Monday, August 31, 2015

Desert Girl

I haven't posted in forever.  My life took a serious bad dip and I was too busy hosting my pity party to really take care of anything.

We sold our home in California and moved to Arizona.  I haven't been here long and I resisted the move as much as I could.  My partner was kind and allowed the two of us to explore a lot of options of where we could live and he could still work for the next 4-5 years or whatever.  When the time came that there was no longer time, we ended up here.  It's growing on me and I'm beginning to make friends.

One area that I'm having to start over in, amongst many, is finding a spot to teach yoga and finding students that are willing to give a person my age a shot.  How do you convey to people that you ARE a good yoga teacher and that my classes ARE enjoyable?  You have to show them.  So, I popped into the local studio in town, took a few classes and struck up a convo with the owner.  Bless her heart, she is letting me sub classes here and there and it's just going to take some time.

I'm learning humility and patience.  I'm learning to slow down and enjoy everything.  I'm learning that taking care of myself is the most important job I have.  I'm learning that giving and giving and giving was one of the most destructive things I could ever have done to myself.

I'm happy here.  I'm really enjoying the alone time while my partner finishes up the year working in California.  I'm seriously enjoying our new life together without our kids.  I love those babies of mine more than anything but letting go and allowing them to live their lives without my micro management has been the best medicine for all of us.

So, I'm off to go take another yoga class and create some yogi friendships. 

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