Friday, April 11, 2014

Let's Start Legging Up!

In the horse world that means to start getting into shape.  I've become quite slothful in that arena of my life and the buck needs to stop here, lol.

For the last 27 years I have carried the title of "mother" and "wife".  Recently I've added "zoner" (which I've spent an exorbitant amount of money on only to discover that there's no desire for my services as an energy healer.  Still trying to determine how or why I was prompted to follow that dead end but whatever) and yoga teacher (I resonate with this one).  I feel I'm ready to add "Jody" to that list and quit doing my life and begin living it.

So besides the obvious physical aspect of getting ready for my adventure in 2016, I need to get a lot of other items checked off my list:

1.  Start exercising and hiking on a daily basis again CHECK
2.  Quit smoking (wait . . . I don't smoke . . . nvm) CHECK (I think I just like having another check)
3.  Start researching the logistics of this trip i.e. what to pack, how much $$, ideal hike months etc.
4.  Begin transitioning fuel intake to quality grub (might just be the hardest part here)
5.  Abandon my evil ways (no details given here).

Today I hiked in the hills where I live.  Although my ankle was screaming and begging me to stop (I'm pretty sure he was the spokesperson for the rest of my body), I kept going and logged about 4 miles on.  Not too bad, I guess.  I made sure the course was riddled with plenty of steep hills.

So #6 on my list might be to see if I can convince Mr. Weltz to go on some two day hiking trips with me.  I'll sweeten the deal by suggesting we bring the horse trailer with a nice comfy bed to lay ourselves in at the end of the day (oh, and a double bonus would be NO KIDS!!). 

And she's off!!!


Tony Carapinha said...

This help me, the pic's on the is me...:)

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