I wasn't about to question it. They then went to work as well. Pretty soon the kitchen was bustling with activity. They were making eggs, English muffins, bacon and sausage. The aromas were pretty gross, if you ask me. However, I did see Jacob perk up (like, "hmmm, how do I score some of THAT food instead of what Mom's cooking?") Sorry, buddy you're with me. Sucks to be you!!!

So, it just happened that we all finished our prep work at the same time and actually set down for a semi-normal family dinner. Danielle was working late so she couldn't come join the festivities. During the middle of dinner I asked, "Guys, why is the oven still on?" They looked at each other and then Jeff said, "Oh, that's more bacon." OMG! That's disgusting!!!

What's even more disgusting is that their eyes were bigger than their stomachs. They didn't finish eating all the gross food and started allowing the dogs to enjoy the fruits of their labor. I just finished my dinner and walked back to my area shaking my head. What kind of people have I raised? At least the vegetable soup and potatoes were amazing. Go me!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Oh What a Night!

It's funny (to me) that I name my posts often after songs. Whatever.

This year, for drill, Margaret (my leader) came up with the idea that each of us would host a night a month for a fun event for all the team to participate in. This month was Carrie's month. She chose go kart racing here in Livermore and we did that on Saturday night. It was off the hook!

First of all . . . I suck at go Kart racing. Actually, one of my team mates said, "Jody, I finally see something that you royally suck at!" Yay! I mean, I suck at a lot of things but I guess I do it most of the time with a huge smile on my face. This was no exception. My racing name was . . . wait for it, wait for it . . . Sunshine! Surprise!! There were 12 of us racing and guess who finished last? Nope. You're wrong! It was me!! Lol. I said to my team, "My work here is done. I wanted everyone to walk away tonight feeling like they were better than somebody and I succeeded!" Hahaha!!

We then went out to dinner at some Mexican restaurant. There were seven couples and . . . Sunshine. I was the only one without a date. No matter. I made my own party and I laughed and laughed and laughed with my peeps. It was more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Most of the team was drinking alcoholic beverages. When I placed my order I ordered an Odeuls (non alcoholic beer) and the waitress brought it over and says, "Don't get too messed up tonight!" Hahaha! I like that girl! She's got a quirky sense of humor as well.

Well, August is my month to host the team get together. We all threw around the idea of all of us going to Vegas. I then (for whatever reason) said, "Why don't we do that during MY month?" Everyone jumped at it and agreed that that was a stellar idea. GIRLS ONLY! That will totally make it the time of our lives, right?

Well, after a lot of laughs and fun everyone decided it was time to hit the bar. Sunshine got a text to make a phone call and she decided that that was her cue to exit the scene. I walked out to my husband's car (which was my ride for the evening) with a HUGE smile on my face and made that call. Skip had just finished with his golf and subsequent dinner party as well. Seems we DID have something in common Saturday night . . . we both walked away when the party moved to the bar.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Different Worlds

Tonight I went to meditation with Prahba. I probably weary a reader with that but I have to say that it is truly one of the biggest highlights of my week. This woman is absolutely amazing and I can't get enough of her amazing energy. I feel nothing but love and peace and wonderfulness when I'm there and I'm so grateful that Danielle watches the twins so that I can attend.

I decided to call Skip on my way home. I was instructed to not call until after I got home but, I'm a pretty disobedient wife. Here's kind of how the convo went:

S: So, are you at home?
J: No, I just left meditation.
S: Where is it? Up in San Ramon?
J: Yeah, off Crow Canyon Road. Is that San Ramon?
S: Yeah, so . . . what do you do there? Just lie down in Siavasana?
J: (Chuckling) No, silly, siavasana is siavasana. We do meditation.
S: Okay, Jode, I don't know what that means.
J: We sit and go through a guided meditation and go through the chakras and chant and focus on the colors that are associated with the chakras
S: Ok, whatever. So how was the rest of your day? (Obviously, moving on)
J: Good - well not really (I went through the whole dentist ordeal)
S: Do you have any idea where I am right now?
J: (Houston, we have a problem! Red alert!) Um . . . are you in Phoenix? Golfing?
S: Yeah, I got here tonight (Whew, I got it right) We golfed all afternoon and then two rounds tomorrow (so that would explain why I couldn't call today, hmm)

And then it went from there. Okay, do we have a problem? Yeah, I think so. How did my poor husband end up with me for a wife? We both have NO clue what the flip is going on in each other's life. I was excited because the convo went on for more than the obligatory two minutes. Yay!!

We finally hung up wishing each other a great tomorrow.

I laughed to myself and then cranked on "Explosions in the Sky" (okay, I'm a little odd).

I can TOTALLY feel you!

One day this will all be explained to me but, as for today, I'm going to choose to be perplexed about why my body is designed this way. Long and short . . . I have a HIGH tolerance to anesthesia medication. It takes quite a bit of that stuff to do it's job on this girl.

I have always been like this. I remember when I was 15. I was laying on the operating table in that "zone" that you get in when they've given you the drug to calm you. That was fine. I remember the table being very cold. The surgeon was drawing pictures on my head of where he was going to operate. I remember thinking that was kind of funny and it tickled. THEN . . . I heard him say to his assistant, "Okay, hand me the scalpal." Wait . . .wtf? I opened my eyes to see if he was kidding. He took one look at me and exclaimed, "Why is this young lady still awake? What the hell is going on?" The drug dude was peeing all over himself as he started pumping drugs into my IV. I don't remember much (thank God) after that until I woke up in massive pain.

The next time, six months later, when I went in for the same surgery again, the doc PROMISED, "Jody, we have better drugs for you this time. You are not going to feel anything."

Everytime I've had to have major dental work done it's taken an act of congress to get this mouth of mine numb. I remember my dentist (damn good thing he's so good looking) doing a root canal and saying, "Jody, I don't know if I can finish this. You are stressing me out. I can't seem to get you numbed up." At this point I was hyperventilating and completely out of control.

Today . . . yep, right back there again. My dentist said, "Okay, I have NEW medicine that I'm going to try on you. You should be just fine and shouldn't feel a thing." I trusted him. Whoops! Bad idea! Sure enough he got into his "project" and I started going nuts. My body started shaking, I was cold and my breathing got out of control. I swear I was really trying to go to my happy place. Focusing on my breath, my third eye, even the white light coming from my heart like my friend taught me. Nothing was working. He finally stopped and just rammed massive quantities of some medication in my jaw. It finally did the trick but I've been "off" the rest of the afternoon.

So, there it is. I will always show up late for a dental appointment because I have to question myself the entire trip there, "is this REALLY a good idea?" Like I said earlier . . . it's a good thing I have a hot dentist and that I've been going to him for like 23 years.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Talk

Okay. This may be a wee bit personal but it's WAY too yummy for me to pass up.

Last night I was eating my amazing vegan dinner with my twins. Danielle was also in the kitchen doing her thing - preparing dinner for her and her husband. I had just taken a bite of food when Courtney (14 years old) says to me, "Mom, how DOES the stork deliver babies to you?" I almost choked on my food and had to cough to recover. "Wait . . . did you just say what I thought you just said?"

Okay, I'm a mom that has raised my children by being open and honest about everything with regards to their bodies. I have always used proper terminology about body parts(breasts, penis, vagina) and refrained from slang. There was never a time when I wasn't completely honest and forth right when asked even the most uncomfortable of questions (and I SWARE I NEVER told the "stork" story to any of my children - that just goes against everything I believe in!)

I have always been really comfortable in my own skin. Sexuality and nudity are not a problem with me. In fact, when Skip and I first started dating I think (I know) he was pretty taken back with how comfortable I was. He still ended up marrying this wild child hippie girl (way to take one for the team, Skip).

So, I turned to my 8th grade, 14 year old daughter and said, "So . . . how many sex ed classes have you had at school? Like at least four? You still haven't figured out the mechanics of reproduction?" She just gave me a blank stare like I was completely daft. Oh, God help me!!

I then said, "well, darling, it looks like you and I need to have "the talk". Danielle, in all her glory, burst out laughing and said, "PLEASE make sure that I'm home. I HAVE to record this one!"

Oh, you bet. I'm sure you're gonna catch this crazy wild mom in rare form!

I Love Money

Last night I forced myself to sit down and pay bills. It's supposed to be a weekly ritual kind of centered around when Skip gets paid. Lately, it's just been a "damn, the desk is getting pretty ugly. I guess I better sit down and deal with that crap hole." I even tweeted the following, "Dear Bills. I hate you. I'm so glad I don't have to look at your ugly faces until next week. Signed. Me." Wow, such strong negative words from Princess Sunshine! What the flip was up my bum last night?

Well, I have always been the financial clerk of our family. Skip busts his bum and makes the dough and it's my job to bust my bum and spend it (kidding, sort of). Actually accounting is not my favorite thing but I happen to be fairly competent at it. Hate it when that happens! Anyway, in the past, when things got sticky - like I had NO idea where the flip I was going to come up with enough money to cover the weekly expenses, Skip always came up with some magical solution and I felt like, "Wow! This is great! It's not my problem now."

Skip's not here. Jody is. Dang it anyway! I'm so over trying to juggle this bill and that bill to somehow come out with everybody getting a token amount of change and the Weltz's not going under. Since Skip moved to LA I've been fighting this battle and not coming up so well. Last night, Skip happened to call me in the middle of this dasterdly deed I was attempting. When he asked what the flip I was edgy about I said, "guess. Just guess what I'm doing right now." I can't really repeat what he said entirely but his second or third guess was "bills." Bingo!

He allowed me to vent and then said - calmly as only Skip can do, I might add - "Jode, please just write everything down and send it to me so that I can take a look." Whoa! Are you freaking kidding me? You are going to wave your magical wand over this disaster and make it all better for me? Well, Baby, you got yourself a deal! I'm all over that today.

So . . . now to enjoy my day of going on a much anticipated (and much neglected, I might add) walk, riding my fearless steed, taking dogs to the groomer, visiting with my therapist (cuz, who doesn't have issues, right?) and working at the studio THEN coming home and doing the thing that I've been instructed to do! I feel lighter already - kind of like getting my back zoned without getting my back zoned!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Well . . . What'd you expect?

Another brilliant moment as perceived by Dave. I have to say that Dave is one of these clean freaks. He washes his hands a lot and is pretty adamant that everything is CLEAN. I love Dave to death. I really do. He's amazing and he's a perfect husband for my darling princess. However, Dave, up here on the compound . . . well . . things don't always roll with perfection.

So, here we go again. This actually was the last time that Dave was up here visiting. I think it must have been Thanksgiving. Yeah, it was Thanksgiving come to think of it.

As usual, I'm the one who feeds ALL of the animals because . . . well, I just do. I decided that it was time to feed the dogs so I went out into the garage to fill up the dishes with the dry food and then bring them into the kitchen to put some canned food on top. Remember . . . we live up here in the hills. My walls, garage, basement are completely infested with mice. It's just the way it is.

Anyway, I plop the dog bowls on the stove top and turn around to grab a can opener to open the can. As my back is turned, everyone in the room exclaims "Oh! Whoa! Oh no!!" really loud. I turn around and see a mouse just scampering as quick as his little feet could carry him across the counter, down on the floor and into the pantry. Skip, Dave and I don't know who else quickly follow the little critter to make sure he dies some kind of horrible death. (I'm secretly hoping the little guy finds a way out of this mess because NOTHING in my world should ever die at a human's hands). I think the mouse DID make it outside. I can't remember.

What is funny is that I continued with feeding the dogs and then came in and began putting dinner together. I didn't think another thing about it (except everytime I went out to get dog food I was a little leary of the dog food bin).

However . . . Dave's perception is this: "They didn't clean the counters or do anything! They acted like nothing happened. I was so grossed out that they prepared their food on the very counters a mouse had just run across."

Hahaha!! Dave, my family seldom gets sick. I can count on my fingers and STILL have fingers left over of how many days total ALL of my children have missed school from being sick. There's gotta be something said for not looking for trouble.

The Fam Damily

Last night was magical. Really. ALL of my children were present. All SEVEN of them PLUS my sweet darling grand daughter. In addition, we had Brian's two room mates "the Swedes" and they inadvertently kept us highly entertained! LOVED it!

What's funny is that when Skip asked if we could do a BIG family dinner I must have looked like a deer in the headlights. WTF? You mean I have to COOK? Crap I hate on that. I'm not too useful when it comes to preparing animal flesh. However, my darling sweet Danielle was quick to jump to my rescue. She talked to Brian (who has the strongest opinion) and got the dinner order of the evening.

Me? Yeah, I got to prepare a few of my favorite vegan dishes. I made one dish that my friend had given me a recipe to. When I taste tested it I could tell that something was missing. I didn't know what. One of the Swedes, Dennis, had informed me that his mom owned a restaurant in Sweden so he knew how to cook. I asked him to taste this dish and tell me what was missing. He said, "I think it needs, ahhh, I can't say the English word for it. It's a long thin green vegetable." I said, "Like a jalepeno?" He said, "No, not jalapeno."

Hmmm. What could it be? I then said, "Say it in Swedish. Maybe Ham (the other Swede) can translate." He then said, "In Sweden we call it "celery"." The room went silent and then we all burst out laughing. Alrighty then!

Anyway, it was so amazing to have all my babies gathered together for the evening. We even got pictures of all of them, them with the Swedes and then the kids insisted that Mom and Dad jump in for a photo (please! I didn't do my make-up and get the right wardrobe on!).

After the boys had taken off to go party for the last night of the weekend, us girls hung out in the kitchen and laughed until we cried. I love my babies so dang much! I'm sad this morning as two of my babies left to go back to their lives. It's amazing to watch them grow up to be wonderful adults but there's a part of my heart that still wants them with me.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


So, Brandilyn is visiting for the weekend. She didn't travel here with Dave because we had her baby shower and it has been a wonderful, amazing, laughter filled weekend. I have actually caught myself laughing so hard with my girls that I was crying. It's been so much fun enjoying each other. I wish we could be like this always, but then I guess we would tire of it eventually. Sigh.

Anyway, one story that Brandilyn recites just had us all in stitches (well actually she recites a lot of funny things because she has this amazing sense of humor). She said:

When Dave and I are in a social setting and the subject of my mother comes up Dave always recites this same story. He says, 'here, let me give you an example of Brandilyn's mom. We are sitting in the kitchen one morning and her mom bursts into the kitchen from outside carrying a great big weed with dirt and roots and all. She is so excited about her find. She promptly puts it into a blender - roots, dirt and all - and makes a drink then drinks the whole thing down.'

Oh my gosh! Is that really how my son-in-law sees me? That's freaking hilarious. Please let me say, however, that I DID clean the dirt off the root system. The plant was an amazing dandelion that I found and, yes, I WAS excited. Yes, I DID drink the whole thing by myself because history has shown me that the residents here on the compound do NOT share my love and taste for "earthy" things. So there!

I just laugh because . . . .really? Really? Am I that odd? Well, I guess maybe I am a little different than mainstream peeps but I guess that's what keeps this place hoppin. We have some very interesting activities that take place up here and I'm proud to be one of the more "unique" aspects of the compound!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Whipping Post

We were late! Omg, Rob, where the heck ARE you? We have an appointment with your probation officer in like 20 minutes and it's a 35 minute drive! Ahhhh!!! Finally, the young man in question arrives. He slides into the parking lot where I'm waiting and dips quickly into my car. So . . . Wtf? What the hell took you so long? (I'm such a kind loving mother, lol). Robbie, shaking his long amazing hair, snaps back with "you're DAMN Gator!" Oh, that explains it.

My Gator is my "right hand man" up here on the compound. Skip bought that little guy for me about 12 or so years ago. I use it to feed horses. I use it to clean manure out of the paddocks and take it up to my gardens. I use it to muck stalls. It is an amazing piece of equipment. However, Rob must feel the same. Evidently he went out bajaing around the property in the mud and messed it up good. Some of the bolts that hold the engine in are missing and . . . well . . . it's kind of dangerous to drive. Plus there is mud galore all over the thing. Skip came undone about it (I ducked) and I was given strict instructions to NOT touch it until he could come back home and take it to the shop. No problem. I'm no stranger to a wheelbarrow. However, I guess Rob was instructed to have it pressure washed before his father returned home this weekend. Rob, being the procrastinator extroidinaire, waited until the day his father was returning to complete said task.

Hence, the reason that Rob is late for our appointment. After a bit more pressing I was informed that he was washing MY Gator and the mud and water got on his clothes and in his hair. "For your information," I was informed, "I'm not going to be able to finish washing it before Dad gets home!" Hmm, oooookaaaaay, and how is that on me?

Well all this reminds me of how much my cute, shaggy son is like his father. I remember well one home video. I was replaying it for my mom and she burst out laughing saying, "Oh Jody, that right there is SO your marriage!" I was offended at first then I started to think about it and she was absolutely right.

I'm behind the camera (good thing because I'm pretty sure I had that short hideous haircut that I thought was amazing at the time) and Skip was on the floor with one of the children for their birthday. Our VCR was paused from whatever was playing (no DVD's back then) and the child - a baby - was opening their gift (or attempting to). Suddenly, without warning, the VCR pause disengaged and the TV started blaring pretty loud. Skip looked at me with the most accusatory look and then back at the TV and then back at me like, "what the heck did you do that for? Aren't you going to turn it off?" It's hysterical! He's sitting in the same room as I. He's closer to the TV than I. Somehow this inconvenience was all my fault!!! Lol.

I'm sure, at the time, I probably barked something at him for the "look." Over the years I've noticed that I've just tried to smooth things out when they happen so that he doesn't get upset. It's like a rough rock in the stream that just gets smoothed out over years of being tossed about. I barely notice when I'm in the hot seat except when I'm extremely tired or stressed about something - which hardly happens anymore because my life is so perfect (don't spit your coffee back into your mug laughing at that one!)

However, I do have to laugh - once again - at the similiarity between father and son. Rob has a lot of qualities that are so not like his dad (like being late to EVERYTHING - ahem, that would be more Mom) but he is the closest thing we have to a carbon copy of Mr. Alfred P. Weltz.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Butt Lovin Money

Omg. The first time I heard that phrase said to me I was probably the most hoppin mad Swede you ever saw. I laugh hysterically at the image today. I think I've mellowed with age (well, maybe just a little).

Danielle had just come home from visiting her mom and she had wanted something. Her mom said, "Your dad and Jode can afford that for you. They have butt lovin money!" I was so angry. I'm sure whatever it was that Danielle wanted we probably scored for her but I could NOT believe the audacity of her mother. Things have changed. The truth of the matter is that we DID have butt lovin money at that time but had NO appreciation for it (okay, sorry Skip, maybe it was just ME that had no appreciation for it - I'm owning my junk here). And, for the record, Annette (Danielle's mom) and I have made peace with one another and I consider her one of my good friends now. I'm grateful that I have that kind of personality that can forgive and move on.

So, here we are today. Butt lovin money? Hell no! Well, by someone's standards I'm sure we do but nothing compared to the way things were when everything was flowing like milk and honey.

I've had my eye on the Mercedes CLS 550. Red, to be exact (duh). I've also been thinking a Ford F250 to pull my darling equines hither and yon would be pretty sweet (still do, by the way). Red also in case anyone was in a mode of granting wishes.

Just yesterday as I was dropping my little darling off at school I saw a woman driving MY car. What the heck? Her hair was done up just "so". Her make-up was impeccable. She was dressed to the nines (yes I could see because . . .. Hello??? She's driving MY car!). Her face was scrunched up in that constipated pissed off stressed out look. Something just clicked. Is that the way I have to be when I start driving my car? Oh hell no!! That is SO not me. I think my car just fell off of my bucket list. Damn it!

As I was getting my massage and chatting it up with Amanda, I told her this story. She burst out hysterically laughing and said, "Oh my gosh, Jody, there is NO WAY I picture you in a Mercedes. That is so not your personality. You belong in a Jeep Wrangler with your hair blowing in the wind. Totally!"

Hmmm. Jeep Wrangler? Okay, I can work with that. However, can I still please have that F250? I mean, really. I just need some muscle to pull these spoiled rotten horses around. Is that too much for a girl to ask for?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Say My Name!!

I love my name. The name I was given when I was a baby by my parents is Jody Ann Nelson. My dad picked my first name (go Dad!! I LOVE it!!) and my mom picked my middle name. I think I was named after Queen Ann from England because of my British mom. It's all good.

When I was little, my mom and Bettye would call me "Apple Blossom". I think it was meant to be funny because I would kind of act like a typical blonde at times (well, I AM a blonde, duh!). When one of my blonde moments would occur I would hear, "Hey, Apple Blossom!" I was never offended and now the memory makes me laugh.

Well, when I worked at Walters & Wolf I earned the nickname of BOF. My boss, Jim Gross (who I nicknamed CMF - don't ask) gave me that name because he said I was a "ball of fire". Hmmm. Can you imagine that? Lol. Well, the name stuck and I was known by that name by everyone I worked with and even my first husband began calling me that. I would think that if Steven and I crossed paths today he would still refer to me as BOF. All that changed when I left the company and started doing the mom gig.

Lately, I've been going into Peets for my (almost) daily little blended yummification. Wow, this sounds like the beginning of a joke . . . So, this Mormon walks into the coffee shop . . . . Okay, anyway, when they ask my name I ALWAYS say "Sunshine". It's funny now because they all say "Good morning, Sunshine!" when I walk in the door. Every one of the employees has asked me if my name is really Sunshine and I always say, "Yep!" I mean, if I wanted to be called something else wouldn't I have said that in the first place? I love that they think I have a cool name. What's even cooler is that they know my drink now too (and I AM a wee bit high maintenance so that's WAY impressive).

Furthermore, when I walk into Vans, the health food store, I started a joke with them a while back and now they say "Norm!" I guess you would have had to watched Cheers, the TV show that was on like a bazillion years ago. When Norm would walk into the bar everyone in the place would turn and say "Norm!" So, that's where that little diddy comes from. However, I really don't want to be known as Norm. It's not as cool.

Another variation of my name came from my Swedish friend. I was laughing because I guess they pronounce their j's like y's. Although his accent is strong, it's not as strong as others I've heard so he didn't say it like "yody" unless he was kidding around. However, it WAS funny when the slip up occurred.

So, I guess the long and short of it is this . . . I LOVE the name I was given. I have never ever been one of these people that said "Damn! I hate my name!" Nope, I've always been proud of it. However, it is fun to have a nickname to play with. Right?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Peace Out

It's not anyone's place to judge me because of the lingo I choose or choose not to use. I am an 18 year old at heart. I hang out with nothing but teenagers, for the most part, and I find their language somewhat fascinating. They come up with the most unique phrases. Anyway, that's not really what this post is about. It's actually more on the serious side (dang it!).

I have been reflecting on several friends that I've been very close to that have peaced out in one way or another. There's my best friend that died in a car accident in 2001. That ripped my heart out. It was almost two years before I was able to function after that loss and tragedy. I love her more than anything and so enjoy her visits in my dreams.

Another dear friend couldn't live here in the Bay Area because of her extreme allergies. She was pretty much told that if she continued to stay here she wouldn't likely survive. Fortunately, her husband has a job that he can pretty much live anywhere and do. They moved to Arizona. Of course, there was talk of our family moving there about 1-1/2 years ago but the whole economy thing didn't help that out and our ranch never sold and so here we still are and there they still are. I miss her a lot.

My bestest bestie freaking EVER just upped and peaced out on me about a week ago. Her daughter needed a change of scenery so they moved to Utah (really??? Utah???). Fortunately, this is a temporary sitch (so I'm told) and I'm really hoping she'll be back in June as promised. I really can't figure out how to do my crazy life without her.

Another dear friend of mine just made the "peace out" club as well. I guess our friendship wasn't a good idea or something. Whatever.

Then there's Mr. Weltz. Yeah, he's peaced out in L.A. working for yet another year. It sucks. I didn't think I could do my life without him here and yet I've managed (well, sort of I guess) quite well.

So it just so happens (and I so don't believe in coincidences if I haven't made that clear before) that I read somewhere yesterday that people and things come and go from our life. We are relieved of these things to make room for something else (and please, God, don't make it another stinking challenge!).

This morning while I was doing my meditation practice, that very thought popped into my nice clear (haha, I wish) brain. THEN, I picked my Angel Card for the day and I'm sure you'll NEVER guess what my thought was. Yep, "All is well. Everything's happening exactly as it's supposed to. Sometimes what appears to be a problem is actually an answered prayer in disguise . . . change is for the better.

I can sit with that today. I'm still not the happiest Princess Sunshine that I usually am. I want my peeps back so dang bad! However, I'm eager and excited for what is on the horizon and pray and hope and have faith that today will be an absolutely fabulous day full of exciting surprises for this princess.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My True Love

It IS Valentine's Day and it would be remiss of me to not write about the love of my life.

My love is my big beautfiul black stallion. Him and I have a long history together. He's the perfect guy for me, though. He accepts me just the way I am. He's excited to see me when I arrive at the ranch and always makes me feel loved.

Let me just touch on some of our more memorable moments, if I may . . .

December 2005 (how can I EVER forget this one) I was taking said lover down to the barn and he decided that that was not his idea of a good time. He whirled around unexpectedly and the rope caught my right ring finger and well, the finger didn't fare so well. After it was reattached, I ended up with a bone infection that landed my happy butt in the hospital for a week. I wasn't allowed to go near a horse or barn for three months. His happy butt was shipped off to a trainer with strict instructions from me to "train and sell that damned horse!"

Thank heavens, the trainer convinced my regular trainer that this was a pretty great horse and I was making a big mistake. I saw the error of my ways when I was allowed near my beloved horses and gave the stinker another chance.

Then there's the day I was out jumping my beloved in the big ring and he was feeling pretty full of himself. He was acting like a crazy spring colt. We came over a jump and he stumbled enough to send his sweetie, perched on top, over his head (flipping mid air, no less) and landing on the back of my neck. I had to lay there for a bit with my trainer overhead yelling, "Jody, can you move? Can you feel your legs?" Hell yeah I could. I felt enough to know it hurt like hell!! Damned horse!! Like my momma taught me, though, I had to get right back on and show him who's boss.

Of course, there's that day that he completely redeemed himself. I went to a show and was entered in 8 classes. I took home seven - count 'em SEVEN - blue ribbons and one red. Yeah, my baby and I were the stuff!! We were an amazing team!

So today when I went out to see him for a special Valentine's ride he didn't disappoint. Nope. He first acted like a crazy man and then when it was time for us to jump, we freaking NAILED it! Every jump was amazing today! Yep, he's a keeper!


The Perfect Day

It's Valentines Day. Like Mother's Day and my birthday, I typically look at this day with a lot of senicism. It's never been a big deal to me. I think I've always had BIG expectations and then it always ended up ho-hum and so I think I've just given up on these days as ever being exceptionally special. Is this one of those feel sorry for myself blog entries? Nope, not all. What I do want to do is post about the best day I think I can remember in . . . years.

It was my birthday in 2006. Skip was retired - or semi-retired and had an extremely busy golfing schedule to keep up with. He really was pretty busy for a retired guy. However, I appreciated that he kept himself busy and out of my hair. Us women, we get a particulary set up in how we do things and then our men retire and mess it all up. That didn't really happen in our case, I don't think. Skip kept himself exceedingly busy.

However, on this day when we woke up to start our day Skip said to me, "After you take the kids to school I'd like to do whatever you want with the two of us." I was kind of taken back. Like, "Don't you have a golf date or something?" He repeated, "Today is your day and I want to do something - anything - with you that would make you happy."

Well, anyone who knows this girl knows EXACTLY what that would be (get your mind out of the gutter - that detail was a given). I said, "even tack up horses and go on a long trail ride?" He nodded and smiled and said, "if that's what you would like, Babe." I couldn't get those darlings of mine to school fast enough.

We did tack up two of my horses and set out on the most perfect trail ride EVER (well, the one Dave and I took was pretty amazing but . . .)! The day was sunny and warm and there was no wind and everything was nothing short of amazing. He was so nice to me and we got to chat about pleasant things (not kids or money). I just remember being so damn happy that day. It was the best.

Thank you, Skip, for that wonderful day. For that wonderful memory.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Tactfulness is NOT My Middle Name

This morning as I was opening up the studio a client showed up uber early. I was busy bustling about getting everything ready for the teacher and students that would be arriving very shortly. I was chatting rather noisily with her and she was very sweet and returning fire.

She went into the studio that she was going to be practicing in and I was sweeping and setting up the other one and still chatting loudly to her. I finally asked, "So . . .what brings you here so early anyway?"

She replied, "Well, I just dropped my daughter off for school and decided I wanted to come here while it was quiet and meditate before class."

Ooops! I quickly went over to the studio she was in, apologized, and quietly shut the door so that she could do her thing. Wow, what a ding dong! If I wasn't me, I'd actually be embarassed.

Well, it's a good thing that I look so darn cute today with my red streaks in my hair, the fancy dancy top that Brandilyn got me for my birthday and a scarf that rocks the outfit. Not to mention the sexy boots that Danielle tossed my way when she decided they weren't her thing. Yep, I'm all that but what I'm not is tactful.

Sorry, girl.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lessons From Daddy

Anyone who knows anything about me knows how much I love, admire, respect and try to be like my daddy. He's amazing!

Well, I have this neighbor, Mark, that has lived up here for 10+ years. Mark and I have had quite a tumultous relationship over the years. Several years ago I was out in the park running with my dogs and encountered Mark with his dogs. One of my dogs attacked his dog (oh crap) and left a wound. Mark went to the veterinarian and had the dog tended to and arrived at my doorstep several days later with the bill. I, of course, quickly wrote him a check and blubbered all over myself with apologies.

Since then when we have crossed paths up here, he is very careful to avoid eye contact and make minimal effort to have any kind of communication with me (even though I choose not to bring my dogs running with me anymore).

A couple years later there was an accident up here on the hill and none of us residents were able to pass by to our homes so we were stuck there. I noticed a woman in a truck behind mine so I got out to chat (knowing damn well she was Mark's wife). I approached her with my usual sunshine smile and said, "Hey, so are you Mark's wife?" She responded with, "Yes, but please don't hold that against me." Oh my gosh!! I freaking LOVE this woman! That's right, girl. Call it just like it is!!

This morning, I slipped out early to head up to the park to go for a long walk (yeah, walk not run because that charming knee of mine is still talking to me and saying that it's not okay to pound away just yet) to clear my head. I was very deep in thought when I was suddenly aware of two dogs running full speed ahead for me. Mark's dogs! I bent down and started petting them and saying, "well, good morning guys!" Mark was quick to arrive after his trusty canines and said, "They like you!" Um, yeah Mark, I'm not that freaking bad!!

I took the opportunity to look Mark in the eye and say, "Good morning, Mark. I'm so glad you are out enjoying your run while the weather is still cooperating."

"Oh is it supposed to rain today?" he asked
"Nah, mid week or so I hear. Today is just cloudy. Well, enjoy your run and have a perfect day!"

He (wait for it. . . . wait for it . . ) smiled and said, "You too, Jody!" Slam and dunk!! Yes, the crazy blond lady with red streaks in her hair (I just got some radical color in yesterday and I'm pretty proud of it) scores one for the team! And the crowd goes wild!

Yep, my Daddy always said, "Smile at everyone you meet and look them in the eye if you can and say 'hi'". And I do!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Open for Business

I finally did it!! I finally took that ginormous step that I have been avoiding for like freaking forever and got my business license, secured a spot to practice my zoning and have ordered my insurance! Yay yay yay!! Now, let the games begin.

As I have mentioned before (like a lot), I just got certified in back zonology. It's my favorite, I think. Although the feet are the most complete modality of zoning, the back is pretty amazing.

Yesterday I zoned a woman's feet and then her back. She left here saying that she felt like she was floating. Omg that makes my LIFE! Then, I went and zoned Doc (he's my chiropractor that I've been going to for like 12 years or so and we have a phenominal relationship) and he came out saying that he felt lighter. Like a whole boat load of stress had just been lifted off his back.

I'm telling you, this stuff is flipping amazing. I love it, I love putting all of myself into a zone and I love watching my clients change when they leave my chair or table.

So . . . this girl is just gonna put herself out there. I am open for business and I am ready to go!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hand Talk

The other day on Facebook, a dear friend of mine posted the following status which I found incredibly hilarious!

"You can tell a lot by a woman from her hands. For instance, if they're placed around your throat, you can bet she's probably slightly upset."

Actually, I/we all communicate a lot with our hands. I have spent years - a lot of years - perfecting the absolute most beautiful "bird". That would be positioning my middle finger in the air at a split seconds notice to signal that what I just perceived via sight, sound, thought, taste, feel or experienced in any other way was not pleasing to me. Sometimes this impulsive knee jerk reaction of mine has gotten me into a wee bit of trouble. Good times!

Actually, funny story about that . . . (sorry Mom). My Mom, who is a very proper British woman and I have NEVER EVER heard her swear outside of the occasional "Damn" (which I think is acceptable speech in England), told me of one time (only one time??) when she was driving and someone royally ticked her off. She said, "I just stuck my middle finger up at him!!" I think I must have almost rolled off my chair laughing so hard at that visual. My mom??? Are you joking??

When I was younger (in my 20's) and used to run every freaking day of my life, I used to get a lot of guys honking at me. Actually I had a running partner and we would flip people off for that. There was one guy in a big silver car that would honk at us every single day at the same exact spot and we flipped him off. I think he must have enjoyed the show. Now, when people honk at me they just want me to get out of their way, lol.

Now that I'm (ahem) more mature (well, my body is anyway - my brain? Not so much), I get to communicate with my hands in a different way. I get to zone peoples feet, face and back and allow energy to be balanced in them. I enjoy zoning so much. The miracles that I have seen happen at the other end of my fingertips is amazing. Just yesterday, I was zoning a client's feet. I felt some sadness and some other disturbances. Since I really enjoy this person so much, we chatted it up while I continued zoning and spending extra time on various areas. When the session was over, we were both blown away at the fact that I had just spent almost TWO HOURS zoning her. She said, "Oh my gosh! We were just lost in some kind of time warp!" It was such a pleasure to see her mood had changed dramatically when the zone was over.

Yep, the hands are amazing! I have learned some wonderful secrets about hands from Katri, my teacher. However, I think I will never give up my favorite mode of communication - the bird.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Patience, Jack Ass, Patience!!!!

A good friend of mine was reciting an experience of late that he had. He said that he was out selling things that he sells (cuz that's what some people do - sell things) and that he was in a position where he was ready to rush off to the next place. Then he felt the scripture from Luke 21:19 come into his head "In your patience possess ye your souls." He then felt impressed to be patient and wait for a certain person to get off the phone (which took like FOREVER!) and he ended up making an incredible sale! Yay!

Okay, then someone told me today on a text message to be patient. Um . . . .

THEN, we are out make-up shopping today - Danielle, Lex, Courtney and I - for Courtney's birthday. I was so lost. I so am NOT into the make-up thing. I chuck on some eyeliner, a bit of mascara and I'm good to go. Always been that way. Can't get into the painting scene. Anyway, while we were in Target getting some brushes or some other crap, I was saying, "Wait, what's that? Where's the _____? How are we going to do the blush or whatever?" Finally, Danielle turned to me and said, "PATIENCE!!!!" Lol.

So . . . is there a message here for me?

I was also talking to my Dad yesterday about a situation and he said this to me: Jody, I think you need to relax and allow things to happen the way they are supposed to. You need to sit with what is and allow what is coming. In other words . . . BE PATIENT!!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

The American Dream

Warning: This post has the risk of becoming a wee bit heavy. Every once in awhile a girl just has to let go and let it out so here it is.

I had a chat with a good friend yesterday. The conversation opened my mind up to the possibility of what really is and what could or should be. I have since been pondering our conversation a lot.

Today I was in Pleasanton for a dental appointment. Afterward, I came outside and decided to lace up my shoes and go for my walk there since the day was sunny, warm and oh-so-inviting. As I was walking in this town that I used to live in such a seeming lifetime ago, I decided to see how many people I could make a connection with. I tried to make contact with every person that I encountered and only one would let me in.

I like to make eye contact, smile and say G'day (my walking greeting because I think it's funny when people do a double take at me and think I'm from Australia - which I'm SO not). Everyone else that I encountered on the walk avoided me at all costs. They pretended to be preoccupied with their dog or cell phone or whatever. Their shoulders were slumped over like the weight of the world was on board. Their eyes were dead. It made me sad for them. One woman was screaming at her child for messing up her perfectly laid out blanket for a picnic at the park or something.

So, here's the thoughts I came up with. Note: This is MY opinion and MY opinion only.

The American Dream should be less about chasing the almighty dollar and more about quality family life. Embracing those we love the most.

The American Dream should be less about Prozac and other prescription mind altering drugs and more about meditation to achieve that clarity that we all seem to be seeking.

The American Dream should be less about drugs and doctors and hospitals and more about connecting with the earth and taking advantage of the abundance of gifts that our Father in Heaven has provided for our use.

The American Dream should be less about acquiring more and more and more material possessions and more about simplicity and moderation and embracing what "is".

I see so much contrast in my family alone. There was me (ashamed to admit this, actually) who forced Brian to go to BYUI to get a degree. It backfired in the worst way and he was more miserable than if he had stayed here and continued his life of crime (lol). Now he is finally pursuing his passion and he is the happiest, I think, I have EVER seen him.

Right now I'm looking at my life the way it IS. I'm so ready to peel my white knuckles off of all these material possessions of ours and let them go. The only thing gained from wanting and getting the "thing" you want is the need and desire for more want. It's a ridiculous cycle that is actually a crazy addiction.

Thank you, my dear friend, for opening my eyes and helping me to see. I embraced that walk of mine today like I have never done before. I "saw" the people. I "saw" the trees. I "saw" the grass and the flowers and smelled the air (okay, it WAS nasty ass city air but you get the idea) and I heard the different sounds. It was a very spiritual walk and I will forever be grateful for all of it.

Joe Cool

While I was up in Rexburg with Brandilyn just before I went to Montana, we decided to pop on over to Idaho Falls and see what's what at Target because it is our job to make sure that Target continues to be alive and well. I mean, Target depends on us, right? I swear, the two of us are like little kids in a candy shop when we walk into that dang store. Even though I have the convenience of living close enough to one that I can swoop in there every now and again, it still takes on a whole different meaning when I go with the Princess.

Well, anyway, I realized that I had only packed long sleeved shirts for my trip and that Katri keeps that classroom smokin hot. Dang, I was not going to do well with all this hot flash crap, right? Well, we wandered around and I finally happened upon a shirt that has Snoopy on it and it says . . . you guessed it . . . "Joe Cool" on the front.

I was instantly gravitated to this dog gone (lol, get it?) shirt because I have a quilt that my mom and sisters made me when I got married on January 5, 1980. On one of the corners is the same picture of Snoopy. My sister, Gail, put the words, "Good ol' Junk Food" on the bottom under him. It's funny because I mostly have always been a pretty healthy eater and I was marrying a body builder who was obsessed with how big and muscular and healthy his body could get. (wow, how things change). Anyway, over the years my kids have often looked at that and made a comment here and there about how I "used to be". Little do they know, it was just a joke! Humor!!

Anyway, Brandilyn has since comandeered the quilt because she loves that it reminds her of me. I now have my new Snoopy shirt to remember that wonderful gesture my family did for me when I decided (for whatever reason) that getting married was a good idea.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Walk This Way!

Aerosmith. Yep, I used to dig on that song when I was younger. I think I still even have it on my ipod. Bad habits die hard, lol. However, as usual, that's now what my post is about (although I dig on all the hard rockers of my generation, don't get me wrong!)

I've been a runner since the beginning of time, I think. I competed in road races all through my 20's and trained at like 15 miles a day. I discovered (wisely) that it was the absolute perfect way to keep my ADHD (who, me?) in check and allow me to enjoy a fine, tight ass at the same time. I ate like a freaking cow and never gained an ounce. Yeah, smokin hot, I tell you!!!

Well, I quit competing when the children that needed to come out of my body started interfering with my good times. After almost bleeding to death after a run that I took a week after I gave birth to Brandilyn, I decided that my running shoes needed to take a bit of break. Well, kinda. I just didn't train as much or as hard. I still ran every day after I got better, though.

I guess somehow I tore my miniscus (don't know if I spelled that correctly but who gives a rip anyway, right?) recently and it hurts like a mofo. So, Doc says to walk. Wtf? I'm SO not a walker. I HATE walking! It sucks!

Well, while I was up in Montana, I got my happy arse out of bed at the butt crack of dawn each morning and walked 3-1/2 miles. It was colder than you can imagine (by California standards) but I did it nonetheless. I even tried to run a few steps and was quickly shut down by the screaming that was coming from that left knee. Damn! So, after the first day or so I discovered something . . . .

Wait for it, wait for it . . . . Miss Sunshine actually "likes" walking. I mean, I can walk uber fast and work up a sweat. I can actually enjoy the scenery (running, I find myself looking down a lot because I've experienced way too many face plants in the dirt from ignored obstacles). My brain kicks into a very beautiful place where I come up with all these fabulous ideas (just like running only I can kind of remember it better when I'm done). So, today I'm lacing up those running shoes of mine again and I'm heading out for my speed walk. Pretty excited!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Talk To Me

I have renewed my love affair with Sigur Ros. They are an Icelandic group and I can't understand a word they are saying. The music stirs the depths of my soul and I feel ALIVE when I'm listening to their funky rhythm. I can't say enough about it. And . . . what's my deal with people who speak a different language anyway? I mean, these people can be doing Satanic chants (I'm sure they're not) for all I know and everytime the guy opens his mouth to sing a word I'm THERE!!

I'm not too into Asian and Spanish because I hear it ALL the time. There is no novelty there and, actually with Spanish, I'm able to sort of communicate what I want (especially when they are working up here on the compound). Funny story about that, actually. These guys came up to do some work for me and I was trying to ask them a question. Finally, one of the guys who spoke "some" English said to me in a very broken up way "You speak Spanish! This is wonderful!" Um ..... hello? If I spoke fluent Spanish would you be having the need to say that to me in English? Duh???

Well, I already blogged about my fascination with Swedes of late. What's THAT all about? Right? I was chatting with Brian on the phone last night and he was telling me how amazing the Swedes in his apartment are. They go out and hang out with Swedish girls and he's so hung up on their amazing accent and . . . get this . . . he asks them to say stuff in Swedish to him. Sounds like his mom. Crap.

Well, I am happy to announce that I own, I think, EVERY album Sigur Ros has made. I haven't listened to them in awhile because I wander into many different phases of my music likes or dislikes. Right now, today, I can hardly wait to get in my car and just blast my stereo as loud as I dare. Courtney absolutely HATES it because she likes that sugary sweet disgusting pop stuff that drives me batty. I love how she gives me the nastiest looks when I turn on my Deadbeat or Drum Sex or Sigur Ros or Explosions in the Sky. Dang I'm fun!!